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Atronocom |Details about this cryptocurrency – Staking for Android and IPhone

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Atronocom |Details about this cryptocurrency – Staking for Android and IPhone

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The smartphone opened up a host of new and exciting possibilities that affect the tech scene in unimaginable ways. The latest version of ‘DPoS’ for iOS and Android phones. But how exactly is this possible?

ATRONOCOM is a service to society provided by technology in the form of software. This is not a single person’s dream. It is a project driven by a group of people with the same goal of changing the way we share values on a global scale, and affordable for anyone who has access to a mobile phone or computer.

ATRONOCOM is a secure platform for payments and communication. Encrypted and secured by Pentagon standards. The world of staking, banking, exchange, OTC and communication at the touch of a button!

In addition, we do not run an ICO, but instead conduct a Simple Agreement For Future Tokens (SAFT) crowdsale, which provides more value and security for investors. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the legion of ATRONOCOM.

“DPoS” Staking for Android and iOS

Light or SPV nodes download the block headers and verify the authenticity of transactions. You use complete nodes as intermediaries. Light node clients are supported for many operations of master nodes, from querying the latest headers to an account’s account balance to actually introducing the staking process. This saves performance on the mobile phone on the processor and saves the batteries and storage space of the device. However, it is a complete staking process that is rewarded with a reward, although the individual steps are distributed across the entire network.

In the first versions, ATRONOCOM connects the smartphones by connecting the wallets to relay nodes. These have full API functionality and serve as a back-end for the feature-rich clients. Investors can place their coins on the mobile wallet and choose delegate servers based on their vote weighting. Delegated servers can create new blocks on the network and are rewarded for the service, which is then shared proportionally with the Light Node clients. This process is continuously expanded until the full confirmation process is completed via the mobile phone.

SAFT Crowdsale has started

ATRONOCOM has decided to take the path of Simple Agreement of Future Token (SAFT) to raise funds to move faster and grow for the benefit of our users and supporters. ATRONOCOM does not perform an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and will not have a token until the platform is launched.

What bothers me at this point is that money is still being collected and for me the SAFT to the ICO does not necessarily make a difference. So I read what a SAFT is exactly.

How does a SAFT work?

The developers of a token-based decentralized system each create an addressed contract (SAFT) with their authorized investors. The certificate includes the agreement that the investor will now financially support the project and receive tokens at a later date on favorable terms. The company developing the token network registers with the SEC, but does not issue any tokens at this time. Afterwards, the founders and their team use the acquired financial resources to further develop the network. Investors do not yet receive tokens.

Once the system is operational, the tokens are distributed and issued to investors. From this point on, the tokens can ideally be traded to exchanges without restrictions.

The intention behind SAFT can thus be easily explained:

First, a token is issued that simply has the benefit of trading it on a stock exchange. Later, this token is replaced by a utility token, which can then be used for any benefit defined.

A Simple Agreement for Future Tokens is thus a kind of investment agreement. It has been developed for new cryptocurrency companies as a way to raise capital without violating applicable regulations. A SAFT is independent of a Simple Agreement or Future Equity (SAFE). A SAFE allows investors who invest money in a startup to convert that investment into assets at a later date.

Quote: https://cryptoticker.io/de/saft-kurz-erklart/


Debit bank card

Members who have signed in to ATRONOCOM want to have access to the virtual bank card almost immediately or sign up for an alternate physical “partner only” card. This bank card is now connected to the underlying ATRONOCOM system for a total of 40 million branches worldwide.

Members of the ATRONOCOM legion who have downloaded the App and completed the registration form can activate their virtual bank card immediately and order one or more physical partner cards directly and then use them for many functions. The bank card is directly connected to the ATRONOCOM system and can be used at almost 40 million contact points worldwide.

  • Anonymous – The name of the cardholder is not displayed
  • Online Partner Account Registration
  • DApp Account Management
  • Suitable for all services and products
  • Online registration of the partner card bonus program
  • Porter Service
  • And much more…

Mobile Banking

Thanks to ATRONOCOM’s mobile banking feature, it is very easy to sell and buy cryptocurrencies, including hard-to-procure OTC trading services. Mobile banking thus simplifies the implementation of margin trading and crypto mining for prospective buyers. It is also worth noting that mobile banking and OTC trading include multiple currencies and are not limited to a single type of financial exchange.

  • Purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies and OTC trading services
  • Day Trading (near Future), Margining Trading (near Future)
  • Crypto Mining
  • IBAN bank account in Luxembourg or Switzerland
  • Send and receive money via SWIFT / SEPA
  • FX – Switching currencies at interbank rates
  • Fiduciary services without third parties
  • High load limits of up to 1,000,000 euros per year
  • High spending limits up to 30,000 euros per transaction
  • Easy activation
  • Multi-currency card (5 currencies available)

The highly secure transaction and communication messenger

The task of this highly secure transaction and communication messenger

is to secure the reception and sending of files and messages within the platform. This includes voice messages (audio clips) as well as gifs/emojis.

