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Cannerald – Free Cannergrow Upgrade to optimize plants

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Cannerald – Free Cannergrow Upgrade to optimize plants

Cannergrow Upgrade for optimization

Free upgrade of your plants

As support has been frequently requested over the last few weeks, Cannerald – Cannergow are officially offering you a free upgrade from your €350 or €500 plants to a premium plant worth €1,100.

With an upgrade you will save 100€ per upgrade compared to buying a 1.100€ premium plant now.

Available upgrades:

Cannergrow Upgrade for optimization

You save service charges

For each plant, the additional costs are deducted before your harvest is distributed.


Gross harvest yield – (minus) service charges = net harvest yield
Net crop yield / (through) 2 = Your distributed crop yield

The following service charges are deducted per plant:

Salaries, electricity (ventilation & air conditioning), rent, electricity (lamps), fertilizer, consumer goods, rock wool blocks & water

The additional costs of a 350€, 500€ plant are almost identical to the additional costs of a premium 1.100€ plant. They differ only in the points “rent” and “electricity lamps”. The additional costs for rent and purchase costs of our lamps + their required electricity is fixed, but the rest is not.

The more plants are grown in our grow rooms, the more employees and working hours are needed – consequently this increases the additional costs. Each plant also requires water, fertilizer, rockwool blocks and consumables necessary for high quality growing. In addition, we have to increase the power of the ventilation and aeration many times over, this is not a problem as we have built in a very powerful ventilation system, but this increases the electricity used, which is deducted from the utility costs of your plant before harvesting.

A lower number of plants yields the same harvest yield, but produces less humidity, which means that our dehumidification system would also have to be started up many times over → higher additional costs.

Your plant gets more space while growing

Difference of the 350€, 500€ and 1.100€ plants:

Cultivation grid of the plants:

The more space a plant can take up under our lamps, the higher the yield. If the plants are closer together, the less harvest they produce.

The higher the value of your plant(s) – 350€, 500€, 1.100€ – the more space your plant gets.

Upcoming market place for premium plants

Since this is also a huge community wish for a long time, we don’t want to deprive you of a marketplace! At the end of October 2020, a marketplace will go online for you in the dashboard, where you can trade 1.100€ plants. You can only sell or buy 1.100€ plants – no 350€ and/or 500€ plants.

Transparency is important to us and we want to show all members of our community that you have a resale value and that you can sell your plant(s) to interested parties from the community at any time. However, in the marketplace you can only sell and buy the premium 1.100€ plants, otherwise this would cause a lot of confusion.

For this reason we recommend every plant owner with more than 350€ and/or 500€ plants to do this upgrade – this way you save multiple additional costs and get our premium 1.100€ plants with the best price-performance ratio, which you can also trade and/or sell in the CannerGrow Community Marketplace from the end of October.



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