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Cannergrow | Important Information about the Cannerald Shop and Message

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Cannergrow | Important Information about the Cannerald Shop and Message

Information about the Cannerald ShopLiebe Community, ?.

Room Foxtrot and Golf will be launching in the coming weeks – you can always find updates on the Dashboard!

There is also important information that we had already announced in our live webinar on January 9, 2021: Watch the recording (German)

EU Shop Launch will be on February 20, 2021 – you can already pre-order some products.
Cannergrow has been asked a lot about the store launch and the change of the store interface in the last days, so we would like to give some more information.

Important information about the Cannerald Shop

The store is completely separate from the CannerGrow backoffice, it requires its own account that you need to create.
There are two stores:
1. Switzerland Shop – payable in CHF
2. EU Shop – payable in Euro
Both stores are also completely separated from each other and if you want to ship once to Switzerland and once to the EU, you need both an account in the Swiss store and an account in the EU store.

There are no store commissions for affiliates – some may ask why?
The matter is quite simple, something better is to come!
Cannergrow works without an auto-shipping model and is not a classic network marketing company, they also don’t want to introduce auto-shipping because they are so convinced of their quality that we don’t want to “forcefully” bind prospects and customers to us – our unique selling proposition is our premium quality.

For CannerGrow customers there will be special prices – here you will be able to exchange your harvest directly for product items, this will be introduced via an upcoming voucher function in the back office.
Special prices? That’s right! You will receive our products at a premium special price, and we can guarantee that these special prices will be unbeatable. Their goal has always been to bring the positive benefits of cannabis to people – that’s why Cannergrow wants to offer your customers a unique benefit that no other company offers – products at a special price.

You will see for yourself how awesome the special price will be, which will come into effect on February 20, 2021 – but we can guarantee you – it will more than pay off to be a CannerGrow plant owner, especially if you are a CBD enthusiast and regularly consume CBD products.

You’ll find out more on February 20, 2021!

More important information:

1. FAQ in the backoffice – will come in the next days
2. affiliate guide – will come online in early/mid February
3. webcams on the second floor, so you can see the daily construction progress – within the next 2 weeks
4. simplification of the backoffice + more information in the backoffice – third week of February
5. long awaited further marketing material? – beginning of March
6. site visits and dedication of new Cannerald/CannerGrow office building? As soon as Corona regulations allow.


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