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Dear Members of  CannerGrow

After disagreements in Macedonia, we are taking immediate action and pause the entire build-up in North Macedonia for now. We stand for Simplicity, Craft, Mindfulness, Transcendence and have not the intention to lose this due to the current situation with the build-up.

What happens with my purchased plants in Macedonia?

Cause of this, we are very pleased to announce that each person and happy plant owner of a Macedonia plant will get moved over to our Swiss facility. This was always our backup strategy and the reason for not selling more plants in Switzerland.

When will the Grow start in Switzerland for my moved Plants?

We are expanding the factory in Switzerland right now to make sure our company vision continues. The grow start is going to stay the same with Q1 2020, the only change is that the beautiful flowers will grow in the state of the art facility in Switzerland. This grow start date also includes the Macedonia plants from Sector Two.

Will the harvest results are the same as in Macedonia?

Yes, we always try to optimize our grow strategies to get the predicted results.

When do we see the new location for the Plants?

As soon as you read this announcement the plants are already moved in your backend to Switzerland. We will also provide webcams as soon as the rooms are ready to start.

Can we still buy new plants?

Yes, since we released our additional Rooms in Switzerland for our customers we’re going to sell the last available plants in Switzerland too.

What happens if all Switzerland Plants are sold out?

Currently, we have two more locations in planning for the future to expand Cannerald. More Information about this will be revealed soon.

Build process from the upcoming Charlie, Delta, and Echo Room

here you can see a couple of pictures about the current process of the new rooms.

This is the new room “Charlie”, a couple of racks are mounted. Still some work to do.

Here you can see the Delta Room, a lot of material already arrived and is waiting for the built-up in the next couple of weeks.

Fluence lights for the rooms (more coming soon)

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support.

Sneak Peek 2020

As you recognized there wasn’t a lot of updates and announcements for the CannerGrow backend in the last time, we’re currently working on a big update for 2020, be prepared.


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