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Bitwin24 experience – Blockchain lottery start on Saturday

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Bitwin24 experience – Blockchain lottery start on Saturday

3.5 Million Jackpot – Bitwin24 experience – Blockchain lottery start on Saturday 


Bitwin24 Lotterie beginnt – Erste Ziehung am WochenendeAnyone familiar with cryptocurrencies knows that the blockchain can be seen as a synonym for fairness, protection against forgery and transparency. So, what is more obvious than to use these qualities for everyday situations that require just that. A perfect practical example is the lottery. BitWin24 is taking advantage of the blockchain to revolutionize this $ 302 billion lottery market from the ground up. They are building the first global blockchain lottery and the good news is: Blockchain lottery start on Saturday, this weekend! On February 20th, 2021, a jackpot of 3.5 million euros is waiting for a lucky winner.

Advantages of the BitWin24 lottery

The fees for the blockchain lottery are significantly lower than for conventional lottery providers. At the same time, however, the blockchain has no regional limits, and the blockchain does not stop at national borders. That’s why BitWin24 is already available in many countries around the world. The regional limitations of the traditional lottery markets also limit the size of the jackpots, BitWin reaches a significantly larger market environment here and therefore also has greater potential. The combination of market potential and low cost also allows the company to maximize participants’ profits while donating a portion of their profits to social causes at the same time.

BITWIN24 Review | Bitcoin-Lottery with Referral System and Masternode

BitWin24 is a forgery-proof and decentralized lottery and probably the first blockchain lottery game with

How does the lottery work?

In practice, all you have to do is log in and register in order to participate. Then you can either buy BWI or pay with Euro / Fiat. You then have the option of entering a series of numbers and letters and then clicking on “Submit a tip”. Finished. The technology behind it is of course a bit more complicated, but still logical: The numbers and letters that you specify are stored in a smart contract and take the last digits there. This is your personal lucky combination. The lottery algorithm sets a time and the Bitcoin transaction number at that exact time is the winning combination. The last six letters or digits drawn on the Bitcoin blockchain decide who has won. So, there is no way to falsify the result. Nobody knows the Bitcoin transaction number in advance. In addition, the time is randomly selected by the smart contract. A brilliant combination of classic Bitcoin technology and modern smart contracts.

Bitwin24 experience –  the BitWin token

Bitwin24 experience - Blockchain lottery start on SaturdayIt wouldn’t be a proper blockchain lottery start if the system wasn’t also based on a cryptocurrency. These coins are called BWI and, unlike most other cryptocurrencies on the market, these have a real use case. On the one hand, with the use of BWI 2 instead of 1 lottery ticket can be submitted. This means that if a ticket with Fiat currency costs 5.5 euros, I can get two tickets worth 5.5 euros through the use of BWI, so I get one for free. The BWI can also be stored in the web wallet at BitWin24 or in your own PC wallet. When this is online, as with all Proof of Stake currencies, staking rewards are also available, meaning the number of BWI increases over time.

The use of the BWI tokens creates a natural demand for the tokens that will most likely increase the value, because the number of new BWI is limited to the production capacities of the masternodes. There are also regular BWI halvings, after which the rewards are halved and thus the replenishment of new BWI. With Bitcoin, this has always led to massive price increases in the past and it is quite conceivable that the BWI will also react in a similar way. You can find all details about staking and masternodes in this sites posts, just check the BitWin24 category.



Bitwin24 experience – Affiliate System

By participating in the lottery, you can win twice. If you recommend the lottery to others, you will benefit from the lottery winnings of your so-called WinChain. This means that if a player on your WinChain wins the jackpot, you will not go away empty-handed. The closer he is to you in the WinChain, the greater your profit will be. In principle, this is like playing in a team, because the chance of receiving the jackpot, or at least a partial profit from it, increases considerably.

This article “Bitwin24 experience – Blockchain lottery start on Saturday” is for entertainment, education and information purposes only and is not intended to encourage gambling or investing. Gambling can be addictive, please make sure you are thoroughly informed, before participating, investing or gambling. The following article is recommended for more detailed information about the lottery:

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