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Cannergrow – Cannerald | Healthy Growth Brings Change

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Cannergrow – Cannerald | Healthy Growth Brings Change

Cannerald Healthy Growth – General

It all started back then with a room, boards and flower pots in the Fraubrunnen facility.

The community has grown and much has changed since then.

In the meantime, Cannerald has rented the entire first floor, the second floor and also the outdoor area for possible projects in the future. We currently have a total area of around 8500m2.

As soon as everything is finished, which is currently under construction, Cannerald will have the largest cannabis facility in Switzerland!

Cannerald Healthy GrowthPrice increase of the pitches

Cannerald Healthy Growth has changed the size of the farm and also the way of some techniques.

As of November, the price per pitch of the 3-star plant will be increased by 500 euros from 1’098.54 EUR to 1’599.34 EUR.

Whereby the commission model will not be changed!

There will be no upgrade necessary for the previous 3 star plant. All those who have previously secured a 3 star plant will have the same benefits as before and will not have to pay the difference to the current price

How does the price increase come about?

Cannerald will still expand and enlarge some areas. More pitches and rooms will lead to higher costs. All costs for heating, electricity, ventilation, irrigation etc. will increase significantly in the long term once all rooms are active. This results in the price increase for the new space.

By way of comparison, a single grow room costs around 2 million euros (not including rent and staff salaries) for equipment and tradesmen’s working hours.

Also, the water supply will come from two large tanks, which is one of the reasons why the update of the small plants was offered. If all the rooms have the same cultivation grid and also the same basic conditions, it is easier to keep the rooms in balance and to carry out the optimisation process more effectively.

The ventilation system has also been adapted and, with a cooling capacity of 7.8 MW, is a really impressive installation.

GMP certification

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. This licence is essential if you want to manufacture products for the pharmaceutical sector. As an example: For medical tablets etc. you need a GMP licence.

Here, EVERYTHING has to be documented exactly: How is a table cleaned after work has been done, how and with which water was the sponge cleaned and much more….

GMP comes as soon as the clean rooms are in place. (Storage, packaging etc. will then be completely in a clean room).

  • Q1 all documentation will probably be ready.
  • Q2 most likely the first step towards certification.

Within this year the certification should be done as long as there will be no restrictions due to Corona.

The new office

The opening of the new modern office was originally planned for December. Due to Corona, the opening was postponed and will take place in the facility this year as soon as it is possible again. Videos and pictures of the new office are currently not yet published.

The EU Shop

The wait is over! The shop for the entire EU will be available online from 20 February.

Two new products are still to be added to the shop.

In the future, we will also be able to order products directly to our homes with the yield we have earned instead of the harvest.

Merchandise will also come with the EU shop. (Sweaters, shirts, caps etc.)

Switzerland Logistics

Cannerald receives an extremely large number of orders every day, which are dependent on Cannerald healthy growth and go hand in hand with the online shop. Because of this, Cannerald now has new partners to speed up the process from product to customer. For example, shipping is handled by an external delivery service to speed up the process. Which is certainly unavoidable from a certain amount of orders.


Shortly after Christmas, Cannerald hired a new support staff member in order to be able to answer the large number of support requests in the shortest possible time.


Cannerald healthy growth has also led to some changes in the growing process. In order to increase the throughput of the grows, one room is now used purely for the vegetative phase, as is the case with other companies. This allows us to save three weeks per grow (run). This in turn increases the number of runs that are possible. 

Back office optimisation

There will be an optimisation in the back office. In the future, the whole process should become easier, especially for new customers. It should also be possible to recognise which plants are in the sales department in order to ensure better allocation. 

Status of the next rooms

On 15 February, the Foxtrot room will start with its first grow. This will be the first room that can be put into operation on the upper floor. 2 weeks later, the Golf room will also start. All other dates, which can be seen in the back office, can probably be kept.

Grow cycle

The grow cycles will definitely be better in the long term. At the moment, however, it is not possible to give exact information about the yield, because Cannerald has to wait and see how the next harvests and the whole setup will develop. At the beginning, yields were calculated that are real, but cannot yet be realised under the current circumstances, as the entire plant has become vitiated and thus the space conditions.

What will happen to the old office compartment and lounge?
This will be converted and water tanks, pumps and machines for irrigation will be installed in these rooms.

How many parking spaces are there per room?

That varies extremely. Currently there are about 1300 parking spaces in the small rooms to the larger ones with about 3800 spaces. However, this is always shown in the back office how many parking spaces there are in this room.

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