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Have you always wanted to participate in your own cannabis production? Here you can find out how you can profit from a billion dollar market without becoming a gardener yourself, or having to invest a lot of money in lamps, fertilizer & accessories in advance. Alone as a passive investor or affiliate your journey can begin with us!

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    The Trueness of CannerGrow

    A report with the CEO of Cannerald Levin Amweg, a former racing driver!

    Cannerald – Tutorial

    Walk with me step by step through the whole process!


    Registration is also as usual. Username and e-mail are required at the beginning, as well as the password you want to use. Is this done you can, if you like, immediately start as an affiliate.

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    Deposit with Bitcoin

    As usual, the payment with Bitcoin is kept very simple. We are given a 20 minute price guarantee. Within these 20 minutes, the transaction must be initiated. Otherwise, the price Euro vs. Bitcoin will be updated. After starting the potion action, CannerGrow waits for 3 confirmations and initiates the purchase of the breeding place.

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    Deposit from bank account

    The bank transfer is also available to us. It is only slightly different from depositing with Bitcoins. The relevant difference is the duration until the transaction is completed and you come into possession of the tokens and thus the breeding place.

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    How to change my CBD to Euro

    This step is necessary because in Switzerland the harvest can be sent home in the form of cannabis flowers. It is only a small logistical effort for us and is done in one minute. Who likes can also collect the CBD first and sell it later. It remains in stock until the CBD is sold!

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    How to pay out my winnings in Bitcoin

    In Bitcoin, this has always happened within 24 hours and is like a regular transfer to Bitcoin. The normal fees of the blockchain are charged here.

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    How can I verify myself

    The verification should be known to every network expert from other companies. At Cannerald, payouts up to 0.5 Bitcoin per day are possible without verification. Above that you should do the verification.

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    How to reinvest for new Plants

    Registration is very simple, as usual of Cannerald its system. Username and email are required at the beginning, as well as the password you want to use. Once this is done, you can start immediately as an affiliate, if you like.

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    The most frequently asked questions about CannerGrow

    If you have any questions, please contact us!

    How long does it take for me to receive my plants/tokens when I use Bitcoin as a payment method?

    After 3 confirmations in the blockchain you will receive your plants / tokens in your account well written.

    How long does it take for me to receive my plants/tokens when I use a bank transfer as a payment method?

    It depends on which country you sent the money from. In most cases, you will receive your plants after 1-2 business days.

    How long does it take for the profit to be made from the crop, and when will the profits be distributed?

    Every 2-3 months the plants are harvested, dried and sold. After that, the winnings are paid out to the token holders. The more tokens you have, the more profit you get into your account.

    How can I get plants or tokens?

    Plants / tokens can be paid via a SEPA transfer in euros or with Bitcoin. You can take your winnings in Euros or Bitcoin. Please note that you can always take the winnings in the currency with which you deposited.

    How often can I take my winnings or commissions?

    You can take Bitcoin once a day. If you want to withdraw Euro by bank transfer, you can do this once a week. Which should be more than enough for everyone.

    Is there a partner/recommendation program?

    Cannergrow offers a 7-step Unilevel compensation plan In the first level you receive 5%, in the second level you receive 2%, in the third level you receive 1%, in the fourth level you receive 1% and in the fifth level you receive 1% of the revenue of each level. We also offer a residual income bonus. With this bonus you can earn up to 20% of your partners’ income. A more detailed description of the commission system can be found in the white paper (click here).
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