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Passive income with cryptocurrencies?


My name is Florian Lauritis, welcome to the
Havanna Investors Club!


Masternodes are, if you like, the new mining technology. They do not require special hardware and are a lot cheaper in cost. The profits obtained from the respective Coin network for building the structure. Here is not necessarily necessary knowledge and can be well transmitted!

Crypto Trading

Crypto-trading is possible with a little less risk than in Forex since you always have the coins. Here a profit can be made in a short period of time. Should a coin lose value, it will be treated as a long-term investment. Knowledge is a must here. Not everyone will be able to implement them successfully!

Chart Analysis

With the chart analysis you can be profitable in the crypto as well as forex trading. Professional traders follow a set of rules and act on it. If you have found a larger trader on the market, you can follow his tracks. This knowledge is acquired over time and not everyone understands it!

Affiliate Marketing

Being an affiliate can turn your whole life upside down. There are many interesting topics here that will allow you all passive income when you acquire knowledge and strategies. You can also combine it with network marketing to increase your reach.

With knowledge from 0 to 100 in 6 months

Erfolg einfach durch Leidenschaft!

Success simply through passion!

5 years experience in online earning opportunities and crypto expert with 3 years trading experience

We benefit by constant thirst for knowledge, development and years of experience, and achieve it together the greatest possible success for all.

GetNode & PoolNode
Masternode Pool Club

Welt größter Masternode Pool

Passive Income
– Bitcoins and Euros

Create bitcoins with a Masternode pool. Or rather in euros?
A Masternode Pool is the “Equity Fund 3.0 KCryptoFond” and offers everyone the opportunity to benefit from MasterNodes.
Without having to perform the maintenance of the server or to stand up for the security.

PoolNode Club

0.015 ฿

once or several times

  • Full Managed
  • Easiest operation
  • Deposit and withdrawal in ฿

We Grow for you!

Einzigartiges Cannabis Unternehmen

Passive Income
– Bitcoins and Euros

This company places itself where there is a lack of resources.

Since 2018 the company Cannerald exists with existing customers of its product.

Through a report from OSRAM praised in quality standard and reviewed by a newspaper article, with Levin Amweg as CEO


11.000 €

10 breeding places

  • Affiliate
  • Lifetime
  • 100 Pflanzen

Bitwin24 Lottery

With Referral System & Masternode

Passive income
– Bitcoins and Euro

BitWin24 is a forgery-proof and decentralized lottery game and the first blockchain lottery with a referral system in the world.

The BWI-Coin has a complete use case!

There are no regional restrictions. Bitwin24 arches world wide and offers an automatic betting community.

*Please screw up the ROI-Plan in your calculation!


15000 Euro

pro Masternode ink. 10% Discount

  • Airdrops
  • Decentralized
  • Referral System
  • Staking 25% per year*
  • 1 Coin is a lottery ticket
  • Masternode 200% year*
  • Earning value with the Coin
  • Windows – MacOSx – Linux Wallet
Play – Stake – HODL NOW!

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