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Cannergrow Review | Cannerald Cannabis Plantation to earn Bitcoin

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Cannergrow Review | Cannerald Cannabis Plantation to earn Bitcoin


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This is a summary statement on the business model of a great and innovative company, readable in a few minutes. The article is about the purchase of a breeding-place for cannabis plants in order to achieve a passive income. The company has existed since 2018 and is successfully integrated in the cannabis market. They have gone globally “viral” with an affiliate marketing approach. At the end of this article you can watch all the different youtube tutorials to get further information. Reading time: 5 to 10 minutes

FOREWORD – Cannergrow Review:

One of the biggest advantages of the cannabis industry is that there is already a huge demand and a limited supply. In Europe, there is a huge shortage in CBD flowers as well as medical cannabis:

89 billion US $ CBD market may become the new gold rush

In Europe, where CBD oil and products made from hemp have long been legal, market volume of 66.8 billion US $ in 2020 expected in the US CBD cannabis was legalized only in early 2019 and NOW created a $ 22 billion market ,

But there is one problem: Hardly a cannabis company has noticed the potential. So it is currently in huge supply shortages in the CBD. The Extraktionsmetoden are not yet marketable.


But this is changing now …

The CANNERALD EXPERIENCES and its practical knowledge gained from MSL Industries GmbH has not been in vain: In this  CANNERGROW REVIEW, I will show you how the company managed to implement a successful company based on the global demand for CBD and how you can profit from it as well.


As a side note, in Spain, there have been associations for many years that grow cannabis for patients with a prescription and then they collect the cannabis. At that time this already found a great popularity in Spain and is still practiced. So why not implement the whole thing in a bigger concept, when the complex steps like legalization and acceptance are already done. And I think that the countries certainly don’t want to renounce this income. We see almost regularly changes in the laws that are made to levy taxes on products and services.


So why shouldn’t we take a piece of the pie from this BILLION MARKET CANNABIS industry. . CANNERALD EXPERIENCES has been on the market for almost four years. However, the project as it is presented here is limited to 50,000 plants. With the response I get from the partners, this should not be available for too long. Again, the early bird catches the worm and Havana Investors Club has been the first blog to introduce this concept in Germany. Thus to me this project is very dear and I do everything to support those in my “downline”.

What have we achieved so far with Cannergrow – Cannerald



The company’s registration is under https://www.moneyhouse.ch to find and stored with the following data:


  • Company Status: active
  • Legal form: Limited liability company
  • Industry trade (agricultural products and animals)
  • c / o Mega Link GmbH McLaw, branch Pfaffikon
    Bahnhofstrasse 13 8808 Pfaffikon SZ


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    This is a Swiss research and production enterprise, focused on cannabis.

    The project of the company is to ensure reconnaissance that cannabis is not considered a gateway drug, but instead promote the benefits to pain and cancer patients all over the world. There are even plans beeing implemented right now to even be able to sell medical cannabis with THC to the pharma industry.


    The company was formed in 2017 as a project of  MSL  Industries GmbH and became a separate company on 18.07.2018 as CANNERALD GmbH, based in the Swiss Pfäffikon. The new project is CANNER-GROW  and offers us the market worth billions of cannabis to take part.


    Cannergrow gives people the opportunity to participate in the planting and sale of cannabis, although the cultivation and consumption of these plants is unfortunately banned to this day in some countries. Thus, the balance between technology, pharmaceuticals, cultivation and consumption succeeds perfectly and is so far unique in the industry.

    Also, the combination with Bitcoin is an excellent business model. Cannabis is bought and consumed, yet we do not directly take care of the customers themselves. Thus, we get no conflict with the laws of our country, should any arise from the sale.




    CANNERGROW – Solving Problems



    Cannabis is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. Did you know that in addition to the well-known components such as THC, CBD and CBG, it contains over 400 different, fascinating active ingredients? Our goal in the medical segment of our business model is to research the medicinal plant cannabis and to fight and cure diseases with it. In addition, we want to promote the acceptance of cannabis in Europe politically, socially and scientifically.



    Cannabis is not only a medical subject, but is also becoming increasingly popular among private consumers. Through the addition of the active substance CBD in many household items, such as drinks, sweets, chocolates, oils, as well as liquids, more and more private users trust in the effective cannabinoid. They also rely on the many advantages that cannabis offers them in everyday life. With our “recreational products” we are also planning the market launch of our innovative CBD and cannabis products, which will also convince regular users in Swiss premium quality. 



    CannerGrow gives you the opportunity to purchase one of the limited cannabis plants without having to worry about growing, harvesting and selling. With our know-how, you can directly participate in the development of a new market in Europe – via plant breeding or affiliate marketing. And all this from the comfort of your own home!



    As a still young company that has already successfully mastered the start-up phase, they have given us some ambitious goals for the future.

    After all, we want to grow on different levels:

    Apart from your plans for its economic future on the European and international market, their interest is mainly focused on the general public. With their worldwide unique concept they want to Transform the cannabis market for the benefit of all and convince their customers and business partners with unique Cannerald quality. You prefer to let actions speak instead of words and are committed to cannabis education in the EU and the legitimation of the plant as a remedy in modern medicine? Then you should take a closer look at the company.

