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Cannergrow | The second harvest is in full swing

Geld verdienen im Internet

Cannergrow | The second harvest is in full swing

The first pictures of the current harvest of Cannergrow

…can be seen on the webcam in the Alpha room. Now it can take up to 14 days until the flowers are dried and ready for sale. On the left side of the picture we already see two plants ready for trimming. So the leaves are removed and afterwards the flowers are manicured.


Cannergrow - Die zweite Ernte

And later that evening at 5:15 this afternoon…

So we can call it: The second harvest of Cannergrow

While in the Bravo room itself, until the harvest, it will probably take another week or two. I think Levin’s testimony will fit the time frame here. The picture itself shows that the buds are not yet fully developed and will gain more mass. Notice the white coloration on the plants, which are trichomes that produce the active ingredient. Unfortunately we have to be patient here.
Cannergrow - The second harvest
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