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Bitwin24 | All you need to know about Bitwin24 Lottery

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Bitwin24 | All you need to know about Bitwin24 Lottery

1 Introduction

BITWIN24 is the world’s first blockchain-based lottery with a referral system. The lottery is forgery-proof
and the winning code is drawn on the blockchain of Bitcoin. The jackpot is automatically paid out to the participating winners via a smart contract. The innovation is that there is not only one winner, but a winning chain “WinChain”.

Participation in the competition will be possible with national and cryptocurrencies. Using the cryptocurrency (BWI) is rewarded with a price advantage for each lot. The BWI Coins can be acquired either by mining with masternodes or by buying on exchange platforms.

The possibility to participate with cryptocurrencies makes the lottery playable worldwide. There are no barriers to local currencies. The potential for a steadily growing player community and correspondingly high
jackpots is enormous.

2. Lottery worldwide

Bitwin24 is the first globally operating masternode lottery. The jackpot and the profit potential are correspondingly large. The draw will take place on the Bitcoin blockchain. You type in the last digits of a randomly selected hash that has yet to be generated. Counterfeit security and transparency can thus be guaranteed. Tickets can be purchased on the website (by credit card, direct debit), by cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) or by mobile using the iOS / Android app.

Payment in BTC or Fiat

The jackpot is based on Bitcoin (BTC). All deposits will be exchanged for BTC unless lots have already been purchased with BTC. The price increase of the BTC makes enormous profits possible. The jackpot is paid out in BTC, BWI or FIAT as desired. (The daily rate of the BTC counts here. This can then be exchanged for FIAT and paid out, if desired).

Of course, payment in BWI Coins is also possible at any time. This can be set in the profile on the lottery platform.

3. The challenge


The blockchain makes Bitwin24 transparent and tamper-proof. The jackpot can be checked at any time. Using a fixed and transparent BTC address, the amount of the jackpot can be determined. Winnings can also be viewed in this way. Of course, the winners remain anonymous to the outside world.

A KYC (Know Your Customer) verification is used, which our customers have to carry out to distribute a profit in order to prevent money laundering. The KYC is not necessary to play. This is how we enable uncomplicated participation in the lottery.


Via a smart contract, the bitcoin hash is used as the lot number at a random time. The profit determination takes place completely counterfeit-proof and transparent on the BWI and BTC blockchain. Further information can be found in Chapter 5.


Bitwin24 is based in Estonia. For some time now, Estonia has been part of the European avant-garde when it comes to digitization. Of course, the blockchain technology does not go undetected by the Estonian government. Of particular interest is the eResidency program, which grants every citizen digital citizenship. With the help of this, the entire administration of the country is digitized.

3. The challenge

To operate the lottery worldwide, Bitwin24 has a gaming license in Curacao. Curacao is a pioneer in the regulation of online gambling. Because Curacao belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Curacao eGaming can grant a license under European law. The authority has been granting licenses worldwide since 1996.

4. The BWI coin

With the BWI Coin you can buy a tip in the lottery at any time. If the BWI coin is used for payment, participation in the lottery is 50 cents cheaper. The BWI coin, when purchased in the presale, also serves as an asset that enables every holder to earn money on every lottery draw.

4.1 Technical data

  • Coin symbol: BWI
  • Algorithm: PoS (Proof of Stake)
  • Block size: 2 MB block time: 60 seconds
  • Transactions per second: 173 TPS (theoretical maximum)
  • Master node: yes, 3,000 BWI per master node
  • Staking: yes, with no minimum number of coins

4.1.1 Standard ports

mainnet: 24072
rpcmain: 24073


7,000,000 BWI

4.1.2 Maximum number of coins in circulation

21,000,000 BWI (like Bitcoin)

4.1.3 Number of coins per block

The number of coins per block is dynamic and depends on the current number of coins in circulation and the active master nodes. Before each block is created, the network is reassessed and the reward adjusted so that the defined ROI (Return of Investment) is achieved.

4.1.4 Conditions for transactions

Minimum number for sending: 6 confirmations

4.1.5 Masternodes

Including 3,000 BWI is required to create a master node. The wallet must be online, set up and started for the service.

4.1.6 Staking

Maturity of the coins after staking: 101 confirmations until approval (approx. 2 h) Wallet status: The wallet must be permanently online and decrypted for staking.

4.1.7 Airdrop

With the airdrop, we offer our investors the opportunity to participate in the lottery in the pre-sale phase until June 30, 2020. For exact definition see chapter 4.3.

4.1.8 Rewards per block

  1. Phase 1: 200% ROI up to 14 million coins in circulation
  2. Phase 2: 100% ROI from 14 million coins in circulation
  3. Phase 3: 50% ROI from 17 million coins in circulation
  4. Phase 4: 25% ROI from 18 million coins in circulation
  5. Phase 5: 12.5% ​​ROI from 19 million coins in circulation
  6. Phase 6: 6% ROI from 20 to 21 million coins in circulation

4.2 Masternodes and staking

Masternodes are network nodes, each of which represents the entire blockchain. For the operation of the master nodes and the confirmation of transactions, the operator receives 80% of every block that he validates. In order to be able to operate a masternode, we recommend a server that can be operated 24 hours a day.

