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CannerGrow | The upgrade to the better quality level for the GMP license

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CannerGrow | The upgrade to the better quality level for the GMP license

Cannergrow Lüftungsanlage

I would like to give you a brief overview of everything and explain the current situation in Switzerland.

After the first cultivation, we decided to modernize the entire factory to one GMP to obtain license.

CannerGrow – Status in Switzerland for the GMP license?

One GMP License is the highest possible production license, usually companies like Bayer or Novartis GMP lizenziert. The license allows us to sell medical cannabis directly to pharmaceutical companies or the government. There is no Swiss cannabis producer with one GMP License, because the process is very difficult and requires knowledge and money. Due to licensing requirements we need protocols for virtually everything, we need to explain to the inspector how to clean the walls, racks, floors or how our employees put their cleanroom clothing in the airlock! We want to be the first cannabis producer in Switzerland, Germany and Austria with one GMP a license!

We plan to get this license until 2021 as the inspections are conducted by a government agency and take some time.

Everything that’s just going on in our factory has come with upgrades for the GMPLicense to do. However, we are also expanding our location in Switzerland earlier than planned so that Switzerland will grow more crops in the future. Dank our first-class partner Montel , Greenfox and Fluence (Osram) we can make sure everything is up to our high standard.

So, which upgrades were made in Switzerland:

  • New AC / Airflow concept.
  • A new moisture control system.
  • New floors.
  • New wall surfaces to comply with GMP regulations.
  • New spatial planning to separate Dirty and GMP areas.
  • New airlock for employees and material airlock.
  • Implementation of GMP clean room locks.
  • Updated security system.

CannerGrow - Luftentfeuchter

CannerGrow has replaced its dehumidifier with the best hardware GMP- To obtain license.

Cannergrow – quality level

In the picture you can see our new Dehumidifier quest, which has the power to lift 256 liters per day from the air. This allows our plants to produce larger buds with more CBD content. You can also see our brand new in-house developed airflow system that gives us perfect control over the environment as it draws in and cools the hot air as we operate a 100% recirculation system and almost does not work with outside air.

All these things will lead to even better quality and higher returns for us as a company and you as our clients. Regarding the timeline, we do not want to sit back too much, but we know that there will definitely be 100% plants in the next 4 weeks.

When is the camera switched on again?

The cameras were shut down due to construction and should be online again on 18.10.19.
We will install more cameras for you this year!

When will the next one grow?

The next phase of growth is planned from now until the first week of November. These delays are related to customs clearance and related construction activities, which we have no control over. Our epoxy floor paint has been stored for more than 4 weeks for no reason by customs, which is one of the reasons for delays.

We are looking forward to the year 2020 as many great things are going on and as a community we will grow massively as there would be no such journey without you and every single one of you will get a piece of the cannabis industry!

Personally, I think this career is just great. Sure, one could say that it could be a halting tactic. This will certainly be used by skeptics as a target. But we, who have been with CannerGrow for some time, know what evidence there is and this are no documents that could have been manipulated. Since every single document has been published by independent bodies. Like this statement at the end of the article by Osram.

Are you ready to start your business with us?

Write your opinion on this in the comments or just ask questions you should have. I look forward to the conversations or discussions that may arise from it. If you are just curious, just register via the button below. It is guaranteed to start as an affiliate for free.

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