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CANNERGROW | Network Marketing and Price Plan Update

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CANNERGROW | Network Marketing and Price Plan Update

CANNERGROW - Network Marketing und Preisplan Update

CANNERGROW | What has changed

After many discussions and tests in recent weeks, we have developed a new growth strategy for our upcoming greenhouse. The number of plants per square meter has changed from 12 to 8 plants (for reasons of quality results). This gave us the opportunity to restructure our network marketing and our price plan.

They all know the current plan for the affiliate system we offer. As a result, over the last few weeks we’ve had many discussions with various executives and decided to implement the latest upgrade to the CannerGrow ecosystem.

We’re happy to announce that starting today, you will not receive a commission of 10% on your first five levels, but 20% on your first seven levels. So we double the commission by two more levels!

This leads us to the next part: We have to increase the system price from 350 € to 500 € in order to double the commission system.

Why did we choose this step?

Because we are a real company with real profits, we have a hard time competing with other network marketing companies for the compensation plan. Finally, we have come up with a solution to make the business opportunity even more attractive to you all!

With our plants in Macedonia we want to achieve more profit than with the plants in Switzerland, because we grow cannabis with a high THC content in Macedonia. So we set the plants for 500 € each. We as a company could make more profits now, but that’s not in our interests. We will make unilevel compensation more attractive as we can now share another 10% with you. That’s twice as much as before!

CANNERGROW | Updated Unilevel / Residual Plan:

Overall, we pay no more 10% in the unilevel plan, but 20%.
The Residual Bonus Plan retains 20%, but is spread over 7 levels to give you a higher residual income!

What else is affected by this change?

The room / sector capacity has been changed from 5,000 to 3,500. In addition, the cap on the current plan has been changed from 30,000 to 21,000.

What happens to already sold plants in Macedonia sector one?

The first sector is split into two parts. We will expand the first part of this sector with our old strategy, so that nothing changes for already sold plants, and we can use this part to test the difference between the two strategies.

All mentioned changes are now active, the updated company presentation can be found here at the end of the article.

Let us grow

The new business presentation of CANNERGROW

[embeddoc url=”https://www.special4you.marketing/wp-content/uploads/cannergrow-business-presentation.pdf” download=”all”]

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  1. Oliver says:

    Super Business. Payout works, support is good, and the company is A+

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