As a rule, a virtual server (VPS) with low requirements is sufficient. For the operation of a master node, the amount of 3000 BWI (collateral) is included for the duration of this service. The coins can be bound at any time by operating the master nodes.

The reward that the operator of masternodes receives is considered in the context of the contribution made. The common term for the reward is “Return on Investment” (ROI).

ROI is comparable to the classic interest rate for an investment, which is determined as a percentage of a year. The ROI of BitWin24 Coins is shown graphically in the following diagram.

Staking has the same function as the master nodes. The only difference is that there is no need to include a fixed number of
coins, but can validate any number of coins transactions. For this flexibility, the amount of rewards is 20% of each block instead of 80% as with masternodes. When a network node with active staking receives a reward for validating transactions depends on the number of coins in circulation in millions

4.3 Airdrop

4.3.1. Clarification of the term “airdrop” in the cryptocurrency industry

If an airdrop is carried out on a cryptocurrency, additional coins / tokens of the respective currency will be distributed to their existing holders / owners. This means that only investors who have already bought coins and are holding them at the time of the airdrop will benefit from this distribution. It is comparable to profit sharing in a company or in a business model that generates sales.

4.3.2. Airdrop at BitWin24

The airdrop is slightly different from other classic airdrops. We do not offer any participation in the company in the form of profit sharing. With our Airdrop we offer far better yield opportunities. With our Airdrop, all investors have the opportunity to secure long-term participation by purchasing BWI Coins until the start of the lottery, and this in every single lottery draw.

Here are the facts of the BitWin24 airdrop:

1. Only BWI Coin or BWI Masternodes investors who bought up to 30.06.2020 and hold the coins are entitled to the airdrop.

2. The distribution:

10% of the winnings from each lottery draw go to the coinholders. 3. The distribution is not per investor, but per
registered coin as of the reporting date. The entire sum of the 10% profit shares are distributed pro rata per coin.

4. The distribution is made in FIAT currency or bitcoins.

5. The sum of registered and held coins can be reduced after June 30, 2020, but cannot be increased.

4.3.3. Bitwin24 Airdrop – calculation example

1. A total of 1 million BWI coins will be sold by June 30, 2020 (regardless of whether in master nodes or in individual purchases).

2. The first lottery draw will have a total profit of EUR 1 million distributed.

3. 10% of this, ie EUR 100,000, will now be distributed to the investors, to the 1 million BWI coins held.

4. The exact airdrop share per BWI coin held is calculated:

100,000 EUR / 1 million BWI Coins = 0.10 EUR This makes the airdrop a unique opportunity for any investor who bought BWI Coins up to and including June 30, 2020 to generate long-term profits and be part of the winning strategy.

5. How does the lottery work?

The BitWin24 lottery is designed intuitively and enables customers to take part easily. Once registered, typing is possible in a few seconds. Everything is easily accessible via a smartphone app or a web app. When registering, the customer creates a personal customer account. His customer data and active games are clearly managed in it. Anytime are runtime,

Inserts and typed strings visible to the customer. The entered lots are paid for with just one click on the “Pay” button, for example with BitWin24’s own BWI coins. The amount for the tip is automatically debited from the integrated BWI wallet. In addition to the integrated payment with BWI Coins, all common payment methods in EUR and Bitcoin are of course also available.

The betting game is automatically activated after the stakes have been paid for. In the “Tip management” the tips are displayed in which the player takes part. The player manages his entire lottery and payments very easily and comfortably. No trip to the lottery point is necessary and the lottery ticket or tip receipt cannot be lost either.

With a personal account, every customer always has their draws and tips as well as their BWI wallet, systems and course developments in view.

5.1 The Bitcoin hash

The drawing at BitWin24 takes place on the Bitcoin transaction number or “hash”, at a previously defined point in time. The bitcoin hash is the basis of the draw. This string is used to ensure that all Bitcoin transactions carried out can be stored in a tamper-proof manner in the global blockchain network. This means that a transaction can never be changed afterwards.

As an example of a “simple” hash function, one can use the formation of a checksum (all individual digits are added with a multi-digit number). The cross sum from 214 is 2 + 1 + 4 = 7. However, it is not possible to calculate the initial value back from the hash value 7, since the numbers 1042 or 400030 also have the value 7 as a cross sum. So the Bitcoin hash clearly works as a key for every Bitcoin payment. The payment itself cannot be changed afterwards
and is fixed in the worldwide Bitcoin network. And precisely because this transaction number cannot be changed, it was clear that there is no better tool to implement the unique drawing system on it.