    Furthermore, they also want inform the public in a well-founded way about the topic of cannabis and contribute with informative blog articles, interesting posts on its social media channels, as well as us of the dedicated community, to the positive potential of cannabis finally being recognized. Through tireless Lobbying they can also promote the framework conditions, which allow the legalisation of cannabis in the EU. Ultimately, they want to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the exciting and lucrative options that this complex future market offers.



    The four founders that i want explain in my CANNERGROW REVIEW  are Sascha Adrian Waeschle , Severin Amweg Jem , Levin Kim Amweg and Maik Marcel Pietrowski and founded the company to be with the aim of Europe’s largest cannabis producer and exporter. The team is made up of the following 13 sections, work together hand in hand. Also the customer service is not to be despised. I have taken the liberty to message Levin Amweg on LinkedIN and I also got  an answer a little later. Later I was lucky enough to met him in a meeting and was able to ask some questions.


    Das Team dahinter

    1. Management
    2. Research and Development
    3. Breeding and Production
    4. Quality assurance
    5. Corporate identity
    6. Marketing
    7. Sales
    8. Human Resources
    9. Customer service
    10. Business Development
    11. Finance
    12. Legal Department
    13. IT


    The entire company is well organized and that makes it easy to get an insight into the company. Here, too, it must be considered that they can not publish customers or other business contacts who do not want this. RAUCH Fruchtsaft gave consent of the upcoming collaboration, as well as Osram.


    Cannerald – WE GROW FOR YOU

    Here we have a crypto-project , which  CANNERALD launched and created, which has great potential in my opinion. 


    It should also give people the opportunity to own a cannabis plant, without having to worry about it and so among other things to profit in the worldwide billion market cannabis. It is just beginning to flourish through the legalization and acceptance of individual countries. The concept of CannerGrow is much larger and is already receiving very good acceptance among investors and networkers. After only the first three months, 10,000 members and over 7100 breeding places were sold. It almost runs on autopilot and minimal effort is required in customer service. Since then, many more grow rooms have been built and business is thriving. Cannerald really did something good here!

    We take care of the equipment, the cultivation and sale – You’re making you our expertise for the benefit!

    The Quality of the Grow



    Location Poland – Current sales

    The heart of our company for the development of the European cannabis market is located only 35 minutes from the Polish capital Warsaw. Another, even more innovative high-tech cannabis plant is currently being built here, which will far exceed the highest expectations with futuristic technologies.


    Our unique plant breeding system, which is constantly monitored by the experienced growers in our team of experts, is the main center of our state-of-the-art plant. Our sales professionals work around the clock in the affiliated offices. One of our most important and soon-to-be-tangible goals is also the GMP certification of the entire plant.


    Location Switzerland

    The plantation in Switzerland is a 30-minute drive from the city center of the capital Bern. On the 1500m² find our facilities such as reception, offices and meeting rooms space, as well as our grow rooms and the entire production line, including its own laboratory. Breed at this location and we produce under Swiss law and our own highly set standard plants and products with a THC content to 1%.

    An application for the cultivation of cannabis plants with more than 1% THC has already been asked and should be through in about 6 months. 



    Location Macedonia – HOLD

    We are about 20,000 m² for tilling of the greenhouse, gradually in Macedonia, where the cannabis law is similar in Canada. Our country is only 10 minutes from the main airport Skopje. The proposed greenhouse is built to the highest standards of the European Union ( GMP license ) Her we see that only 619 Places to buy are over. By 150 Places for Plants that sells in three days.


    Latest Room UPDATE (03.08.2021)

    🇺🇸 Room Papa is already 65% sold out 👀 🇺🇸
    Last Room being sold with an estimated Start Q4 2021! 🌱
    Next room start with an estimated Start between Q1 and Q3 2022?
    Buy your plants now – before room Papa is completely sold out soon




    Cannerald CBD-ÖlThe cannabis market is continuing to develop in an ever faster rate further and is increasingly socially acceptable after years of propaganda and Prohibition again.


    As so often in recent times, the trend was started on the American continent by Uruguay, it became the first country where Cannabis was completely legalized .


    After the legalization in California and Canada , the wave spilled over to Europe, where Switzerland has the highest legal THC content of the pioneers.

    Cannergrow is also on the verge of being able to produce THC medical Cannabis, the applications for the permits are underway!


    The demand for cannabis products, as well as the sales of cannabis increases from year to year.


    Delivery bottlenecks in Germany arise because Canadian companies do not comply with the delivery. In Germany alone, the market includes 800,000 patients, which would consume about 1 gram per day.



    Cannerald StecklingeThe growth of cannabis, due to the complex legal situation depending on the country, is extremely difficult.

    The regulations in part, do not correspond to the real approach of the authorities, which always leads to severe problem. Cannerald has been successfully cooperating with the authorities to this day and has accomplished a know-how hard to come by, should competition arise.

    You need enough space for the cultivation of cannabis, provided you want to grow on a large scale and not just for personal use. Secondly one requires a dedicated space, or at least a so-called tent, which one must be accommodated in a space in spite of this. Therefore Cannerald also seeks further out to buy suitable land to increase its production, or build more growing halls.


