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Cannergrow – Passive income with medical cannabis – Review

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Cannergrow – Passive income with medical cannabis – Review

Cannergrow – Passive income with medical cannabis – Review

CannerGrow is an innovative Swiss company specializing in the cultivation and distribution of medical cannabis and other CBD products. As an investor you can actively participate in this process in a growing market environment and benefit from the company’s success in the long term.

Why an investment in cannabis?

Passives Einkommen mit medizinischem CannabisFew people know that worldwide there are repeated bottlenecks in the supply of medical cannabis. Established producers are not able to cope with the onslaught and the increasing legalisation of cannabis, especially as a medicine, ensures that demand is growing rapidly.

CannerGrow starts exactly at this point and offers private persons the opportunity to participate in this market. In Switzerland, CannerGrow cultivates medical cannabis under optimal conditions in several rented halls. Once the plants have been harvested, CannerGrow either sells the cannabis to large companies, which then produce CBD oils, cream and other products from it before they are finally sold to private customers, or they produce and sell their own CBD products under their own name. This process is constantly being improved and as progress is made, profit margins increase. Last but not least, an investment also increases the availability of the products and many a patient will be grateful, because at the moment it is very difficult to get access to high quality and inexpensive products in the health care system dominated by pharmaceutical companies.

Passives Einkommen mit medizinischem CannabisHow does an investment in CannerGrow work?

  • Under this link: register “CannerGrow”. The registration is free of charge and does not commit you to anything.

  • Inform in peace about the company and the products.

  • Buy one or more plant pitches – cost per plant: 1100 Euro.

  • The plants are harvested every 2-3 months, nothing else needs to be taken care of. New seedlings are planted after each harvest, there are no additional costs.

  • Either the harvested cannabis is shipped to you or it is sold. The proceeds can either be paid out by BTC or transferred to your own account by Fiat. (The latter with a small fee)

  • The running costs are deducted from the harvest and divided 50% to the company and 50% to the customer.


Passives Einkommen mit medizinischem CannabisWhen I first heard about CannerGrow, I had very mixed feelings. On the one hand, I am always very sceptical about online investments, because many of them turn out to be scam. I also had strong concerns about the legality of the company.

Ist CannerGrow legal?

However, I was soon reassured in this point, as the products of CannerGrow are, as far as I could find out, absolutely legal. Due to the very low THC content of the plants, the cultivation and also the distribution in Switzerland, where the company is located, is allowed. Also the shipping to Germany is now possible. The legality of the company is also supported by numerous newspaper reports, including the Berner Zeitung. These reports are easy to find via web search and everyone can form their own opinion. In the end, the whole thing has reassured me and confirmed my intentions.

Can I achieve long-term profits with the investment?

Passives Einkommen mit medizinischem CannabisWith online investments, the first question is always whether the company pays out real profits and doesn’t just rip me off. I can confirm the payment of the winnings at CannerGrow. You can follow the complete process online, from cultivation, to growth, to the sale of your own plants. (There are also webcams. If you are bored, you can watch your plant grow) Afterwards you get the harvested amount (minus the above mentioned expenses), credited to your account and can either sell it or have it sent to you. Both have been tested by me and work perfectly so far.

How much do you make?

The question often arises as to how high the profits are. It is only too understandable that as an investor you want to know a concrete figure in advance. However, CannerGrow can only give an estimate of how high the harvest will be, as plant growth can be affected by many factors. The amount harvested depends on light conditions, fertilizers, irrigation and a number of other factors. The harvest can vary between 45 and 75 grams, on the website a “realistic” value of 65 grams is mentioned. The price per gram is currently between 1.45 and 2.35 euros. That would be between 94.25 and 152.75 euros per harvest. It can be harvested about four times a year.

Planned projects

Passives Einkommen mit medizinischem CannabisCannerGrow is constantly developing further. For example, new warehouses have recently been rented in Switzerland, where the next generation of plants will also be grown in Q1 2021.

Starting in October, a marketplace is planned where you can sell your plants (and the associated rights to all future yields), or buy plants from other investors.

CannerGrow is constantly trying to improve its distribution and sell more and more of its products directly to the end user. This increases the yield per gram that is sold.

The in-house research department is constantly working on new products and is always trying to further increase yields.

Previous problems

Passives Einkommen mit medizinischem CannabisI think that when you write about a topic, you should also mention those things that haven’t worked quite so well so far. But you should also always bear in mind that this is a very young company where many processes are constantly being optimized and even small changes in the business structure are quite normal.

– There were delays in the planting of the individual rooms. This was due to supply bottlenecks caused by Corona. This was plausible for me and did not worry me further. The new rooms will now start in August, you can watch the team at work via webcam. From there the delay was still within limits.

– The price of the pitches has gradually increased, now one costs 1100 euros. But here too, there was a logical argument, as the new pitches have more space and more light than the original ones. Accordingly, this also results in more yield at lower costs. Whether this justifies the extra charge cannot be said with certainty yet, because the new (premium) plants will be planted only now, as far as I know.

– Occasionally, it can happen that a plant does not grow or die properly due to disease or incorrectly supplied potting soil, etc. In this case, a new plant is planted, but it will take longer until the next yield. Those who know even the slightest bit about botany will think, “that’s obvious”, but for the laymen among us I wanted to mention it.


With the few problems that have arisen so far, the support and also my sponsor, the Havana Investors Club, were exemplary in their communication. Everything was always explained immediately and any concerns were always resolved within a very short time.

Conclusion and own thoughts

I chose CannerGrow because I feel that I am investing my money in a real project where I can generate solid returns. As with all investments in start-ups, I think you should diversify your investments and not put all your eggs in one basket, so I bought one plant, but I’m already thinking about buying another one. Of course there are risks, but you have them everywhere, be it on the stock market, crypto currencies or even on the bank. Before my money on a savings book destroys itself, I prefer to invest it actively, then I can at least not reproach myself later on for not having done anything. I think CannerGrow is a good choice if you want to profit from the growing medical cannabis market.

If you liked my article and you want to register for free to find out more, then click on the following link:

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