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BioMindX Reviews – Earn money with BioMindx CBG cannabis market and CBD Mat

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BioMindX Reviews – Earn money with BioMindx CBG cannabis market and CBD Mat

BioMindX Reviews

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I would like to introduce you to the company and my BioMind experiences. It is quite rare where the product is first available on the market. All the more I am happy to present you everything in the order in which it was done.

How did I become aware of BioMind?

BioMindX ReviewsThe sales manager himself brought this to my attention and invited me to Greece. However, I could not follow this invitation because of Corona. But I do have photographic material that was taken during a visit 20 km away from Tessa Denik airport. In the picture gallery you can follow the first grow or click on the right picture for the gallery!

What kind of product does BioMind offer?

The development of the product starts with cannabis plants and ends later with CBG containing cannabis flowers. The product itself shows in my opinion a very good quality as far as I can judge. I had BioMind send me a sample package which I show you in the following video. Which belongs to my BioMindX Reviews.

What is the quality of the flowers and CBG?

BioMindX CBG

“A picture is worth a thousand words!” is what they say. Instead of writing about the quality of the flowers and the CBG, I prefer to provide the next video here, in which I have recorded my experiences with the CBG as a chronic pain patient. I also show there the bill, the lab report and the inflorescences with a microscope that works with a magnification of up to 200 times. This gives us an insight into the time of harvest. Enclosed a few pictures in this gallery.

Here briefly in key points, which experiences I made with the Biomindx-CBG

  • Very good harvest time by looking at the trichomes through a microscope
  • No change in taste or smell of e.g. residues from washing out the THC
  • Good to very good taste when smoking (with tobacco in a joint)
  • No unpleasant feeling when inhaling (some CBD products sting a little in the lungs)
  • Pain peaks were reduced and dammed
  • Generally better, calmer, with fewer interruptions of sleep
  • Very well dried flowers so the branches break and do not bend

For this I have for you also times an analysis of the harvest:

I wish you much fun with the video!

Who or what is BioMindX CBG?

Bio-Mind is a cannabis producer that cultivates CBG in Greece, near Thessaloniki. The company itself is registered on March 2, 2020, at the District Court in Prague under the name BlOMlNDX sro, with the registered office in Rybná 716/24, Staré Město, 110 00 Prague 1 and the identification number 08995681, as a limited liability company. This is the only and the first company in Greece that has obtained a license to cultivate CBG.

They are an innovative European research and production company for cannabinoids.

In strategic cooperation with our partner BioCannabis S.A., Greece, a manufacturer of medicinal cannabis, we operate a company that combines a full range of services such as life sciences, genetics and seeds, international production, plant cultivation services, white labeling, marketing and branding, supply chain management and distribution processes throughout Europe.

We are committed to helping our customers grow through our combined business and IT expertise, thoughtful innovation and global reach. BIOMIND is a young company and is passionate about what they do and the services they offer their customers. They have built a broad and deep knowledge of the entire cannabis industry, enabling us to anticipate customer needs and meet demand wherever it arises.

Data in short form:

  Creation date and registration: 2. March 2020  
  File number: C 328850 at the local court in Prague  
  Trading company: BIOMINDX sro  
  Company headquarters: Rybná 716/24, Staré Město, 110 00 Prague 1  
  Identification number: 089 95 681  
  Legal form: Limited liability company  
  Scope of business: Rentals, residential and non-residential buildings  

Key data on the area under cultivation:

The area for growing cannabis is 8,000 square meters and 18,500 plants have already been planted. The plant variety has a high CBG content and has been bred by our own growers. One of these growers is Damon Lippert (USA) – Master Grower and Tech Specialist.

As a result, CBG is grown in the plant. CBG is formed most in the earlier stage of flowering and is later converted to THC. There are already inquiries from numerous buyers (the question is not whether the crop can be sold, but who is the highest bidder)

Who is Damon Lippert?

Mr. Lippert has over 20 years of experience in medical farming in California. His dedication to producing high quality cannabis using the latest equipment and technology will ensure that BioMindX operates to the highest standards for pharmaceutical and recreational cannabis. He himself is also active in GLMED (Green Leaf Medical)

Facts about the company and its concept:

  • Cannabis plantation is located in Greece, near Thessaloniki (the exact location is not yet disclosed for security reasons)
  • Requests from customers are already available.
  • At the end of September the entire harvest is sold, which means that real figures for sales, profit, etc. are available. These are crucial for the profit that customers can expect for their plants, because we will not make any promises of profit
  • Only after the sale of the harvest and the availability of the figures, the MLM will start
  • The MLM pursues the sense to build up a community, which is more than meaningful in a market economy for several reasons
  • Customers buy plant pitches and receive a 50% share of the profit on every harvest sale of their plant (there is no expiration period for “profit sharing”)
  • Plant parking space costs 500 Euro net
  • Harvesting 3 times a year
  • Currently, the maximum capacity of external funds is 9-10 million euros
  • No large investors (7 digits) allowed, because the goal of a community is missed. Cases with higher 6-digit investment volume must be agreed upon
  • MLM sales are handled by the company in the Czech Republic (residence of Ilya Vlasyuk, one of the partners, who is also a lawyer)
  • All shareholders will appear in public

Es wurde darauf hingewiesen das Keine HYPE oder Schnell-Reich-Werde Community erwünscht ist und solltest du dieses bevorzugen, empfehle ich dir nicht diesem Unternehmen beizuwohnen. Es wird dich und auch deine Sponsoren unnötig in Diskussionen verstricken. Kurz um nehmen die einen ein extrem hohes Risiko in kauf, während andere dieses lieber minimieren. 