5.1.1 The Draw

The drawing is not done by a mechanical system, which in principle would be very easy to manipulate from the outside. As described in the previous chapter, a transaction number consisting of numbers and letters is created for each Bitcoin transaction. This takes place on the Bitcoin Blockchain, i.e. an external tamper-proof system over which BitWin24 itself has no influence. We only use this transaction number to determine the string of the current betting game that
is valid for the next payout.

5.1.2 Reading the winning signs:

1. The main drawing of the six characters: The last six characters of the Bitcoin transaction number are drawn using a separate smart contract that reads the characters, compares them with the tips received and determines the winners from them. On
these last six characters of the Bitcoin hash, all participating players give their tips.

2. Drawing the additional number: The additional number for the jackpot is drawn from the 7th position of the hash read from the right.

5.2 The game system

The BitWin24 game system differs fundamentally from the lottery systems of classic lottery drawings.
Our approach is based on a highly complex technology, if we only look at the technical solution. However, our guidelines have been fixed in the corporate philosophy since the idea:

1. Technically complex solutions must be easy to use for our customers.
2. The cryptographic technology enables us to integrate a security system that is based on the highest technical standard.

3. Our service standards are just as high: customer orientation at the highest level based on experience!
The first lotteries already worked from the 17th century onwards on the principle that a certain number of digits or characters had to be typed for the possible winning streak. This resulted in various approaches in the last century, such as 5 out of 90, 5 out of 45 and 5 out of 35. These tip models are now common and well-known systems that are very well accepted by customers and the fun of playing and the attraction of winning turn off. The most well-known game system is the 6 out of 49 drawing, on the basis of which we are based. At BitWin24, our customers should feel at home from the very first tip. Our customers will not notice the technical complexity.

The players see a clear selection of the betting game and a total of 16 possible characters to be typed per game in their surface. These are the “winning numbers” as we know them from the classic lottery game. It is possible to tap a draw several times and to buy several tickets.

The game system is integrated in all common platforms, so that all customers can use their familiar environment of their own smartphone, mobile device or desktop computer.

The lottery is available on iOS, Android (very soon) and via the web application, as well as all common browser systems.

5.4 The chances of winning

5.4.1. In our BitWin24 lottery

The fact that we can offer our customers and teammates significantly higher chances of winning with our unique system is easy to understand with the tip system. The last six digits of a bitcoin hash that we use for our lottery drawing can contain the following characters (hexadecimal system):

1. the 10 digits from 0 to 9
2. and the six letters a, b, c, d, e, f
3. unlike 6 out of 49, each character can appear multiple times
4. that is a total of 16 characters and therefore only 16 options for each typed character
5. The characters must be typed in the correct order of the hash drawn

Anyone who has typed at least 3 correct to 6 correct winnings will receive winnings from the current game. The jackpot goes to those who have correctly typed 6 correct numbers plus additional number. As an example, let’s take a look at the biggest chance of winning a draw, which is a 3-way bet. The player must therefore have three correct numbers within the last six characters of the hash drawn. Three digits with 16 characters each. This gives the player 16 x 16 x 16 = 4096 opportunities to hit a 3. With the WinChain (see next chapter) the player multiplies his chances of winning with every partner within his community.

All winnings in total are split according to the game participants, the number of winners and the associated participants within the referral system. The profit participation in a drawing with a profit within the own partner structure takes place up to the 12th level.


If a player has 10 players within his partner structure, his chances of winning a 3er increase from 1: 4096 to 1: 409.6. However, this only applies if each player makes a different tip.

With a game system from which everyone can benefit through a recommendation up to the 12th level, large game communities can very quickly develop without having to make many recommendations yourself. Every member of a syndicate of 100 players, for example, can increase their chance of winning a 6 in 1: 167,772 and the chance of winning a jackpot (6 + additional number) to 1: 2,684,355.

BitWin24 thus offers several ways to win and additional participation in the winnings even if your own tip was not drawn. This system gives players in this lottery multiple chances of winning compared to players in the current state lotteries.

5.4.2. Further chances of winning within the referral system

WinChain multiplies the chances of winning. Because you do not only win if you have given a correct tip yourself. Even if a member of their own referral structure wins, the referrers receive shares of the prize money.

The winnings can be paid out in BWI Coins, Bitcoin or the desired national currency (less exchange and transaction fees).

5.4.3. Secured profit sharing for all coin owners

All BWI Coin owners who bought BWI Coins by June 30th, 2020 benefit from every drawing through the Airdrop (as described in chapter 4.3.). This is a guaranteed participation for all BWI coin investors. This is another added value within the BitWin24 economic cycle! This means that every BWI Coin owner has a guaranteed pro rata return for life. Prices and payment methods Each lot corresponds to a betting game. There are as many tips as possible on how the player buys tickets for a draw.

