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Bitwin24 Masternode Update | How does a wallet and masternode update work?

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Bitwin24 Masternode Update | How does a wallet and masternode update work?

The following describes how you make a Bitwin24 Masternode Update to the latest version and create a backup from the Wallet to it. This will help you later if you are forced to reinstall your wallet unexpectedly. Be it because your PC doesn’t start anymore or has a hardware defect. We work with capital on the wallet and should get used to a good workflow right from the start. After that we will also make a backup of the server where we will update the Bitwin24 Masternode to the latest version. Here it is not necessary to create a backup if you have the BWI-Coins on the Desktop Wallet.

Step 1 – The Right Wallet Version

Wallet Update under Windows

First we make a backup of your important files so that you can restore your walllet if something goes wrong with the update.
Close the wallet and go to the folder where you have installed the Wallet:
Windows path: %appdata%/Bitwin24

Bitwin24 Masternode Update

Here you can see different files. Important for us are the wallet(.dat) and the masternode(.conf) file. It is best to copy them to your desktop or where you keep other important data on your pc. I have my on a USB-Stick  where i can easy restor when some thing goes wrong with my software or hardware. You can really spare yourself a lot of nerves in case something happens.

Wallet Update under Mac OSX

The path to the directory is ~ Library/Application Support/BITWIN24 and obtained as follows to this directory.

Here you can see different files. Important for us are the wallet(.dat) and the masternode(.conf) File. It’s best to copy them to your desktop or where you keep other important data.

Step 2:

Now we can download the new wallet. You can find it under the Github Repository .

Here you select the appropriate file depending on the operating system and download it.

On the Mac, you move the wallet files from the downloaded Archiv, as shown above in the applications Ordner.

On a Windows operating system, follow the steps in the installation process. 

Step 3:

After the installation is finished, we open the wallet and let it synchronize completely.
If everything worked out so far, you have now successfully updated your wallet.



Step 2 – Bitwin24 Masternode Update:

The following describes how to update your Masternode to the latest version

Schritt 1 – Logging in to the Server Terminal

Log in to your VPS via SSH. I use here for Bitvise or Putty.



With Bitvise you can also use the File Manager (FTP) to easily back up the wallet.dat and masternode.conf by dragging and dropping it onto the desktop or a directory of your choice. Or just click on the download button. This makes sure that in case of a Bitwin24 Masternode update error, the wallet can be restored. At this point I can only point out again and again that if we manage a Linux wallet ourselves with capital and have not yet saved a backup of it somewhere else, we should create a backup before intervening in the system. 

Then enter the following commands one after the other in the console and confirm them with Enter.

  1. wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BitWin24/guides/master/bwi_mnupdate.sh
  2. sudo chmod +x bwi_mnupdate.sh
  3. ./bwi_mnupdate.sh

To the following question which appears directly after the last command, answer with “y”.

Now all you have to do is wait until the trial is over.

The automatic update process takes about 5 minutes.

Step 2 – Restarting the masternode

Finally, all you have to do is restart the node.
Go into your PC-Wallet and restart the Masternode(s) under the Masternode tab with “Restart all”.

Step 3 – Check the masternode start on the server

After this step, check whether your masternode has really started.
To do this, go back to your SSH console (BitvisePutty) and type the following command, which you confirm with the Enter key.

bitwin24-cli masternode status

if you see the following screen the Masternode is started successfully!


You have successfully updated your Wallet and the Masternode(s)! 
The next time you do this, you won’t need so much time for it.
And if you encounter a problem, or don’t know what to do at one point, feel free to ask!
As they say so beautifully: Practice makes perfect!

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