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Bit Panda | Pick up free money! BEST AIRDROP 2019

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Bit Panda | Pick up free money! BEST AIRDROP 2019

Bitpanda becomes a  global Exchance!

To substantiate this announces Bitpanda an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the Bitpanda Ecosystem token (BEST).

The  Exchange of Austria, based in Vienna ,  Bitpanda , is one of the  most senior European Bitcoin exchanges and especially for crypto newcomers because of the very simple operation more popular than ever. Here buying crypto currencies is almost as easy as online banking. In addition, provides Bitpanda also a solution to a savings plan in crypto currencies. Bitpanda is a truly good introduction to the world of crypto currencies for “average consumer” and offers everything you need for that.

However, professional users and traders prefer to use other Exchanger. These customers, the Viennese company will now no longer withheld longer, and announces the Bitpanda Global Exchange  with  trading in real time to almost professional level .

At the same time, as the model of Binance was seen with the NBB token, a token own incl. Airdrop give (= free money / Coins): BEST – The Bitpanda Ecosystem token

Start for the  Bitcoin -Börse Bitpanda Global Exchange is 7 August of 2019.


Watch out! Even the  Binance token BNB had an airdrop at the beginning and gives away the coveted coins. This has now worth about 30 euro / pcs. and> 9000% !!! Trend continues to rise!


The free BEST Airdrop is for users all verified Bitpanda.

If you’re already at Bitpanda and have, for example, bought the Pandos, you have nothing else to do. If not, then please get in touch for free and lead your verification through. You then automatically receive your free BEST Coins.


>>> Free Coins pick> Register here for free <<<


Additional Airdrop for all who already hold PAN on Bitpanda.


You own Pantos? Pantos (PAN) has been designed as open innovation research project, open source. Together with the Research Institute for Future Crypto Economics (RIAT), scientists from the Technical University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Again, there were in April 2018 for Bitpanda users as part of the ICO also a free Airdrop. More info on Pandos >>> CLICK here


Performance Pandos (PAN) since 2018:

As you can see on the performance of the demand is there probably want to take the additional airdrop here just very great many people. I think the price of PAN is still a lot to go to the Airdrop possibly higher. Would be happy in any case? It is as always: the early bird catches the worm!



The  Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) will start on  July 9, 2019  for the Bitpanda Ecosystem token  (BEST) .

BEST Trading on Bitpanda and Bitpanda Global Exchange will from  August 7, 2019  be possible.


The Bitpanda Global Exchange will provide provides:

  • Airdrop: BEST. The Bitpanda Ecosystem token.
  • modern API
  • competitive fees
  • Highest security standards
  • Worldwide crypto-to-crypto and Fiat to crypto Trading
  • Fiat Payments (Euro, Swiss franc and British pound) in most European countries; Payouts possible worldwide
  • Popular trading pairs such as BTC / EUR, BTC / USDT, ETH / EUR, XRP / EUR, Miota / EUR, ETH / BTC, XRP / BTC, Miota / BTC, PAN / BTC, BEST / BTC, BEST / EUR and BEST / USDT

BEST Bitpanda EcoSystem token will provide:

  • Priority access to Bitpanda Launchpad
  • 25% discount on trading fees if these bear BEST be paid
  • to reduce constant ‘token Burn’ to the supply of tokens
  • A variety of additional benefits and perks


>>> NOW equal Free Coins pick> Register here for free <<<


If you’ve never attended a Airdrop: It’s free! then just lie let the coins and take advantage of the increase in value

Happy earnings!



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