  • Securely send and receive messages and files
  • Connected Wallet Function
  • P2P encryption VOIP
  • Voice calls and video chat
  • Group chat
  • Broadcast function
  • Security
  • Voice Messages (Audio)
  • Emojis & Gifs

From an interview from 19.05.2019

We are currently working on the design of the credit or debit card. The dummies for testing and interacting with ADRACHA are already working.

We start with a test of about 2,000 cards and then we scale step by step until we reach full capacity. This is calculated in approx. 6 weeks if everything goes smoothly!

Currently we have the BETA 2 in operation of the DApp. We will test it and implement the intelligence service, as well as the OTC part. Here we are 20-30 days away to send them (Android & iOS) the entire application for review and approval. Everything should be available before the summer break in mid-July 2019. We should be faster, then we thought, and are confident to reach this time window. In any case, the PWA (Progressive Web Application) will be operational in June 2019.

We already have an API online and some developers have started working on some projects. If these developments are then useful to the Atronocom community, we will coordinate and implement the developments in our system. We will also give the developer the right to implement the wallet to be paid for by use.


Manuel Fizimayer – Operations Manager

As Chief Operational Officer, Manuel takes care of day-to-day business and monitors the individual working groups for user-friendliness. With 4 years of experience in cryptic currencies and his own trading projects, Manuel had a clear idea of how the ATRONOCOM user interface should be implemented.


Maximilian Kozdroo – Operations Manager

As a communications manager and driving force behind one of Europe’s largest crypto networks, Maximilian brings 6 years of experience and thousands of hours of structuring and development of countless concepts for the crypto world to the ATRONOCOM team.



Nicolas Schmid – Technology Leadership

Nicolas Schmid, an expert in software development, head of large-scale projects in-house and international corporations, as well as an expert on the crypto world, supports Nicolas ATRONOCOM with advice and deeds. This highly complex project is the result of decades of programming experience.



Marc Schildknecht – Technology Leadership

Marc has held leading positions in mining projects at home and abroad since 2015. As a technical genius, he is responsible for the processes and control of the mining processes and coordinates the team in order to secure the technical basis.



Tino Ahlers – Technology Leadership

Tino has been working with the opinion makers and leaders of our society as a motivator and coach for decades. He is the owner of an influencer marketing agency that reaches over 20 million people worldwide and manages various projects in the crypto industry. With Atronocom, Tino is setting new standards in his field of activity.


Peter Wong – Consultant

Member of the Board of Management of Apex Capital Ventures HK LTD. Peter has more than 30 years of experience in traditional banking and trading and has worked for various banking institutions in Asia, including HSBC, DBS and Standard Chartered Bank. Peter has been responsible for the project structuring and asset management of the Apex Board of Management since 2011.


Matt Wei – Consultant

A former HSBC banker and member of HSBC Singapore’s legal and compliance department. Matt joined Apex Capital Ventures HK Ltd in 2010 as Compliance Officer and Legal Advisor. Matt focuses on new technologies and new compliance regulations. Matt has extensive experience with projects for the implementation of block chains as ANIT legal and compliance manager at Apex.


Alexander Sabeti – Consultant

Alexander is a senior board member of Apex Capital Ventures Ltd. and has been active in the financial sector since 1993. Alexander has worked in companies such as HSBC New York, HK and Dubai, Mercer NYC, Litasco Dubai, Glencore NL and CH. His professional focus is on asset management, project management, project consulting, trade structuring and finance.




Atronocom Whitepaper


John D. Allen and Herbert Sterchi, as well as his team “CODEX”


My conclusion:

For me, who is working on a project is decisive and I have found the Ethereum programmers here. In addition, it is quite clear to me whether the project represents added value or was created only for the pure MLM scene to shift funds.  For me, the project is an enrichment for people who are new to the world of cryptocurrencies. As with GetNode, it is also possible to deposit in euros, which gives the whole thing more confidence through an active bank account.  This is no guarantee that this project is establishing itself on the market.

Messenger will be very interesting to me in the end. Many have tried their best and have probably failed in their programming.  At least there is no messenger of decentralized time, as far as I know. But the most advantageous thing for new people in the crypto market is the opportunity to get the best price for buying and selling bitcoins without having to compare the exchanges themselves. For me, it’s an extension of my portfolio, but not the replacement for GetNode. ATRONOCOM is an upcoming system that may be created, with good know-how in leadership and programming. However, GetNode is active, already working and therefore profitable in autopilot.



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