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Cannergrow – Cannerald | The Beginner’s Guide to Cannergrow Shop Review

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Cannergrow – Cannerald | The Beginner’s Guide to Cannergrow Shop Review

cannergrow shop erfahrung

Welcome to this report on our Cannergrow Shop Review!

First of all I would like to explain something. Actually the shop should have gone online about 3 months earlier. We have received a lot of information on the company’s website about why delays occurred. 

There are many companies in the network sector and few of them think about how the concept should look like in the end. Whereby changes, reorientations are not always wrong, if this is not used as an excuse. It is all the better if your projects show a development from the beginning and if this can be kept if possible. Even if this happens with a time offset. I find it even better if you are even asked which steps should be done next. What is probably common practice in Switzerland. Cannergrow Shop Review.

Why I am writing this just at the beginning you are surely asking yourself now. The whole thing surely has a sense! 
Since I now assume that you are awake inside and attentive, I would like to share my experience on the subject of shop.

Because that is exactly why you are here!

When will the CANNERALD SHOP be online?

Exactly in the moment you read this article here is the first hour of the shop!

Cannergrow Shop review

Then you will certainly ask yourself now how I come to have this article already finished. I was given access to this shop ahead of time to test it extensively and find possible errors. The customers were invited to this shop one by one using Invite-Code to test the stability of the server and again the performance.

But the great thing is that we could already place orders and the first products reached the front door. For the time being, the whole thing is only available in Switzerland, but that tells us that the products, the branding and the layouts must have been ready a long time ago. Estimated at least 5 months… because we have already seen the first pictures.

From experience, what does the Cannergrow Shop offer us?

In this shop we can buy merchandising products from caps, hoodies, t-shirts and other things that are available around a community. Because Cannerald lives like the big companies show us. And that also includes being able to help decide where the next plant is to be built. For example, how the plant in Poolen was bought in Switzerland for a short period of time and where the next plant is under construction.

In addition, there are some CBD products that have been processed from cultivation to production by the same brand. Like for example CBD drops, Pre-Rool CBD joints and also chocolate. Different cannabis varieties that differ in taste and smell, as well as in the effect. So there is something for everyone. Some could already be enjoyed and the response has been consistently positive. I would like to go into more detail about a few products…

What smoking products are available?

Let’s start with the CBD smoking products that are planted, raised, harvested and finished by Cannerald. Incidentally, every harvest is accompanied by a laboratory test from Guttenberg Solusions GmbH – Head of Laboratory (https://www.cbd-test.ch) a lab report that we can access HERE.

There are both Indica and Sativa strains to choose from in our Cannegrow tore. Indica is usually the strain that makes you relax. While Sativa can produce a euphoric high. Currently you can choose between 3.5 and 7g Zipper and different tastes like Orange Gelato, WhiteMarlon, Limoncello, V1 and OG. In the course of time, there will probably be a few more varieties on offer.

From this insight we can probably say about our Cannergrow Shop Review with the assortment: There will be something for every taste. There will also be Haze varieties that will bring a smile to the face of THC consumers. And more merchandising products will also be added. We can be really excited. If you are an investor in Cannerald and would like to be part of the Community, please take a look at this article HERE. You will not regret it. 


Quality at the highest level! Cannergrow’s premium CBD flowers are lovingly raised and hand-selected in the state-of-the-art facility near Bern. So you can be sure to get only the best buds. And one more thing is for sure: For all our flowers, no artificial pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are used. All fertilizers used are natural 100% organic.

Our varieties:


Hard flowers, sparkling crystals and a fragrance that reminds many of Haze – at first glance our V1 is not for the faint of heart. But don’t worry – because this unique flower classic will relax you after a hard day better than any massage that has ever let you dive deep into Nirvana. Just breathe deeply and be in the moment!

Limoncello – THE LEMON:

Fancy a little “La Dolce Vita”? The taste of these aromatic blossoms is reminiscent of freshly squeezed lemons and is a homage to the Italian cult drink “Limoncello”. The flowers are compact and reach an above average size. Mamma Mia!

White Marlon – THE FRUITY ONE:

Smartphone off – relaxation on! With its strawberry & lemony note, the fruity White Marlon reminds you of a delicious beach cocktail that heralds the most beautiful time of the year: holidays! Perfect for all those who want to take that holiday feeling home anytime and like to try something new

Orange Gelato – THE RARTHY ONE:

Orange Gelato – the absolute lounge classic that always keeps its promises. The perfect variety for all those who make no compromises and still appreciate the true pleasure. Noble, distinctive and intensely earthy, it gives you the most beautiful moments of the night.

OG – THE SWEET ONE:Cannerald

The day goes … OG is coming! This exotic variety surprises with a sweet and fruity aroma that will make you feel like a real weekend mood even on a Monday evening. Cannergrow Shop Review



Cannergrows Pre-Rolls contain the same flowers that we ship in our flower assortments, so they also offer you a completely new and even more intense CBD experience. The good news is that Canerald also uses 100% premium flowers in the pre-rolls to ensure our high quality standards are maintained right up to the last train! Cannerald



You want to do yourself some good and take CBD every day? We make it easy for you – with our delicious, fruity CBD gums! As always, we put everything on one card with our delicious, juicy CBD gummi bears and provide a real taste explosion in your mouth in the usual Cannergrow quality

The fruit gums are rounded off with the finest CBD, which is lovingly produced in our company’s own production facility according to the latest standards. Whether summery strawberry, refreshing orange or aromatic blueberry – our CBD gummy mix is ideal for all those who love healthy snacking.

At Cannerald, we know how important CBD can be for your wellbeing and have developed sophisticated technologies and extraction processes to ensure that our CBD gums work in perfect harmony with your endocannabinoid system. Quality that you can not only taste but also feel!

Our CBD gums are vegan, gelatin-free and contain 20 mg CBD per piece. The jelly babies have been produced according to a special recipe developed by us so that you can enjoy a healthy snack in a relaxed way.


Cannergrow Shop experience on the order process

It is possible to pay in Euro by bank transfer as well as in Bitcoin. Affiliates have the possibility to use their commissions for this. These have been kindly transferred automatically from the Affiliate Backoffice. The whole thing is kept very simple and is implemented. The order will be delivered by DHL and Post+ as known from other online shop providers. Cannerald

Cannergrow Shop Review on the Affiliate Part?

CannerGrow - Unilevel Plan NEUThe affiliate activities are remunerated in the same way as the plant place is sold. Only the credit on the account is made in the offset of about three weeks, which is probably related to the right to repurchase. You can find the exact remuneration under UNILEVEL COMPENSATION PLAN read up. We’ll be able to follow the whole thing in our back office. In the dashboard itself we have been seeing this for a good two months now. If we consider that you can not only buy the products, but also earn money from the production itself, or even reduce the costs, I think we have here an egg-laying milk sow! Cannerald

Those who know me personally know that I am not trying to whitewash anything, nor do I approve of the widespread network giving birth. I stand for transparent experience reports and do this as a hobby out of passion. Nevertheless, you don’t see too many companies on my blog. They say that I still represent the old values and know the beginning with a handshake.  The merit is really in second place. But I am very sure that we are in good hands here, and this is shown to me by the actions of other investors and networkers.

Here the link to the shop: Cannerald – Cannergrow Shop

Thanks for your interest!

Wie gefällt dir der Shop und was für eine Meinung hast du dazu?

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