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BioMindX review – Start of the grow, advantage for early investors

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BioMindX review – Start of the grow, advantage for early investors

News from BioMindX

BioMindX Reviews – Earn money with BioMindx CBG cannabis market and CBD Mat

BioMindX Reviews I would like to introduce you to the company and my BioMind experiences. It is quite rare

We are almost there, the long-awaited start of the grow is within reach. The date has been fixed to the beginning of April and there is a lot of great news about the company and a surprise for all those interested who decide on one or more plants by March 30th. Read more about the latest BiomindX news, it is worth it:

BioMindX review – Start of the grow, advantage for early investors

BioMindX review - Start of the grow, advantage for early investorsAs is already known, the “grow” has been postponed from January to April for everyone. However, because of BiomindX’s preliminary work, in particular to test the harvest results and guarantee stable yields for members, BiomindX stated it had already brought in and sold a “sample” harvest in November. In order to reward the members who believed them from the start, they will credit this first harvest to the first investors, meaning they will pay it out as a harvest in April. This also applies to EVERYONE who invests up to and including March 30th. You can secure your first harvest very quickly, which will bring you a long way towards your ROI (return of invest)! Another piece of good news is that the sample harvests so far have been better than forecasted. Of course, there are no guarantees here, but things are looking good for BioMindX.

How did BiomindX sell its first harvest.

BiomindX already has a number of customers who buy the CBD on a regular basis. These customers include several contracts with European retail networks. Probably the most prominent among them is CBD Mat, a company that sets up CBD machines all over Europe and thus sell the CBD/CBG.


Cannaxlife – BioMindX review

But you don’t just want to rely on external companies when selling the CBD. Therefore a subcontractor was set up with the name Cannaxlife. This was done in cooperation with the Czech-based company CBD Mat. The story began with only 60 machines in the Czech Republic, but with the support of partner companies and major investors, business plans and long-term strategies were developed that will be perfected with Cannaxlife.

“Cannaxlife is a highly innovative business project that was founded in 2021 by two pioneering companies in the legal cannabis market in Eastern Europe (BIOMINDX s.r.o. and CBDMAT s.r.o., operators of Czech cannabis vending machines) with a focus on the fair values ​​of the cannabis community.” (BioMindX)

Cannaxlife will expand the existing ecosystem by offering the community the opportunity to participate in the legal cannabis market and earn money through this additional solution “from seed to retail”. Details will follow soon.

BiomindX strives to develop further as quickly as possible and in a qualified manner. Together with the partners, it is planned to set up more than 500 CBD / CBG vending machines and retail outlets in the EU.

BioMindX review – Why was the “Grow” delayed?

According to BiomindX’s message from January 18th:

To start growing cannabis, an application must be made to the relevant Ministry of Agriculture. The process from application to approval usually takes less than a week. However, due to the corona situation, no applications are currently being accepted by the Ministry of Agriculture, as the application will be switched to “digital” and will be available again from the beginning of February. All documents are already available and we are just waiting for the application to be submitted digitally, …

The whole thing has now, due to Corona, been delayed until April, but the above-described courtesy of the company does not result in any disadvantage for the investors.

Conclusion: Start of the grow, advantage for early investors

We are delighted about the news that we received from BioMindX this week. By sharing the November harvest with early investors, an opportunity was created to ease entry and build trust in the company. I hope for many more positive news in the near future.

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