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Cannergrow review – Buying high cbd strains

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Cannergrow review – Buying high cbd strains

Cannergrow Review - Buy or invest in high CBD strains

Cannergrow review – Buying high cbd strains

Would you like to benefit longterm from your own CBD plant or would you prefer to simply buy CBD? Then this is the right article for you!

What does the company do? How can I buy CBD products? Is the company serious? How can I get in on this? How much return can I expect?…

I’m going to answer these and many other questions!


The Company

Cannerald is an innovative Swiss company that specializes in the cultivation and distribution of medical cannabis flowers and other CBD products. Cannergrow review - Buy or Invest in high cbd strainsYou can buy one or more plants with Bitcoin or Euro and get a return after each growth phase, which lasts about three months. The entry costs are one-time and the project runs for an unlimited period of time. According to my estimates, the returns are currently around 12-23% per year and the trend is rising. As a plant owner, you can actively participate in a growing cannabis market environment and benefit from the company’s success in the long term.

1. Buy: You go directly to the shop and buy CBD products there, such as CBD flowers or CBD oil.

2. Buying your own plant: You can buy one or more plants with Bitcoin or Euro and get a return after each growth phase, which lasts about three months. The costs are one-time and the whole thing runs for an unlimited period of time. According to my estimates, the returns are currently around 12-23% per year and the trend is rising. As a plant owner, you can actively participate in a growing cannabis market environment and benefit from the company’s success in the long term. In this article I go into more detail about the company, the plants and my Cannergrow experience. It’s worth reading!

Why participate in a cannabis project?

There are always delivery bottlenecks in the supply of medical cannabis around the world. Established producers are no longer able to cope with the onslaught and the increasing legalization of cannabis in various countries around the world, especially as medicine, ensures that demand is increasing rapidly. This is where the CannerGrow company comes into play by offering private individuals the opportunity to participate in this market at a profit. CannerGrow grows medical cannabis in Switzerland, in several rented halls, under optimal conditions. After the harvest, CannerGrow either sells the cannabis to large companies, which then produce CBD oils, creams and other products before reselling it to end consumers, or they produce and sell their own CBD products under their own names. This process is subject to constant quality control and with increasing progress the profit margins increase as a result. In addition, a participation ensures a growing range of cannabis products. I’m sure many patients currently relying on completely overpriced pharmaceuticals are happy about companies like CannerGrow, because having no access to CBD products will soon be a thing of the past.

How do I start with CannerGrow?

  • Register under the link: “CannerGrow”. Registration is completely free and does not require anything other than an email address.
  • You can then find out more about the company and the products.
  • Buy one or more plant spaces – the cost per plant is currently 1599 euros. Demand is high, however, with limited room, but no price increase is (yet) in sight.
  • The plants are harvested about every 3 months, nothing else needs to be taken care of. New seedlings are planted after each harvest, there are no additional costs.
  • Then you can have the harvested CBD sent to you or you can sell it in your dashboard. The earnings can either be paid out via BTC or transferred to your own account via Fiat. (The latter with a small fee)
  • Note: I recently received my first harvest, 20.65g. The running costs are deducted from the harvest and split 50% to the company and 50% to the customer. I sold them in the dashboard and had the proceeds sent to me in BTC. The money was on my wallet within a few minutes. Another article will follow shortly! My return from that harvest was around 45 Euros.

Here is the message from the support (translated from German) about the distribution of my yields and the harvest quantity:

Hello Thomas,

It was harvested as follows:

The plant dropped 53g, the current B2B price is € 2.05, the additional costs are € 24.

24 € / 2.05 € = 11.70g (for ancillary costs)

53g – 11.70g = 41.3g (this remaining amount is divided between customer & company)

41.3 / 2 = ~ 20.65g

However, this is only the yield of the first harvest which, according to our forecasts, is also the lowest. You can find the forecast and further information here: https://backend.cannergrow.com/sale

Many greetings / best regards


Your Cannerald Support

Cannergrow review – Buying high cbd strains: concerns

When I first heard about CannerGrow, I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I am always very skeptical about online projects, because many of them ultimately turn out to be scams. I also had strong concerns about the legality of the company, as I hadn’t really looked into CBD products ever before.

Is CannerGrow Legal?