CBD MatAre there already customer inquiries?

  • There are numerous requests for information, which must not be mentioned by name
  • However, we may disclose a customer: CBD-Mat
  • Vending machine operators for cannabis products (oils, hemp flowers …)
  • 2021 already 200-400 vending machines in Eastern Europe

Why may we can call out CBD Mat?

BioMind will build on a community + cannabis vending machine in 2021. Since this will become public sooner or later and CBD-Mat has given permission, we can publish this in advance.

What can we expect?

Ende September wurde geerntet, an Abnehmer verkauft und mit den vorliegenden Werten (Umsatz, Kosten, Gewinn, etc..) realistische und gegebene Zahlen für Investoren zu veröffentlicht, damit diese wissen, was genau sie bei dem Erwerb einer Pflanze erwartet. Einen kleinen Vorgeschmack:

Aktueller Stand (15. September). Bis zur Ernte werden die Pflanzen eine Höhe von 2 – 2.50 Meter erreichen.

How was the harvest at BioMindX CBG?

We originally calculated with a yield of 70 grams per plant in order to be able to compete on an international level.

Currently, however, the actual yield is 150 grams per plant on average.

Thus the Grower team exceeded not only the own expectations substantial, but also put a stable foundation for a profitable start of our Community!

How does the concept work?

These and many other questions have arisen in the past, which is why we are happy to announce

On Thursday, October 8th, at 6:00 p.m. (CET), the first official, German-language business presentation was given, where exactly these and many more questions were answered.

After this webinar everybody knew how to make money with cannabis legally and recurrently and can decide whether to go this way together with us or not.

The webinar can be watched under the following button and is always kept up-to-date.

How do you benefit from BioMindX CBG?

  • You get the opportunity to purchase your own cannabis plant
  • 100% of the cultivation, harvest and sale of your plant is taken care of
  • You will receive 50% of the gram yield (ALWAYS RETURNING)
  • Harvesting 3 times a year
  • Harvest = Your property

You have the choice between delivery or sale of the harvest to Bio-Mind. If you sell your harvest, you will receive the equivalent value in Euro, which they received from the market. The price for a plant is 500 Euro net plus 21% VAT.

  • You do not only buy a plant, but also the space in the greenhouse, the high financial means, licenses, time capacities…
  • You have a purchase and agency contract, where it is guaranteed that after each harvest you will receive a recurring plant
    you will receive

What yield can DU expect per plant?

  • We have set up the sceptical forecasts so that each plant will yield about 70 grams
  • This corresponds to an approximate profit of 37.50 Euro per plant (company costs already deducted)
  • Based on this, over 100 Euro per plant per year

IMPORTANT: Up-to-date however it shows up that the plants already show approx. 150 gram and are harvested up to 4x annually
can be!

Example calculation:

  • 20 plants, 140 grams per plant, 3x annual harvest
  • That is 1500 Euro per harvest
  • And 4,500 euros annually

(Figures may differ from current yield and are not guaranteed!)

Your harvest is secured as long as the company provides the service!
What does the availability of the service depend on? In the first place:

  • Inquiry
  • Benefits and resulting profit expectations

What is CBG and what benefits does it have?

A few key points about the CBG (a connection of the cannabis plant) itself, because one has to keep in mind the added value we create here for sick people. Of course, the experiments and studies were mostly carried out successfully on mice, because the pharmaceutical industry is already responsible for people’s health.

In recent years, however, a greater effort has been made to research CBG, with the result that:

  • CBG blocks receptors that cause or promote the growth of cancer cells. Especially in colorectal cancer, the cannabinoid has been shown to be effective for successful treatment
  • CBG is an anti-inflammatory agent that helps to reduce the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • CBG promotes appetite. In MS, cancer, HIV and other serious diseases, CBG can be used as a supportive agent
  • Cannabigerol helps against degenerative nervous diseases such as Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, MS…
  • CBG in combination with other cannabinoids acts similar to antibiotics. It is exciting here that the hemp plant develops a defense effect against bacteria and kills them at least as effectively as antibiotics.

The list of positive effects is much longer. It is a fact that we are not only in a profitable market here, but that we actively contribute to improving the health of sick people.

BioMindX Reviews on the Affiliate Program

Earn up to 20% commission on the first eight levels with the BioMind compensation plan if you decide to recommend our concept to others. For every successful recommendation that leads to a plant purchase in your team, you will receive a commission that will be credited to your account immediately.

With the so-called Unilevel Marketing Plan, the commission is paid over several levels (8).

This means: if a team partner makes a turnover, the team partners above him in the structure also profit.
Conversely, this means: a sponsor earns on all his team partners who are up to 8th level below him.

This is made possible by a recommendation url that assigns the place in the structure. This is done via a recommendation link that is displayed to everyone in their back office.

According to my BioMindX Reviews you can promote this company without hesitation. As described at the beginning I know the CSO and was invited to visit the plantation. If this is not enough for you, or better said in general, everyone should make his own examination (DYOR) and then decide. If you want to try the product yourself, please contact me

Is there a more ethical way to make money than helping sick people?

Remember: Every plant you own not only brings you yields up to 4 times a year, but with the CBG it can also help to give sick people back a bit Feel joy of life.

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