1. Each lot costs EUR 5.50.
2. Each lot with the BWI payment method costs EUR 5

Each player receives a discount of approx. 9.1% on a lot when he buys the lots with the BWI coin. Payment is made in BWI coins, BTC, Ethereum or EUR and other common national currencies, depending on the customer’s requirements. The payment system integrated directly into the account is the BWI Coin Wallet. We offer other payment systems as follows: credit card payment, direct debit, Apple Pay.

6. The referral system

The referral system anchored in the lottery is unique in the industry. This means that our active customers benefit
from two cash flows within the referral system. If, for example, advertised partners buy BWI coins or lottery tickets, their referrers receive a one-time direct commission from each coin or lottery ticket sold. The commissions are distributed up to the 3rd level:

With the lottery recommendation system, syndicates are automatically formed. If someone wins within the syndicate, the referrers benefit proportionately from the distribution of the winner and even up to the 12th level:

6.1 The facts in the summary:

• One-time direct commissions from the sale of lots and BWI coins for all referrers: 8% from the 1st level, 4% from the 2nd level and 2% from the 3rd level of the lot or BWI coin purchase within your own downline

• Active referrers benefit directly from the distributed profits within their downline up to the 12th level

• Automatic formation of a syndicate

• We call the model “WinChain” because everyone in a chain participates in a win

• Your own chances of winning within the lottery game are thus automatically multiplied

• You always win when one of the partners wins

With a recommendation-based lottery, we are implementing a completely new model in the industry. Not just a few win. We are thus giving our customers a tool that they can use to generate long-term profits and income. And with a lottery!

7. Why BitWin24

Since the beginning of the lotteries, the betting game has not developed significantly. With us that changes!

It revolutionizes the lottery market and offers new solutions and applications that offer our customers and players significant added value.

7.1 Advantages of the lottery

The most important thing we can offer our customers is TRUST. As already described, the BitWin24 lottery and the drawing process are absolutely tamper-proof. With our own blockchain and smart contract solutions, we are already well positioned for the technological challenges of the 21st century.

This guarantees us independence from third-party technologies and third-party providers. The main advantages of the lottery

• Tamper-proof lottery procedure and drawing of prizes

• Counterfeit-proof, blockchain-based profit and cash flow management

• own blockchain technology

• Independence from third parties

• We play BitWin24 worldwide without regional ties

• Simplified typing procedure, with only 16 characters to be typed

• Much higher chances of winning in the game and within a betting community

• Maximum ease of use thanks to our mobile and desktop applications

And we offer the best to our customers with our “WinChain”: A chain of winners within a referral system that enables our customers to sell the tickets and win other players!

7.2 The social thought:

With a share in the profit of every draw, we support selected projects to give something back to our fellow human beings and our planet. We want to actively contribute to making our world a little better.

7.3 Why BitWin24?

In addition to the lottery, we have integrated two other strong pillars into the company and our value chain:

• BWI coin as a means of payment and investment (staking, airdrop, performance)

• BWI masternodes for investors and IT service providers

And that is unique! We have created a product range that combines competition, cash flow and investment. Who would have thought that a lottery game could be a real investment?

7.4 Applications of the BWI coin

The BWI Coin provides customers with a convenient means of payment that also enables them to purchase a lot at a cheaper price. All advantages of the BWI coin summarized:

• Discount of 9.1% on the purchase of lots
• Added value through medium and long-term increase in value
• Trading: In addition to being used as a means of payment, the BWI Coin will also be tradable on exchanges and thus becomes a sought-after commodity
• Economists are aware of this: healthy Money has to flow within an economic cycle.

We ensure this stable economic cycle with permanent cash flow within the lottery by buying and redeeming the tickets. The BWI Coin contains everything that makes up a digital currency. In addition, it offers real applications that exceed the benefits of other currencies.

7.5 The BWI Master Nodes

The third pillar in the BitWin24 company is our master nodes. With our master nodes we promote the expansion of our network and offer other service providers the opportunity to participate in the expansion of the network and growth.

7.6 All advantages of the BWI masternodes summarized:

Premium private masternodes available via Getnode Return of investment constant at 200% pa over several coins generated BitWin24 is not just a lottery. With its three pillars of lottery, currency and investment, BitWin24 is a sustainable economic ecosystem with a stable, integrated cash flow that offers many other possible applications for the future. That’s why BitWin24!

8. Finances

The finances are presented openly and transparently for our customers in the chapter detailed here. BitWin24 stands for sustainability and transparency. These are our cornerstones to give our customers the greatest possible trust.
An open and familiar business philosophy will always prevail. We want all investors and future customers and business partners to understand our path from BitWin24 and to go along successfully.

