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Coinsurfer | Earn Bitcoins through a surfbar

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Coinsurfer | Earn Bitcoins through a surfbar

There is not much to say about coinsurfers. It builds on eVisitors and pays out in bitcoins. The payout has been quite fast (within 5 minutes) on the blockchain after applying. In the short term, this very good project was to be discontinued and the admin decided otherwise thanks to God. For example, I run Coinsurfer in the Chrome browser and use the eVisitor Restarter for the smooth process. How exactly this is possible I’ll show you now.

Referer Link: https://goo.gl/YY77hs

Installing the Resatrter for Chrome:

First, you need to download the appropriate version to your operating system.

To configure the restarter correctly, you need the login data:

  • Users: coinsurfer.tp[DeinUsername]
  • Restarter access code: XNNPmU2jKrSI

If you have installed the restarter, it’s time to set the program and is very simple.

We go on hiring

The data is entered with the extension of its own user name by Coinsurfer
and the above-mentioned Restarter access code

Set the language accordingly

And choose our browser!

Then we’re done. The restarter now checks the browser and restarts the surfbar if necessary.

If you let Coinsurfer run, you can no longer run the eVisitor Surfbar for its advertising. It’s you have another IP available, such as your phone. Otherwise it is called either Coinsurfer or eVisitors..

That’s what you need to know about coinsurfers. Small but fine!

Referer Link: https://goo.gl/YY77hs


When are the surf points converted at Coinsurfer?

The so-called surfpoints also called short (SuP) are always exchanged with a day delay between 6 pm and 8 pm (UTC+1).

Here is a small example:

You surf on the 15th. of the month, then your surf points will be given to you on the 16th. exchanged in Satoshi between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Can I use more than one surf bar?

Yes, you can start as many surfbars as you want. However, each surfbar needs its own IP address.

Please note that THE VPN and server are not allowed according to eVisitor.

Suddenly I don’t have any points left in the surfbar!!?

The couter in the surf bar is always reset to the full hour.

Why don’t my values change despite an active surfbar?

The values have a delay of 3 hours and are updated every 60 minutes.


Referer Link: https://goo.gl/YY77hs



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