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Crypto Newsletter August – Bitcoin, Visa

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Crypto Newsletter August – Bitcoin, Visa

Havanna Investors Club

Crypto Newsletter August – Bitcoin, Visa

Cryptocurrencies are still a hot topic and are gaining more and more acceptance in society. We at the Havana Investors Club want you to stay up to date in this fast moving market. Therefore, from now on we will publish a monthly newsletter in which the most important crypto news, as well as those of our crypto-related projects, are summarized. So it’s worth stopping by here regularly. But now, have fun reading:

Bitcoin crosses 50000 USD again

On August 23rd Bitcoin managed to break the important resistance of 50k for the first time since the May crash. Bitcoin topped the closely watched $50,000 level again in an ongoing recovery in the cryptocurrency market from a disorderly crash that took place three months ago.

The leading digital coin gained as much as 3.5% to almost $50,093 on Monday, with other tokens including Ether and Cardano’s ADA also rising. Bitcoin was last above $50,000 in mid-May. This of course has led to predictions saying Bitcoin might even reach values beyond 100000 dollars by the end of the year. For now, however, Bitcoin was rejected at just above 50k and is now again trading beneath the important resistance level.[1]

Bitcoin’s all time high is still at $65,000 in April, driven higher by a tide of liquidity, optimism and a growing demand from institutional investors, only then to crash back down to $30,000 due to environmental discussion and FUD.

The extraordinary recovery of the crypto market in still proceeding, with Bitcoin dominance even shrinking, since many altcoins have been gaining big time these last couple of weeks.

MicroStrategy continues to buy bitcoin

Meanwhile, institutional investors, especially MicroStrategy, continue to buy Bitcoin. Just recently, on August 25, the company announced another purchase of Bitcoin worth approximately $ 177 million. The Bitcoin were purchased at a price of around 45,000 USD. This means that MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin inventory continues to grow to around 108,000 BTC. As a reminder, the total amount of Bitcoin in circulation can be a maximum of 21 million coins.


Regulations are becoming more important

In the past few weeks, almost all central exchanges have tightened their regulations. KYC (know your customer) has now become the standard. In this way, the stock exchanges are anticipating stricter government regulations and want to prevent drastic measures in their business processes. Binance is also planning, for example, to restrict futures trading in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, where leverage of up to 120x was possible in the past. If you want to continue to use such possibilities, you now have to switch to decentralized exchanges.


Visa buys NFT

Visa is stepping into the world of NFTs with its purchase of CryptoPunk 7610, which is an NFT-based digital avatar. CNBC reported that Visa paid around $150,000 in Ethereum. 

NFTs are a way to represent ownership of a digital good, like an image, video, or piece of text. Since the rise of the Internet, there hasn’t been a way to claim possession of a digital asset, since most files can be infinitely copied, pasted, and shared. NFTs are unique tokens that can be used to certify the authenticity and ownership of a piece of digital media.

Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are tracked and exchanged on a public blockchain. The most used blockchain for NFTs at the moment is Ethereum, but others are quickly catching up. The enormous flexibility of the DApp landscape has even led to speculations that Bitcoin may no longer be number 1 after all.

Unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs are unique. One bitcoin is identical to another, but each NFT is one-of-a kind.

Visa states that they think NFTs will play an important role in the future of retail, social media, entertainment, and commerce and in order to help their clients and partners participate, they need a firsthand understanding of the infrastructure requirements for a global brand to purchase, store, and leverage an NFT.

Next to signaling their support for the creators, collectors and artists, they wanted to collect an NFT that symbolizes the excitement and opportunity of this particular cultural moment.

“We’re a company steeped in the history of commerce and payments — but with our eyes on the future. With our CryptoPunk purchase, we’re jumping in feet first. This is just the beginning of our work in this space.”



[1] https://fortune.com/2021/08/23/bitcoin-price-breaks-50k-crypto-recovery/

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