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Cannergrow | Why Cannergrow Price change are Cuter Than a Kitten

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Cannergrow | Why Cannergrow Price change are Cuter Than a Kitten

Cannergrow price changeSwitzerland is sold out and now we are moving at speed to the next plantation in Poland!

What does this mean for new pitches at Cannergrow?

The new pitches will cost 1,100 euros. The speed of growth is currently so high that Cannerrald will have to set a new price due to too rapid growth in order to be able to satisfy everyone. New plantation plots have to be bought, halls have to be built and equipped with equipment. This step was necessary and indispensable in order to ensure a smooth process. 

Not only because of the immense demand, but also to protect all partners and customers, as this calculation is based on a stable B2B price range. This has to be taken as a basis, because soon several tons of CBD will be sold. These are the most relevant reasons for the Cannergrow price change.

Why is the GMP structure included?

In Switzerland, the GMP conversion and initial costs were also borne by the founders Cannergrows from their own investment, which are now included in the price plan for the new plantation. Cannerrald has provided a completely functional plant on publication. Which was not built according to GMP licence and cost 350 Euros for a parking space. The conversion to the GMP license must therefore be included in the new pitches to create a fair situation for both parties. So one can really say that the Cannergrow price change is justified.

What does this mean for the ROI of Cannergrow?

We are therefore talking about a realistic ROI of about 25% per year, which is utopian for a real company. Because the harvest of a plant cannot be doubled out of the blue, this ROI is singing along. But we must not forget that this calculation also includes the strategy that a plant gets more space and therefore the starting point of 500 Euro per space is valid. This means that you can enjoy all the advantages of buying a 1100 Euro site.

Does this change the target group?

The so-called Cannergrow price change does not only have disadvantages, but offers many positive aspects.

In my opinion, this definitely and massively changes the target group to customers/affiliates who are looking for a company that acts in a real and long-term manner!

On the one hand, this will make it more difficult to acquire new customers, but on the other hand it will also reduce the difficulty to reach investors with more capital.

Is there a bonus for the Cannergrow price change?

At the sales start of the new location (25.3.), the first 1,500 parking spaces will be offered for 850 Euro for 3 days, in order to provide the affiliates with a quick start. For the time being, 5,000 parking spaces will be sold and later expanded as usual. 

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