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Cannergrow – Cannerald | After 2,5 days what happens in the Alpha Room

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Cannergrow – Cannerald | After 2,5 days what happens in the Alpha Room

Cannergrow - Cannerald | What happens in the Alpha RoomOnly 2.5 days have passed since the harvest in the Alpha room – now we’re going full speed ahead. The cuttings (baby cannabis plants) have all been successfully planted in their new homes and have been warmly welcomed with soothing music!

What happens in the Alpha Room at Cannerald- Cannergrow

The different phases – from cutting to harvest:

1. Cutting phase: 1-2 weeks

In this phase, the cuttings ideally root the entire growing medium, which is the basic prerequisite for a strong and high-yielding harvest.

2. Vegetative phase : 1-4 weeks 

In this phase the cuttings grow to a desired size. In so-called scrog cultivation, shoots that grow too high are tied down and fixed to a net. So that the area is used optimally and all shoots get the same height. This way the available space can be used in the best possible way and also ensures an increased harvest through optimal light distribution on the plants.

3. Flowering phase 7-10 weeks happens in the Alpha Room

In the so-called flowering stage, the tubers then develop and after a while become firmer and thus heavier. Through the preceding phases all the so-called buds are at the same height. This means that the plant develops all shoots equally and not just the main shoot. Which in turn ensures a higher yield.

4. The harvest at Cannerald – Cannergrow

The harvest is dried for 2 weeks and then freed from leaves and branches, which is also called cured. happens in the Alpha Room
Now the buds, also called flowers, are ready for delivery, you can either have them delivered to your home (currently only possible in Switzerland) or sell them to us for a market price set by us.

The different lengths of the grow phases always depend on the cannabis variety. However, at Cannerald – Cannergrow, we focus on keeping the total length of the grow cycle at around 2.5 months through selective selection and market analysis. For this we select suitable and qualitative varieties. 

What happens in the Alpha Room after the passage is completed?

It will start again with phase one without further costs for the investor – plant owner, because the cuttings are grown from mother plants, which can be seen on the following picture. This picture is in the Cannergrow – Cannerald  Room from friday  6.19.2020!

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