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Bitwin24 | Registration of the Airdrop address is now possible

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Bitwin24 | Registration of the Airdrop address is now possible

Dear members, partners and customers,
please note the following important information:

Registration of the Airdrop address is now possible

As of today, you can register your airdrop addresses.

For this purpose, we have added the item “Airdrop” in the BitWin24 dashboard.
We ask you to enter your airdrop address there and confirm it with a predefined bank transfer.


Registration of the Airdrop address

Airdrop address registration

Die BitWin24 – LotteryAirdrop

More information about the BitWin24 airdrop…

Definition Airdrop:

Beim BitWin24 Lotterie Airdrop werden 10% der in jeder Ziehung gewonnenen Summe an die Besitzer von Registrierten Airdrop-Adressen ausgeschüttet.

Dazu wird der Airdrop Anteil (10% der in der jeweiligen Ziehung gewonnenen Summe) auf alle registrierten Airdrop-BWI-Coins verteilt.


The total number of registered BWI Coins is 5,000,000 – from all members.
Max has registered 50,000 BWI Coins for the airdrop and these have not decreased since the snapshot.
So he gets 1% of the 10% Airdrop share.
The share is paid out in BTC.

Minimum payment amount: 0.0015 BTC

Definition Airdrop-Adresse:

Every member has the option of registering one address with any number of BWI coins for the airdrop.

It is irrelevant in which wallet this address is located.
It can also be a masternode address or a staking address.

This address must be an address on the BWI Blockchain to which the respective member has access.
The address must be confirmed by transferring a specified amount from the address to be registered to a specified address.
Masternode addresses managed by BitWin24 are confirmed manually by the team.
For example, a registerable BWI address has the following format: GQL3w7wAmRvuk5khreyfACz1xRmVN1CYHQ.
The BWI coins on this address must also remain permanently on this address in order to remain airdrop-eligible.
This means that the account balance must correspond exactly to the registered amount (or more) during a daily check, otherwise the BWI coins entitled to airdrop will be reduced by the missing number.
This reduced number cannot then be restored to the Registered Total.
Once the number is reduced, only the new, smaller number counts as Airdrop-eligible.
More coins are no problem, but are not counted as eligible for airdrop.


Max has registered 50,000 BWI Coins for the Airdrop, and sells 3,000 BWI of them on the exchange. -> This means that only 47,000 BWI are still eligible for the airdrop!

It is also not possible to change the address. It must remain the same for the entire term.

Registration of the Airdrop address from the WebWallet:

Addresses on the webwallet can also be registered for airdrop.

The same rules apply here as for all other addresses.

Staking will still be possible here.

It will not be possible to secure the BWI coins authorised for airdrop against accidental sending.

Each member must take responsibility for ensuring that the BWI coins are not sent by mistake and thus lose their airdrop authorisation.

Staking and Masternodes:

In principle, masternodes and staking addresses can also be registered as airdrop addresses.

However, here too, a TOTAL of one address per member.

This means that if someone has 10 Masternodes and wants to authorise all 30,000 BWI Coins for the Airdrop
for the airdrop, he must delete 9 masternodes and send 27,000 coins to the ONE address of the
address of the masternode which continues to run. However, only masternode rewards for this one masternode will be paid out.

The following applies to masternodes managed by BitWin24:

BWI coins on masternode addresses managed by BitWin24 are not staking-capable.

Otherwise a reliable transmission of the masternode rewards and a correct functioning of the wallet would no longer be given.
The transfer of the Masternode Rewards to the WebWallet will continue to function as before and any BWI Coins that are eligible for airdrop will be excluded from this transfer – i.e. they will remain on the address and are eligible for airdrop.
This does not apply to self-hosted masternodes, as no automatic transfer takes place there and the total number of BWIs is also much lower. Therefore, self-hosted staking is still possible here.

Of course, it is still possible to host masternodes with us and to leave existing ones as they are.

From the start of the platform, hosting will be charged at 25€/month – per day as specified in the conditions.

As soon as masternodes hosted with us are dissolved, these coins also lose their airdrop authorisation if the respective address is registered.

For the dissolution of self-hosted masternodes, instructions will be provided upon request.

We ask you to complete the registration of the Airdrop address and confirmation by 30.01.2021 23:59 UTC+1.
After this time, no more registrations for the airdrop will be possible.

So the countdown is on.
We are looking forward to a successful lottery start with you.

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