8.1 Distribution of advance sales

The internal private pre-sale (started on November 9th, 2019, ended on January 15th, 2020) is not public and only for existing customers. Therefore, the distribution of income in this phase differs from the future product phases. The exact distribution of income during the private pre-sale:

1. Sale of BWI Coins:
• 85% go directly to the lottery to build the first jackpot
• 15% go to sales in the form of commission payments

2. Proceeds from the sale of the masternodes break down as follows:
• Costs for founding and trademark rights
• Financing the measures for marketing
• Development BitWin24 platform and infrastructure
• Personnel costs

8.2 Use of the income from the public CoinSale – ticket pre-sale

With the publication of BitWin24’s business model, open ticket sales for all new customers will start, probably on February 1, 2020 (subject to change).

8.2.1 The distribution of the proceeds from the ticket pre-sale is as follows:

• 75% go into the direct lottery for profit drawing
• 25% go to the company for commissions and running costs

8.2.2 Proceeds from the sale of the masternodes break down as follows:

• Financing of marketing measures
• Development of BitWin24 platform and infrastructure

How the winnings from the lottery drawings are distributed The distribution of the winnings is carried out as follows:

• Proportion of all correctly entered lots, the winning proportion: ……………………………… ..70%
• WinChain proportions: eg …………………………… 18%
• Airdrop ………… ……………………………………… .10%
• Social contribution (donations) ……………………… .2%

9. Marketing

Market analysis

We would like to use numerical values ​​to demonstrate why the lottery market has unprecedented potential for our company and thus also for our customers and investors.

9.1.1. Sales worldwide

In 2017, total sales in the lottery market worldwide were $ 302.3 billion. According to a study by the market research company technavio, an increase of USD 173.54 billion is expected by 2022.
(Source: https://www.technavio.com/report/global-lottery-market-analysis-share-2018)

The lottery industry is one of the most stable growing industries. Prof. John L. Mikesell from Indiana University found in a long-term study that in periods of higher unemployment and weak economic activity, even recession, the sales of lottery tickets and other competitions increase.
(Source: https://taxfoundation.org/does-lottery-revenue-rise-or-fall-during-economic-hardship/)

As a lottery, BitWin24 offers companies the best conditions for growth and stable returns, regardless of global economic growth.

9.1.2. Growth figures

The World Lottery Association (hereinafter referred to as “WLA”) announced the following growth figures in its last publications in 2018:

Reference report Q1 2018:


(Source: https://www.technavio.com/report/global-lottery-market-analysis-share-2018)

The individual regional markets fluctuate regularly:
• Africa is currently experiencing a real boom: 15.75%
• Asia Pacific also shows strong growth: 10.55%
• Europe has a constant performance: 3.40%
• Latin America was subject to stronger regulatory measures: 7.70%
• North America delivered constant growth of strong: 7.40%

This resulted in a global growth rate of 8.7% for the lottery industry in 2018. Compared to the global economic growth of 3.6%, the lottery industry grew significantly faster.
(Source: https://de.statista.com/statistik/daten/studie/197039/umfrage/veraenderung-des-weltialen-bruttoinlandsprodukts/)


The game and lottery industry remains stable even in weak economic years. This is also shown by the forecasts for the coming years until 2022.
Report Q4 2018: https://www.world-lotteries.org/media-news/wla-blog/insight/3014-fy-2018-sales-up- by-8-7-on-the-back-of-a-strong-q4-2018):

9.1.3. Lottery problems and our Bitwin24 solutions

The lottery market today is fraught with prejudices that require a lot of commitment from the industry and its reputable companies in building customer trust and acquisition. In addition to negative news, the reasons for this are also that

1. Lottery funds were misappropriated
2. Manipulation in the lotteries themselves was carried out
3. There is a lack of transparency in the account management of the jackpots and profit distribution
4. There are only very small chances of winning for the players
5. Mainly only win the lotteries themselves.

Our solutions from BitWin24:

1. The BitWin24 system is built on the blockchain and works with internal smart contracts. The profit is determined using the code of the Bitcoin hash. These two factors completely rule out the possibility of manipulation.
2. All lottery transactions are carried out via a separate coin and thus also on the blockchain. This ensures full transparency!
3. Many win through the “WinChain”. It is distributed to the entire customer base if the jackpot is not hit after a certain time.
4. Shares from each lot are donated to social projects.

BitWin24 is the first blockchain-based lottery provider worldwide! By using blockchain and hash technology, we completely rule out manipulation and embezzlement. We deliberately chose this path in order to be able to offer our customers the complete transparency and basis of trust that is technically possible. This gives us a unique selling proposition globally!

9.1.4. The “NEW” digitization of lotteries and competitions

The world is changing. Digitization is moving into all areas of life of private individuals and companies. It doesn’t stop at lotteries either. The latest offers are almost only offered online. BitWin24 even goes one step further here: We combine “Online” + “Security” + “Smart” + “Comfortable”! Intelligent technology doesn’t have to be vulnerable and complicated. Our solutions and offers are very easy to use for all users:

• Smartphone and desktop apps: use your familiar environment.
• Web access: operating system independent and always accessible!
• Intuitive user interface: ease of use is paramount.
• Blockchain encryption: security comes first.
• FIAT and cryptocurrencies can be used: Friends of the classic lottery are also offered the usual payment process via payments in fiat currency.