Cannergrow review - Buy or Invest in high cbd strainsOn this point, however, I was soon reassured, because the products from CannerGrow are, as far as I could find out, absolutely legal. Due to the very low THC content of the plants, cultivation and distribution in Switzerland, where the company is based, are allowed. CannerGrow produces high CBD strains with very little THC. Shipping to Germany is also possible. For this purpose, the THC content of the product is washed down even further before shipping. This costs a small fee that is automatically deducted when shipping. The legality of the company is also underlined by numerous newspaper reports, such as the “Berner Zeitung[1]”.

[1] https://www.bernerzeitung.ch/region/bern/in-der-ehemaligen-moebelfabrik-waechst-jetzt-cannabis/story/11295818

 You can find all these reports on Google and I recommend to find out more about a project before risking money on it. In the end, the whole thing calmed me down and confirmed my plan, and the first payment that has now been received has put me even more at ease.

Can I make long-term profits with CannerGrow?

With online projects, the first question that always arises is whether the company pays out real profits and not only rips me off. I can now definitely confirm the payment of the winnings at CannerGrow. If you don’t believe me, just write to me, that’s no problem. You can also follow the entire process, from cultivation to growth, to the sale of your own plants online in the dashboard. (There are even webcams. If you are bored you can watch the plant grow) I have already described the payment process itself above. Given the current profit margin, it takes five years at best to get your stake back in the form of winnings. For those who think this takes too long, there is now another option:

The CannerGrow Market PlaceCannergrow review - Buy or Invest in high cbd strains

You can now sell your plants after the third harvest on a specially created marketplace. As of today (29.11.2020) the resale value is 1400 euros. Remember, the purchase price is 1599 euros. So it is possible to buy a plant, reap a few harvests and then sell it again, possibly even at a profit.


How much do you earn?

I’ve already written quite a bit about the question of winnings. It is all too understandable that as a plant owner you want to know a specific number in advance. However, one can only make an estimate here, because plant growth can be impaired by many factors. The amount harvested will depend on lighting conditions, fertilizers, watering and a host of other factors. The harvest can vary between 45 and 75 g, the website states a “realistic” value of 65 grams. The production costs are then deducted from this first, for me it was 11.7 g. Then you share the yield 50/50 with Cannergrow. My return estimate is between 12-23% per year, but that is calculated very modestly. More is probably possible. But in the end it is better to be happy about higher yields than disappointed because one had hoped for even more.

Planned projects

CannerGrow is constantly evolving. New warehouses were recently rented in Switzerland, where the next generation of plants will also be grown in Q1 2021. Many of these plants have already been sold, which is why you might have to hurry if you want to get one of the last plants in Switzerland. The maximum number of plants is currently limited. There are also plans to operate even more growing facilities in the future.

CannerGrow always tries to improve its sales and sell the products more and more directly to the end user. This may increase the yield per gram that is sold.

The in-house research department is constantly working on new products and tries to further increase yields.

Previous problems

Cannergrow review - Buy or Invest in high cbd strainsI think when writing about a topic it is worth mentioning some of the things that may not have worked optimally so far. However, one should always keep in mind that this is a young company where small changes are still normal and process optimization has not yet been completed.

  1. Due to corona-related delivery bottlenecks, there were delays in the planting of the individual rooms. I find this plausible and it doesn’t worry me any further. I believe, given the current state of the world, no one can blame them. The new rooms started in August and the first harvest has now arrived in November.
  2. The price for the growing spaces has risen gradually in the past, now one costs 1599 euros. But here, too, it was argued logically; it was said that the new spaces have more light and space available and, accordingly, also result in more income with lower operating costs. To what extent this justifies the surcharge I cannot yet say with certainty, I think it was partly due to a re-evaluation of the market situation, but that’s just my theory.
  3. Occasionally a plant may not grow properly or die, for instance due to illness or incorrectly supplied potting soil, etc. Then a new plant is planted, but it then takes longer until the next crop. Anyone who knows anything about plants will think, “That’s obvious”, but for the layperson among us I wanted to mention it.


CannerGrow Review: Conclusion and my opinion

I chose CannerGrow because I feel like I’m putting my money in a real project where I can generate solid returns. The whole thing is not a “get rich quick” project, but the current income is well worth seeing. Itt is always wise to diversify your portfolio. Participation in the cannabis industry is a lucrative alternative to the classic stocks and real estate.

Do you want to see CannerGrow for yourself? Did my article “Cannergrow review – Buying high cbd strains” make you curious? Then register for free at:

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