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Cannergrow | Shortly before the next harvest in the Alpha Room

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Cannergrow | Shortly before the next harvest in the Alpha Room

We are very close to the harvest. The main buds are trained and you can see that they are growing from the middle to the outside. (As with bursting popcorn) This is a sign that the inner part of the main-bud has taken on a solid substance.

After a more or less successful grow time, the time has come that every grower is looking forward to the most. The harvest time!

Important here are among other things the processing and storage. But the right time for harvesting is just as important.

The right time to harvest…

…can be determined quite well in a small time frame.

However, this is quite different from grower to grower and culture to culture. Some are careful to ensure that the flowers are predominant at harvest and (~75%) have white hairs (scars). While others go beyond the “ideal” harvest time and let the flowers wilt to draw the last fertilizer from the plant. For this purpose, at the end of the grow, only clear water is poured. In the last days, the plant is allowed to remove the water completely, so that the resin production can be increased once again. To be able to be pollinated before it dies.

The time with the highest THC concentration in relation to CBD is when the flowers have (~50-75%) gold/brown/red hairs.


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