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BITWIN24 Review | Bitcoin-Lottery with Referral System and Masternode

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BITWIN24 Review | Bitcoin-Lottery with Referral System and Masternode

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BitWin24 is a forgery-proof and decentralized lottery and probably the first blockchain lottery game with referral system in the world. My research shows that eleven million people play the lottery every Saturday. But there is much more to it! Begun with an ICO, a Masternode and the Crypto Lotto there is still here….bwi

….some more. With the right strategy you can get your money’s worth.

First of all, I want to mention that you never play with money that doesn’t belong to you. It just doubles your risk!

You should always be aware that a win can never be seen before and despite the increased chance of winning it does not have to happen that you will win. Never play in a frenzy as it will affect your decisions. Likewise, you should not increase the stakes to make up for losses.

In the first 4 days over 60.000 Coins worth 300.000 Euro were sold and already after one month a jackpot of 420.000 Euro was earned.

The whitepaper is at the end of the article and explains everything in detail again!

How does the Bitcoin-Lottery-Game work?

Bitwin24 Review of Blockchain-Lottery-Game Bitcoin-Lottery

You create your personal account once. There you manage your customer data and simply deposit your active games in which you want to participate with duration, stakes and typed strings. The lottery algorithm sets a clock time when the transaction number should be drawn. The last six digits of the transaction number determine the winner of the jackpot. The transaction number drawn is the Crypto Lotto number. Whoever has correctly typed the six digits at the end of the transaction number has won.

Winnings from the current game will be given to anyone who has typed at least 3 correct numbers to 6 correct numbers. The jackpot goes to those with 6 correct numbers plus an additional number. All others will be divided according to the number of players, the number of winners and the associated participants within the referral system.

And another future is the “WIN-CHAIN“: A winning chain within a referral system that involves our customers in selling tickets and winning other players. It can be seen as a betting community. Furthermore, a small portion of the jackpot will be distributed to all BWI-Coin holders. You can equate it with stockholders.

Tipping pools are automatically created in the background and adapted to the number of users. The chances of winning are about 600 times higher on a jackpot for our players than in the classic lottery game! We’ll get back to the Winchain in more detail.

Even the payment of the tipped tickets can be done with BitWin24’s own BWI Coins with only one touch on the “Pay” button. The amount for the tip is automatically debited from the integrated BWI Wallet. In addition to the integrated payment with BWI Coins, all common payment methods in EUR or Bitcoin transactions are also available.

A BWI-Coin costs 5 Euro if you buy it via the Masternode Pool provider, which is equivalent to a ticket if you buy it via the “Early Bird”. Otherwise a ticket later costs 5,50 Euro on the platform itself. With this you also get direct participation in the first lottery without a ticket.


BITWIN24 REVIEW – Where can I play?

You can play online on the website. This already exists and you can also buy the coveted BWI-Coins. However, this customer of a Masternode pool is held in front of those who already have confidence in the entrepreneurs behind it. Or those who are of the opinion that this business model will have success, or just want to play lotto. The Early Bird Crypto Lotto Coins bought there will be kept with you even if you have used them as a ticket. This is as a thank you for the confidence you have placed in BITWIN24. More about that later.

Crypto LottoBitwin24 and the WinChain


With every recommendation you build your personal WinChain (chain of winners). You will only receive a direct commission on your first 3 levels, but the chances of winning
increase in up to 12 levels. If someone in your WinChain wins the lottery, you automatically win.


Someone wins 3 million euros, then 10% of that is retained and distributed in the WinChain. This makes 300,000 euros available for those who are part of the WinChain through their active recommendation work. You will then receive your share of this amount even though you have not even played the lottery yourself.


Bitcoin-Lottery – Is it safe?

BWI-CoinWe know from development that Blockchain technology is one of the safest, if not a technology that can never be hacked. The BWI-Coin is based on the well-known smart contracts and automatically pays the profits to the customer. At no point is human activity necessary and completely automated.

Bitwin24 is transparent and tamper-proof thanks to the blockchain. The jackpot is verifiable at any time. Based on a BTC address, which changes daily for security, the height of the jackpot can be determined.