We are breaking new ground and moving forward with the developments of digitization. Digitization – very easy with BitWin24. Strategy and goals Marketing focuses on the following target groups:

1. Investors / Investors
2. Players and Lottery

The world’s best known and most reputable platforms and providers are analyzed
for these two target groups in order to inspire as broad a mass as possible within the target groups of this unique idea.

Here we specifically address the big players! We consciously choose renowned and long-term successful partners in this
phase in order to position BitWin24 strong and broad from the start. We revolutionize lottery systems and use this
enormous potential of billions in sales in this industry every year to create a WIN-WIN-WIN situation:

1. For end customers, lottery players:
a. A high profile and player base enables large jackpots to be built
b. The bigger the pots, the more satisfied customers and investors
c. Therefore there are always significantly more winners than in classic lotteries

2. For investors:
a. A large worldwide customer base (player) increases the company value
b. Increase in value of the coin
c. Higher returns for investors

3. For the BitWin24 company:
a. Creation of a well-known brand
b. stable sales
c. long-term growth and sustainable success
d. Increased attractiveness for customers, investors and future partners

9.2 CoinSale Start / Coin Sale

Why do we rely on “Initial Coin Offering” (CoinSale)?

With the CoinSale process it is possible for us to present our product to a broad mass through targeted marketing and at the same time to set the economic course for the lottery opening next year.

1.CoinSale pre-sale: from 09.11.2019
a.BitWin24 offers part of its own BWI coins to an exclusive customer base and thus offers investors the opportunity to benefit from the company’s development at an early stage.
b.The CoinSale Start will support the financing of the marketing budget for the public start in a pre-sale phase within its own customer base (for a precise proportion of marketing see Chapter 8 “Finances”)
c. In addition, all processes (wallet, back office, coin purchase, etc.) already run under real conditions and prepared for publication.

2. CoinSale start: from February 2020. Coin sales are officially started on the BitWin24 CoinSale website.
3. Coin sales exchanges: for the official start of Bitwin24 summer 2020
a. By the official start of the lottery, 7 million BWI coins will be released for free sale
b. The coin is published on various exchanges and multiwallet providers
c. This makes buying and trading worldwide possible for every communication channel and social media

9.3 BitWin24 stands for customer proximity.

We would like to enable all customers to contact us directly via the most used social media channels. We wish a constructive exchange and transparent communication. Therefore we are available for our customers on the following channels:
1. bitcointalk.org – international forum for the crypto industry
2. telegram:
channel and customer group 3. facebook / instagram / twitter as marketing channels 4. discord channel as technical support
5. medium for press articles and publications
6. BitWin24 Support: support@bitwin24.io

10. The schedule

The BitWin24 schedule provides for a continuous expansion of the business model. The planned business areas are established and strengthened on the market. From 2021, further markets will be opened up and the BitWin24 idea further developed. The planning for the next two years is shown in the following roadmap:

10.1 Roadmap

• BitWin24 introduction
• Opening up to the existing customer base and key investors
• Advance sale of BWI Coin
• Activation of the BWI wallet
• Advance sale of master nodes
• BitWin24 business
start-up • Start building the community
• BitWin24 business
start-up • Start building the community
• Applying for all required licenses
• Public sale of BWI Masternodes
• Preferred for all Getnode members
• Possibility of PMN hosting at Getnode
• Listing of BWI masternodes at masternodes.online
• CoinSale launch worldwide
• Possibility of recommendation
• Beginning of August, public ticket sales for the first drawing
• End of August closure of the CoinSale
• Start of the BitWin24 lottery platform
• Listing of the BWI coin in the trade via exchanges / multiwallets (Bittrex, Binance, Kraken, Bitpanda, Poloniex, Livecoin, Bitlish, etc …)
• Receipt of the requested licenses – thus Start of the lottery platform
• Expansion of the BWI lottery
• Development of additional markets
• Development to the top brand in the lottery and betting industry
• Expansion of the BitWin24 platform
• API to existing lotteries and gambling platforms
• BWI as a payment method for games, lottery tickets, etc…
• Win partner companies and develop joint solutions

11. The team

11.1 Patryk Labus

He is a doer through and through. As a martial artist for many years, he has acquired many qualities that are
extremely important for an entrepreneur. So he continued to develop part-time, completed several training courses and certificates in the areas of trade and business administration.

With the goal always in mind and with indispensable staying power, Patryk Labus built up several companies at a young age. He has been working intensively on cryptocurrencies since 2013 and has invested in numerous projects. His focus was on the technical and economic aspects of mining systems and the operation of masternodes, which resulted in the founding of GetNode Limited in 2018.