    The right climate and a special lighting play the leading role in the cultivation of cannabis.


    The various lighting methods differ in price and the quality and have the greatest impact on yield.


    With this wisdom over the complete time and action i can say my Cannerald experiences a full win, my goals here have already been reached and I am sure you can reach yours. There have been many successful harvest and payout and everything works smoothly.



    Message from the company:

    At CannerGrow we combine professional, high-quality cannabis cultivation with an easy-to-use, modern online portal in a worldwide unique concept that is accessible to everyone from the comfort of their own home. Together with you – as part of our community – we want to conquer the European cannabis market and at the same time give millions of sick people the opportunity to use high quality, medical cannabis to alleviate their health problems.




    Security is an area that CannerGrow takes very seriously. Of course, they have thought of everything – to reliably protect your business model, the future of our vision and every single one of your and our customers, you have taken out a variety of far-reaching insurance policies.

    These are effective in the following cases:

    • Loss of earnings
    • Theft
    • Third party impacts
    • Vandalism
    • Water damage
    • Fire & fire damage



    The planting places are at a price of 1599 Euro. This price results from a B2B (Business to Business) calculation. After each grow the places will be equipped with a new cutting without any further costs for us. This allows us to earn money on Cannergrow until we sell the pitches to other interested parties in the marketplace.




    Are you satisfied with CANNERGROW, we offer you a possibility to a extra income to build by you recommend our products. For this, you do not have time to yourself to a plant. As mentioned above, this area is outsourced from Cannerald.


    We offer a Unilevel Compensation Plan at the on 7 levels with up to 20% reimbursed.


    In addition, we give you a residual income bonus offer which you 20% has spread over 7 levels.



    Cannerald Unilevel-Plan


    • Are you satisfied with CannerGrow, we offer you an opportunity to one additional passive income to build, by recommending our products.
    • In our Unilvel compensation plan you will get 20% on your first 7 levels .
    • This means you get every time a commission when someone has a plant | Token buys.
    • In your first level you will be at 7% of all plants purchased – paid tokens. From the second to the seventh level, you get again 13%.
    • You will receive the commission directly, once someone has bought a plant.
    • To qualify for the commission, they do not require their own plant. but need before paying owned by at least one plant | be 100 tokens.
    • Check out the graph more closely to find out more details.


    Cannerald residualer Bonus

    Residual INCOME BONUS

    • The Residual Income Bonus gives you the opportunity to build a residual income through marketing activities.
    • You can totally 20% in your first 7 levels deserve.
    • In your first level, they are paid at 7% of the total profits of the plants of their partners. From the second to the fifth level, you get 13% again.
    • You will receive the commissions immediately after the distribution.
    • To qualify for the commission of the residual bonus, you must be in possession of at least one plant / 100 tokens.


    now in your Firstline 1,000 plants sold | 1,000,000 tokens.
    Pro harvest which roughly corresponds to a gain of 70,000 EUR.
    In your first-line they will get a bonus of 7% of 70,000 € .
    This would be 4,900 € for you by your first-line with each harvest.


    Transparency is Cannerald as important as you. This can be seen clearly at the very detailed back office. following payment providers are offered:


    In the bank transfer there is no daily limit. The fees are 10 € and takes about 5 days until the token credit.
    With Bitcoin, there is also no daily limit, and transaction costs (max. 0.5 €) and the token are almost immediately available.

    Paying out

    With Bitcoin, there is no limit in the payment and the transaction fees will be (max. 0.5 €) and also are available almost immediately.

    In the bank transfer there is no payout limit. The fees are 10 € and after 5 days on the account day.


    Did you think that you will have also good Cannerald experiences and want start with us your Business? Ask me in the comments if you have any Questions!


    Support24/7 Live Support

    • With us, no question remains unanswered! Our support is working 24 hours a day and will help you to solve their problems.

    Live Kamera

    Live camera

    • CannerGrow gives you the opportunity around the clock, the status and operation of their plants, using live cameras track itself.

    2FA für Sicherheit des Accounts

    Google authenticator

    • In the back office you can find the Google Authenticator with which you your tokens into your account again secured additionally can.

    Mobile Optimiert

    Devices optimized

    • We promise you that our website for devices such as smart phone, PC, laptop and tablet optimi ert is.


    The entire presentation as PDF


    The first crop of Cannerald

    All important data and its presentation in the back office can here be viewed.

    Step by Step Tutorial

    1. The registration

    2. The deposit with Bitcoin

    3. Deposit through the bank account

    4. How to reinvest for new Plants

    5. How do I switch to CBD EURO

    6. How do I withdrawl into Bitcoin

    7. Dashboard declaration



    …  for your attention. If you want to know more about us and our products – contact us now, the person who invited you to this presentation.


    Super invest

    Cannergrow is Number one Europe Cannabis producer.
    - Oliver

    Cannergrow good

    I like Cannergrow They payout, support every time. Grow fast and have a standard no ones have in Europe . Usp is the gmp license !
    - Oli

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