The blockchain technology used is MasterNodes and can also be purchased. Which in turn increases security with each node. As I know Patryk Labus, Jirka Lissewski, Thilo Richter and the team behind them, they will create a good relationship for the masternode operators. After all, they pass on 75% of the profits in your first company and pay the operating costs themselves, which gives me a very good feeling. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bought BWI Coins!

Bitcoin Lottery – Social donations

Part of the income will be donated to social projects. These will be determined by the users of the lottery. Whether the whole thing will take place through surveys or a selection system is not yet known. What is certain is that a social donation will attract attention and raise public profile. This can be well observed with well-known personalities. Facebook also offers this possibility, for example you can collect donations for a project of your choice on your birthday. It pleases me that here again not only the own income was thought, as with so many other enterprises. It is said directly, we donate!

The BWI-Coin and the increase in value?

It is possible to buy the coin NOW HERE and take part in the lottery without losing the coin for participating in the Crypto Lotto. Those who later buy the coin directly via BITWIN24 may not let it participate in the Bitcoin-Lottery-Game if winnings are to be achieved through the price increase and, among other things, through staking. If the BWI coin is used for the blockchain lottery, the coin will go back to the operator. Or you pay with Euro, Bitcoin or other means of payment.  Since not all lottery coins are used directly, there is a high probability that there will be an increase in value by holding the coins and distributing the revenue through the lottery tickets in the system itself. And keep in mind, there is no regional limitation, we operate worldwide.

Each of the BWI-Coins will receive a part of the jackpot in the raffle. So you can look at the coin like a stock and create added value for everyone. Many of those who were in the live webinar yesterday are very excited.

BWI-Coin – The own Masternode

BITWIN24It is also possible to purchase your own BWI Masternode and receive rewards from it. For a Masternode you need 3000 BWI-Coins, which you can accumulate bit by bit. This will surely bring more than staking. In the later course the coin itself will be listed at the Exchanges and Masternodes.Online. Which extends the benefits once again, as well as the reach.



BITWIN24 Review – The Masternode ROI

  • 200% a year, until 14 million coins are in circulation

  • 100% per annum until 17 million coins are in circulation

  • 50% a year until 1 million coins are in circulation

  • 25% per year until 19 million coins are in circulation

  • 12.5% per year until 20 or 21 million are in circulation

Bitwin24 experiences with the master node

The master nodes are the first in the world to dynamically adjust rewards to ensure that you always get the ROI you expect. They support the most popular operating systems like Ubuntu, Windows, Mac and ARM. The network itself has grown to nearly 160 master nodes and is limited to 400 pieces. I myself have been involved in this project since the very beginning and hold a master node myself and also support some of my customers. Considering that this system is under development, my Bitwin24 experiences are positive.

BWI-Coin – Wallet

BitWin24 Wallet BW-CoinThe wallet looks really good. Ok, design isn’t everything, but it also works perfectly as I just noticed. The whole thing runs under a corporate design, which is standard for a company. From the wallet you can manage master nodes and also do staking. The wallet is already available on GitHub for different operating systems. Among others ARM-Linux, OSx, Windows 32 and 64 bit as well as Linux. Also the source code is publicly visible. You can already download the wallet itself on GitHub.

BWI-Coin – Wallet with Staking

The Wallet looks really good for a change. Ok, design is not everything, but it also works perfectly as I just found out. The whole thing runs under a corporate design, which is standard for a company. From the wallet you can manage master nodes and also do staking. The Wallet is already available on GitHub for various operating systems. These include ARM Linux, OSx, Windows 32 and 64 bit as well as Linux. The source code is also publicly available. The wallet itself can already be downloaded from GitHub. For staking we get about 40% for one year.

BiITWIN24 – Airdrop für alle

The Airdrop will not be like most. Not only one person will win, the profit will be distributed among all owners of coins, with the profit being paid out according to the number of coins owned. For the Airdrop you have to register with your wallet before 1.7.2020. The Airdrop can be seen like the distribution of dividends to shareholders. The money of the Airdrop itself is distributed to the coin holders with a percentage of the jackpot. In my opinion, this is a good way to keep investors in the project. Which in turn provides stability, which I can support. I am a Masternode owner myself and I am also encouraged not to sell my Masternode when listed on the Exchanges.