With his business partner Jirka Lissewski, he then laid the foundation stone for BitWin24 in 2019. In addition to martial arts and cryptocurrencies, his great passion also includes tattooing. The body art is implemented in his own tattoo studios at the usual high level.

11.2 Jirka Lissewski

Bringing visions on paper and from paper into practice in a short time is one of the outstanding skills that distinguish Jirka. The intellectual head of the company combines ideas and technical details with an eye for the big picture. The entrepreneur learned to grasp and control the interrelationships of a company during his work in various companies in which he was entrusted with both technical and sales tasks. Later positions in top management, board member of an AG and finally as managing director of his own companies further shaped his entrepreneurial thinking. Jirka finds balance in sport.

As a passionate mountain biker, runner and golfer, he also physically pushes himself to the limit and always challenges himself again and again. Jirka has been dealing with crypto currencies from the very beginning. The idea of ​​making this new technology usable with sustainable added value took on ever more concrete forms.
He found the right partner in Patryk Labus, with whom he developed the GetNode Masternodes Pool and finally gave the starting signal for BitWin24 in 2019.

11. 3 Sascha Pelger

His customer-oriented thinking strengthens him in converting our customers’ needs into solutions and practical applications.

Sascha benefits immensely from his experience in medical technology. In this branch he accompanied projects and mediated between manufacturing, sales and end customers. Therefore, he knows very well what moves customers, what demands and expectations of a company and a high quality product are placed by the end consumer.

The view through the customer’s glasses therefore shapes his daily work and it is therefore not surprising that he has gained a foothold in customer service and technical support in the crypto industry. Helping customers and helping other people is very important to him and serves as a guide in his actions.

The enthusiastic mountain biker and kite surfer gained stable know-how through his work in the crypto industry. These properties and capabilities fit perfectly with BitWin24 and our performance concept.

11.4 Thilo Richter

Once sales, always sales. Thilo Richter lives sales fully according to his high personal standards. He places the added value for the individual at the top. “Put wellbeing above everything!” – according to this motto, he acts in his daily activities in the interests of his customers and colleagues. After the commercial management in the family business, he focused on the financial sector with seven years of experience as a consultant. This was followed by his own sales company and the first contacts with Bitcoin & Co. Thilo
Richter could not let go of this formative time with high losses through investments in the crypto industry . There was a deep desire to pursue sustainable and human-friendly concepts in the world of bitcoins and altcoins and to actively build them up.

In 2018 the two-time father came into contact with Jirka Lissewski. Thanks to Thilo’s strong focus on sales, a task was quickly found for the passionate table tennis player, who is now responsible for GetNode Limited and BitWin24 as sales manager. Through his willingness to constantly improve and grow personally, he takes his customers and business partners with him and lives his passion:

“The best enrichment is the added value for the person I deal with.”

11.5 Eugen Gabriel

Technology is a huge playground for Eugen Gabriel, in which he can express his fascination for it. The former mechanical engineering student followed his great passion from Siberia via Mannheim to the USA, where he devoted himself to research and development at the University of Maryland in 2009. In 2012 he graduated with a Master of Science and continued to follow his spirit by founding his own engineering office.

As a pronounced family man, he was particularly pleased about the wedding with his wife in the same year. With two children now, Eugen receives strong support from his entire family and draws a high degree of practical problem-solving skills for the challenges in the world of blockchain.

Initially ridiculed by him, the technical manager at BitWin24 quickly understood the tremendous potential that blockchain offers us. With his own projects in mining and with masternodes, Eugen gained extensive know-how in the technologies of cryptocurrencies. His commitment finally led him to BitWin24, where he took over the technical management and oversees our own developments.

11.6 Dawid Molder

His sporty character with football and boxing training already suggests that there is a very disciplined worker behind the person of Dawid. The youngest member of the BitWin24 team dealt with stocks at a very early stage and soon came into contact with alternative forms of investment such as Bitcoin and Altcoins.

He acquired his practically oriented way of thinking and acting, especially during his training as a craftsman, before he continued to develop within his training company over the further years in the operative business and in the areas of management and sales, which finally enabled him at the age of 23 Take on the position of managing director in a well-known tattoo studio.

Dawid is also active in the crypto industry in the processing of masternodes and as a KYC representative and furthered in-house in these areas. It was only logical that we take him over to BitWin24 for this position. He enriches the company with his calm and clear manner at work and in dealing with the entire team.

11.7 Achim Dreizler

Born in Swabia, in the first thirteen years of his professional career, he held several positions in a medium-sized company for banking and cash handling systems. His experience in customer care, product management and quality management ultimately led him from solution management to marketing and sales. He built up several teams and departments and was responsible for the areas of Customer Care and Key Account / Solution Management DE in recent years.

