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Personal assessment and thoughts on Masternodes – Masternode Pools

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Personal assessment and thoughts on Masternodes – Masternode Pools

My assessment and thoughts about Masternodes

If you look at the topic and the initial technology, you will find that M-Nodes do not cause high hardware costs, immense power costs or maintenance costs.

The technology, if you will, the M-Nodes is sustainable. As they say in the media. In other words: M-Nodes are more climate conscious than Minig hardware. There are much lower costs compared to other possibilities to run a block chain. Maintenance is easier, because you can run it in a data center without having to employ special experts for mining.

assessment and thoughts about Masternodes

Let’s keep in mind that even Ethereum is moving to M-Nodes, Cardano – ADA- has been working on a Masternode solution for months and is currently working on the implementation of the Main-Net. Furthermore, when giants like Microsoft, Bosch and recently Toyota introduce the block chain, I think that the direction will tend towards master nodes.

Gold, Bitcoin and the master node market have something in common. All three are almost identical in the ‘market capitalization movement’. Even a well-known gold proponent has said that Bitcoin was not a safe haven. Nevertheless, one should not refer to a single master node.

My thoughts about investing in Masternode Pools

Masternode PoolsI already had single master nodes years ago and had to realize that if you don’t have the time to keep up to date, there is an increased risk. You don’t get any changes that could be positive or negative on the acceptance of the master nodes in the market. This can become a total loss if the development is negative. Mostly you notice it then only when it is already too late. Since I am the opinion that master nodes has a serious point in the future of crypto currencies, I did not want to let this market pull past me. I asked myself which must be given around at this market profits to obtain?

  • Always be up to date
  • Dissolve the master node in case of negative influences
  • Always change the coins back to Bitcoin
  • Watch the Exchanges to see if they remain (Some coins are only tradable on special Exchanges)
  • Check if a coin is taken from an exchange (delisting)
  • Keep master nodes always updated
  • Check the operation
  • Security for servers of the master node
  • … .. .

The list is very extensive and there are certainly some points that are not clear to me yet. I got different opinions from groups that are explicitly dealing with master nodes and came to the conclusion that there should be some kind of fund to minimize the risk. In my search I came across so-called master node pools and took a closer look at them.

To minimize the risk there is the possibility to join a Masternode Pool which combines several master nodes.  The procedure is similar to a stock fund!

A webinar is available here where it is explained in detail:


What do I think about the current events of crypto currencies?

We are currently in a period of change where the acceptance of Bitcoin is recognized worldwide and regulations are being created by law. The topic of block chain itself is probably still in the discovery phase. But currently the word sustainability and climate protection is very strong in the media. You certainly won’t put antminer in the basement of an office complex.

I always look at what has been said about technology in the past. The most fitting statement will probably be that of Bill Gates. There will never be a computer in every household.

True… there are already televisions that have Miner built in. Even if it is rather nonsensical and has more the function of a heater!

But there are big companies that have looked for Blockchain partners. Microsoft, IBM as well as for example Bosch in connection with IOTA. Recently Toyota has also cast an eye on the block chain technology. If I consider that the mileage counter in cars can be manipulated quite easily, this will definitely not be possible with the block chain.

If you now say, for example, that a small computer is installed in a charging station, which connects to the Internet via W-Lan and feeds the data into the block chain, abuse is completely prevented. Because serial number and all data belonging to the assignment of the car are stored. Manipulation, if enough decentralized M-Nodes are operated, is impossible. And this could be at least one Masternode Pro charging station.

My conclusion: Assessment and thoughts about Masternodes:

I think that we can still expect a boost here. At the latest when the majority has realized that DeFi is only a marketing synonym for decentralized financial systems. Because everything that is block chain is also largely decentralized. Unless a developer has consciously decided to suppress this.

M-Nodes themselves are 100% decentralized, as long as everyone can set up a master node independently with coins. Nevertheless, caution is advised here. Not everything that shines is gold, or everything that has a concept will work. Many concepts on a sheet of paper have hand and foot. However, they fail in the use case and thus in terms of market acceptance.

The Masternode market itself had a total of almost 500 projects of which 270 still exist at the time of publication of this article. In my assessment and thoughts about masternodes, some are only made to transfer money from A) to B). In order to avoid a total loss in the shortest possible time, it is even more important to deal with the projects, but above all to keep an eye on them. Changes are not always bad, but they have a huge impact on the company and its coin.

Many people are only interested in profit and take high returns as a means to get their capital back quickly. Accordingly, such a project is usually pushed and advertised. One earns well with it. But Ethereum, Pivix, Energy and Cardano show us the opposite. In the beginning the HYIP, then follows the slump. Afterwards moderately and in the further course also sometimes a little loss to come afterwards again into a high. Straight in one direction not even trains are running!

But my assessment and thoughts about Masternodes goes beyond the profit. I’m a nerd through and through and in 1993 I had already said: There will be disks with a capacity of 1000s of them and my schoolmate laughed and made fun of me. Yes, today I laugh. 

What I like to say is that you can only be really sure when it arrives. But will you earn money by waiting and thinking? Yes, if you implement it afterwards and are accepted by the market. “To the right, look to my staff with your hand to scratch your back.”

Amazon, eBay, PayPal and Co have made the same movements. Except for the initial HYIP, those are not so pronounced in, I would say, “normal companies in the market economy”. The difference there is that the first capital providers come slowly and hesitantly. Whereas in the network it is pushed faster and the market is mostly influenced by spontaneous investments and convinced investors who are not really sure of their business.

If you look at the shares of successful companies, you can see the same movements. However, there is no panacea for analyses here either. Investments remain what they are. They are technologies, conditions or areas where a person thinks that this is certainly a benefit for all in the future.

Quote: “The art is to recognize a trend when it begins.

To minimize the risk, there is the possibility to join a master node pool that combines several master nodes. You can see this as a stock fund and I think it is a very good solution Getnode.

A webinar is available here where it is explained in detail:

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