Crypto Lotto – Are there affiliates?

What does the Referall system look like?

As you can see in the picture, the Affiliate Part forms in 3 levels and is simply staggered. From a Crypto Lotto ticket a total of 14% is distributed for the advertisements. So to the affiliates and networkers or to those who only give out BITWIN24 for hobby. In addition, you will participate in the profit from your affiliate structure, which is another incentive for the affiliates. 

  • Level is remunerated at 8%
  • Level is remunerated at 4%
  • Level is remunerated at 2%

bitwin24 review

What does the Time Line look like??

From the idea to the project it became on 05.02.2019 and since then it has always been continued. On the 24.10.2019 the own Blockchain was finished which draws the lucky numbers by Smart-Contracts and pays them out automatically. On 9.11.2019, today, is the start of the ICOs. While on 11.03.2020 the APP should appear on the market. On 01.01.2020 the PreSale will take place on Masternode.Online, which has become of central importance for Masternode. And on 01.07.2020 is the official start of the lottery and simultaneous listing on the Exchanges.

BITWIN24 Review – The best strategy?

I’ve thought about that a bit now and came to the conclusion that the Early Bird is probably the best option. So you can participate in the staking and automatically in the first lottery. If you have a little more capital, you should bet on the masternode right away, which brings in more rewards than staking. My goal will be to own at least one masternode from BITWIN24 in the first year. Who is directly from the beginning present with a masternode, will be able to draw the greatest benefit from it with 200%, for which one the network of the masternode also develops. And the 10% discount is certainly the best choice. I will host the wallet for staking on a Linux server which costs me only 12 Euro per year. If you don’t want to manage your own masternode you can also use the service of the Full Managed Masternode Pool to keep the whole thing 100% passive again. Or on his own Windoes PC. Who is in my team gets logical way from me again full support as one is used to it with me!

Smart Investing with BITWIN24

Probably the smartest way starts HERE and will be the most profitable. There you buy your BWI-Coins with 10 % discount and you can hand over your Masternode directly to the Full Managed Service. This also saves you the cost of your own server. Afterwards only the coins have to be collected. If you like, you can play the lottery next to the coins from the staking or the masternode. Or simply enjoys his rewards.

The main advantages after the BitWin24 Review

  • tamper-proof lottery procedures and winning
  • Counterfeit-proof profit and cash flow management, also blockchain based
  • own blockchain technology
  • Independence from third parties
  • no regional connection, we play Game worldwide
  • simplified hint procedure with only 16 characters to type
  • many times higher chances of winning in the game and within a typing community
  • maximum ease of use thanks to our mobile and desktop applications

All advantages of the BWI Coins

  • cheaper lot purchase
  • Added value through medium and long-term increase in value
  • Trading: In addition to its use as a means of payment, the BWI Coin will also be tradable on stock exchanges and will thus become a sought-after commodity
  • This is known to business scholars: Healthy money must flow within an economic cycle: We ensure this stable economic cycle with permanent cash flow within the lottery by buying and redeeming the lots.

bitwin24 review

Everything is more in the white paper!

Which is still in progress – Current version 2.1!

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… Thank you for your attention.
If you would like to know more about us and our products, contact the person who invited you to this presentation.

What is your opinion over this??


With so many masternode coins on the market, it's hard to find one with an actual use case. I believe I have found such a coin in Bitwin24. The chance of participating in what may well be the first successful blockchain lottery is too good to pass. I am very pleased to be among those who spotted this chance eary on and I impatiently await the start of the lottery in January!
- Thomas

Real Use Case

I have seen many ICOs and Coins coming and going. But none of them had such a thoughtful use case as BitWin24. I am pleased to be able to be there so early!
- Karen G.

Wirklicher Use Case

Ich habe schon viele ICOs und Coins kommen und gehen sehen. Aber Keins davon hatte ein so durchdachtes Use Case wie BitWin24. Ich bin erfreut so früh dabei sein zu können!
- Karen G.

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