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BiomindX Cannaxlife – Aktuelle Geschäftsprozesse und Rückblicke

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BiomindX Cannaxlife – Aktuelle Geschäftsprozesse und Rückblicke

Dear members of the BIOMINDX community!

BiomindX CannaxlifeWe want to share the main news with you and tell you about our company’s business processes.

Last November 2020, we reaped our first harvest. Following the highest production standards, we managed to get an excellent result – the CBG content exceeded all our expectations and amounted to 22%! Having done a fantastic job on the sales policy, we began expanding into the European retail market. We entered into several contracts to supply our raw materials for sale in European retailers’ networks.

We proved our commitment to our job! We became the leading partners and official suppliers of our product for one of the largest CBD/CBG distribution networks in Eastern Europe (CBDMAT, Czech Republic). Already this year, despite the lockdown and a challenging situation (COVID), we arranged and developed cooperation with different EU companies in the directions of cannabis hemp processing and retail. 

We created a subsidiary retail company and brand BiomindX CannaXLife! 

It is a Highly Innovative Business Project founded in 2021 by two pioneering companies on the legal cannabis market in Eastern Europe (BIOMINDX s.r.o. and CBDMAT s.r.o. Czech Cannabis Vending Machines operator) with an emphasis on the fair core values of the cannabis community.

It is the story of bringing wellbeing into everyday life. This direction will expand our existing ecosystem by providing an opportunity to be engaged in the legal cannabis retail business to our community through our additional solution, “From Seeds to Retail.” Details Soon!

As we are interested in how fast we will develop, we seek to make it in a qualified way. Together with our partners, we plan to establish more than 500 CBD/CBG vending machines and retail points all around the EU. 

The story began with 60 vending machines in the Czech Republic and Poland. As our sector’s supporters have distinguished our concrete business plan and our long-term strategy, we want to move forward!




BiomindX Cannaxlife is a tool for effective social change, the bridge through four previously disconnected worlds: cannabis, franchising, retail, and customer engagement through participation. We strive to change the industry by working together. This week we register our subsidiary BIOMINDX PC in Greece (Thessaloniki) – 100% owned by the BIOMINDX Czech Republic. 

This company will be engaged in producing cannabis and the processing of raw materials for subsequent tasks in our vertical ecosystem.

BIOMINDX PC will hold all the necessary licenses and permits for cultivation and deal with your plants’ cultivation and care. We diversify and expand our activities to minimize our risks and fully comply with all European legislation requirements in cannabis cultivation. The need to open an additional enterprise is also due to obtaining a medical license to cultivate cannabis varieties with increased THC content. Without a subsidiary in Greece, further cultivation would have been impossible. Due to this circumstance, we had delays in the cultivation process. We solved the issue, and the process has started. At the moment, all the preparatory work is underway, and the disembarkation will take place at the end of this month or early April, under its BIOMINDX license!

All these processes, covid, lockdown, changes in regulations and legislation, filing applications with the Ministry of Agriculture delayed starting planting and shifted the dates from January to April.

Our first harvest was a strength test and some groundwork for minimizing the risks of deviations in plans that could affect you in the same way. We envisioned this scenario. Therefore, we decided to share our first harvest with all community members who believed in us and have already purchased the plants! (under this cultivation cycle, we will extend the purchase period until March 30 inclusive).

This case became possible due to our raw materials’ successful sale through our partners. They appreciated the quality of our product and our persistence in development! We are happy to announce that your accounts will have the first charges at the end of April!

We are moving forward in obtaining a medical license, processing, and launching our product line!We understand that these first months we, as a company, were not very informative. We want to show action, and we don’t want to make empty promises!

In the beginning, you have to solve a considerable number of tasks, which, due to the situation with restrictions and covid, unfortunately, are not solved as quickly as we all would like. We’re moving on!

The development of the BIOMINDX brand platform is entering its final phase. We hope that we will be happy to show our platform’s rebranding and updates, promotional materials, a new back office design, and much more soon.

Wealthy People Are Happy People!

We provide a unique limited opportunity to participate in the skyrocketed cannabis market, providing a solid share revenue model. 

As we are already mentioned, not only BiomindX Cannaxlife, also the BIOMINDX is a tool for effective social change, the bridge through four previously disconnected worlds: cannabis cultivation, franchising, retail, and customer engagement through participation. We strive to change the industry by working together. Full compliance and profiting from the cannabis industry without touching a plant and from the comfort of your home!

The ability to do good is boundless in the cannabis industry and is incredibly important. We don’t need to create a socially driven business model to be a socially responsible company; we move forward to social entrepreneurship. 

The ability to do good is the opportunity to showcase what an optimal, socially responsible industry could look like, so we make it here and now! We share our revenueс and experience with our community that we build by providing a unique opportunity to participate and be engaged in the legal cannabis industry.

We endeavor to create a vertically integrated group of companies that control all the processes, from cultivation and production to end sales, through its own retail and wholesale distribution channels.

We strive to unlock the full potential of the cannabis market and build a global network, with partnerships, production, and distribution channels across the EU, by providing qualitatively new and unique digital solutions for participation in the legal cannabis business with intentions to expand and support a global cannabis community comprised of enthusiastic and remarkable people.

We hope for your understanding, and thanks for your trust!

Let’s develop together in the fast-growing cannabis market!

Thanks for your participation!

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