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CannerGrow | Experiences of the first harvest and the residual bonus

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CannerGrow | Experiences of the first harvest and the residual bonus

CannerGrow - Ergebnis der Ernte

Granted, I took some time with this report. To be honest too much time. On 16.08.2019 the first harvest from Switzerland was assigned to the individual investors of the rearing grounds. For this Levin Amweg has published a video. Yes, the music can be argued. It does not affect the result. The result itself is listed in great detail in the back office. Let’s start with the visual part of the harvest. The detailed article by me about CannerGrow you can find HERE.

HERE – The harvest in the back office

CannerGrow - Ergebnis der ersten Ernte

First, the result is shown directly to the cannabis plants by means of a small graph that reflects the share of the profit alone. There we get data about the label, in this case “CROMNFQC” But also the purchase of the plant itself, which variety has the plant and how much has come out after the harvest and drying in the end. In this form all plant places are represented and facilitate the overview of our entire plant in CannerGrow. This can be seen in the picture 1 on the right.


CannerGrow – Die eigene Ernte

The whole thing goes into more detail when we look at the camp, which each has deposited separately in his back office. There we get information about the vegetative phase, the flowering time, when the harvest was brought in, at which time the drying and pruning took place, and also about removing the branches and leaves. Again, it will be shown again which place, in which room and which sort this concerns. Also the start time and the number of places are deposited. So we can follow everything closely and make clear what work CannerGrow is doing for transparency towards us. You can see this in the picture 2 left



CannerGrow – The Residual Bonus

CannerGrow - Residualer Bonus

The residual bonus is also recorded in the backoffice and shown separately for each partner with their own position. In my case, this was 17.4 grams from the own plant and 25.3 grams from the residual bonus. The whole thing is displayed so far in detail that we the time, when and by whom, the bonus is stolen. This type of compensation bonus also seems to have a repellent effect on networkers who are associated with the negative company. This is only an obvious statement on my part.

In my opinion, this is another sign that we are involved in a serious company that keeps a close record of what happened in each process.

CannerGrow – The analysis report of the laboratory on the harvest

As with any other company that manufactures medical products, CannerGrow is committed to conducting these tests on the quality of cannabis and ingredients. This test was carried out on 22.07.2019 and determines the content of the plant on THC, CBD CBC, CBG and CBN. The analysis was carried out by Guttentag Solusions GmBH and confirms that cannabis complies with its quality and, above all, with the regulation of the content of the individual active substances.

[embeddoc url=”https://www.special4you.marketing/wp-content/uploads/Grow-Resultate-1901.pdf” download=”all”]


My conclusion to the first harvest

This whole process and effort reinforces my decision and gives me a certain confirmation. At CannerGrow, I think we have another company in our portfolio that will serve our purpose. The result in itself will, I think, be further optimized. The statement of the support was that at present, the ventilation systems are improved. Which probably suggests a minor problem with the climate in the grow room. OSRAM’s quality report on CannerGrow also confirms that this is a serious company that wants to compete in this area. If it has not already done so and is only about to gain market share, by increasing the size of the plants and thus in turn can bring more cannabis to the market.

At this point, I thank everyone for their confidence and wish each and every one of them to achieve their goals!

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