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Cannergrow | 7 points to the cannergrow survey for the next location

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Cannergrow | 7 points to the cannergrow survey for the next location

Love CannerGrow Community,

Your opinion is very important to us – that’s why we’ve included a crucial survey for you in the CannerGrow Dashboard today. We hope you enjoy it! 🙂

The survey is only online for 48 hours, so we can implement your wish as soon as possible. So it would be great if you let all your team partners know, because only then we will have a real, meaningful decision for our whole CannerGrow community:

This time YOU may decide how to proceed with CannerGrow and the plant sale!

To keep us a strong community, here are a few details about the Cannergrow survey!

So that you have all the necessary facts, here is some background information: About 2 weeks ago we got a very good offer for another location in Switzerland, which is also near Bern.

All plants that have been sold for the location in Poland so far would be grown in Switzerland if you decide to locate in Switzerland. All other plants that are sold would be grown in Switzerland as well, of course.

Advantages of an additional location in Switzerland to the Cannergrow survey:

1. The locations of the two plants would be closer together.

An inspection of the current investment situation and the possible second investment in Switzerland would not be a problem. So all interested parties of you, CannerGrow partners, could first visit the current, soon to be completed plant and then the further plant, which would then be under construction.

The travel time from Location 1 to location 2 is only a few minutes by car – Visitors could also easily get from one facility to the other by public transport in comfort and within minutes.

2. We could sell more plants to our CannerGrow community right from the start.

The expansion potential of the plant is more than twice as large as the entire site in Poland itself. Another very positive aspect in this context is that we would not have to take a break for a long period of time to expand a third hall. The sale of plants could therefore continue non-stop, which would of course also be to your advantage!

3. Because of the above mentioned point – namely that we could build a huge plant more than twice the size of the site in Poland – we would be able to build the second site in Switzerland with you, as CannerGrow Community, become the largest indoor cannabis producer in Switzerland!

4. Another advantage is that, thanks to our very high quality cannabis, we are now able to Another advantage is that, thanks to our very high quality cannabis, we are now able to And it gets even better: For the upcoming cannabis harvest of the current plant in Switzerland we already have secured buyers, so that your harvest is “pre-sold” for several months.
At the same time, the demand for our quality cannabis is growing very strongly in Switzerland and in the EU.

5. since we have already been in the planning phase for another location for several months, we can adapt the necessary preparations quickly and flexibly. After the expansion of the Charlie/Delta/Echo premises, companies that already cooperate with us can move directly to the new location.

6 As already described in point 5, we visited the possible location in Switzerland last week together with our partner companies. A realization of the first Grows would be possible at the end of Q3/beginning of Q4 2020.

7. we are still outside the EU

FAQ about the Cannergrow survey:
Is the start of the grow for currently sold plants postponed for the site in Poland?

  • No! As already mentioned in point 6, we visited the site last week together with our partner companies; a realization of the first grow would be possible at the end of Q3/beginning of Q4.

How high were the costs in Poland? Is it still worthwhile to change location?

  • Yeah, definitely. We already had some plans in Poland, but we can still withdraw from the purchase contract of the hall. This was mostly an effort on our part, such as obtaining the state permit for the license and planning, which was largely done by us.

Does the price for selling a plant increase?

  • No, the second location in Switzerland will also be developed with GMP standards. The costs here are almost at the same level as in Poland, so we no longer need to adjust the plant price.

Can cannabis continue to be supplied to the EU in the future (due to the higher THC value)?

  • Yes, absolutely. In cooperation with a Swiss laboratory, we have the possibility to extract the THC content as desired to achieve a value of less than 0.2 percent. Thus, an export to the EU is of course still possible in the near future.

    We hope you enjoy the Cannergrow survey!

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