In 2014, his life path led him to North Rhine-Westphalia. Here he followed an old passion and started his own business as a real estate consultant, founded his own agency and, in addition to real estate and capital investments, also intensively dealt with cryptocurrencies and their development as an investment opportunity. This resulted in the connection to GetNode Limited, where
he initially supervised the support before finally taking over the marketing for BitWin24. He wishes to support other people in achieving their goals and personal freedom.

As a family man, human and sustainable values ​​are extremely important to him. He constantly follows this approach in his work and in his private life. In his spare time, the former rock & heavy metal musician (vocals, guitars & drums) now works with quieter tones: Taiji Dao, meditation and personal development.

12. References

What others think of BitWin24 and the company concept:

Crypto comparison

BitWin24 is an innovative blockchain lottery that goes beyond what has been tried in the industry to date. With their own blockchain, masternodes and proof of stake algorithm, they combine a modern technical infrastructure with innovative growth mechanisms. Definitely one of the projects to look out for in 2020.

13. questions and answers (FAQs)


What makes BitWin24 different?

BitWin24 is the lottery, which is technologically and strategically
answers the basic questions of classic lotteries:

1. security:

The fact that the entire concept was developed and implemented on the Blockchain technology guarantees the highest possible technical security level.

2. manipulation and forgery-proof:

The draw is made from the Bitcoin hash, which cannot be anticipated by anyone. This means that there is no possibility of manipulating a draw.

3. ease of use:

No more long trips to the lotto shop. Everything is done conveniently online via your personal BitWin24 account, whether on your computer or via your app on your smartphone.

4. limitless:

We are not bound by national borders like state lotteries. We offer the lottery worldwide. This allows for significantly higher jackpots.

5. added value:

We offer even more added value in various investor and affiliate models via the classic lottery game. In addition, every customer can also participate in our value-added products

Lottery with “WinChain”
“BWI Coin Masternode”
“BWI Coin Staking”


13.1 Why should I play BitWin24?

Firstly, we offer the added value compared to classic lotteries. But you can also support our strong social commitment with every ticket purchase. Every ticket purchase goes into the jackpot and with every winning draw we promote and support concrete projects that help people and organizations that are committed to, for example, solutions to environmental challenges, energy, health issues, people in need, forward-looking solutions, etc.

What does BitWin24 cost?

A ticket to play on BitWin24 costs 5.50 Euro when paid in EUR. If you pay for your ticket in BWI Coins, the ticket costs only €5. After we have published the BWI Coin on the stock exchanges, the BWI Coin price depends on the market value.

13.2.1 The game

How exactly does one play the lottery on BitWin24?

Playing the lottery takes place purely online. All the tips you give are to be filled out in exactly the same way as in the classic lotto. The numbers are supplemented by letters, so you can choose from 0 – 9 and a – f. The selection of their numbers and digits then determines the order, with
they’re playing.

13.2.2 The draw and prizes

What happens if there are several winners?

There will be a fair, proportionate distribution among the winning tickets depending on their winning numbers, i.e. whether they have a 3, 4, 5, etc. as winning numbers. What are the chances of winning? The chances of winning are detailed in our White Paper in 5.4.

What can I win?

You can only win financial stocks in FIAT currencies or Bitcoins. Tangible assets will not be played out for the time being. However, we do reserve the right to offer special promotions for our customers, in which real assets may be won in the future. The jackpot determines the maximum amount of a win. Of course, the jackpot does not have to be hit to win anything. Even three, four, five or six correct persons can win.

How can I win?

You can win in several ways:

1. by buying a ticket and playing the lottery
2. by recommending BitWin24

This way you benefit from our WinChain and enjoy the unique advantages and multiply your chances of winning.

3. through the Airdrop (see Airdrop)

How is the jackpot paid out?

You have different payout options:

– EUR, USD, …
– Bitcoin
– combinations thereof

13.3.1 Airdrop

What is the Airdrop?

For every coin you hold in a registered wallet (hodl), you will receive a share of EVERY lottery win that is paid out. The Airdrop is therefore an additional source of regular income.

Who gets paid for Airdrops?

The BWI-Coins must have been purchased BEFORE the start of the lottery platform. All coins bought after the start of the platform are not eligible for Airdrop. All coins bought before that date will be paid out on EVERY win.

How are Airdrops paid out?

Always in Bitcoin or a FIAT currency (EUR, USD).

Which coins exactly participate in the Airdrop?

You can purchase BWI Coins as follows:

– Direct purchase via the BitWin24 platform
– receive BWI Coins through Masternode Rewards if you operate a Masternode
– or by staking your coins held on the BWI Wallet

All Coins purchased through these channels until the start of the lottery platform are eligible for Airdrop. The terms (master node, staking) are explained elsewhere. Airdrop Example

Assume that a total of 1 million BWI Coins will be sold by the time the lottery platform is launched (regardless of whether in master nodes or individual purchases).
Let’s assume that a total of 1 million BWI Coins are distributed in the first lottery draw.
10% of this, i.e. 100,000 EUR, will now be paid to the I

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