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eBesucher | How Improve SEO without work and hours of time

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eBesucher | How Improve SEO without work and hours of time

Since the question arose more and more and some of my friends and also customers had made the statement: I paid a webdesigner to get more visitors and customers but it moved except my money. After checking the website I also had to find out that there were no statistics to be seen. There was simply no SEO approach found on the website. And since I am the way I am, I am finally writing the articles for it.

With e-Visitors you can get free visitors, also called traffic, to your website. We want to increase the Google Ranking and for that you need clicks (visitor – traffic) on the website. Who already has an account can start here. If you don’t have an account or don’t know how it works you can read this HERE.

For more information please use the Referer Link: https://goo.gl/ULwWVk

Add website to e-Besucher:

We have registered and see the following picture where we select the menu item new page.

How Improve SEO without work eBesucher

First of all I should tell you that you can generate the required points with the surfbar and thus get your traffic for free. If you have Google Adsens on your website you should consider this carefully. Since Google Adsens on artificial traffic is a bit allergic to and will block you.

Referer Link: :https://goo.gl/ULwWVk

Setting the links:

First you should read the rules and in normal case you don’t exceed the 2 MegaByte. Unless you have a picture gallery. After reading the rules you have to decide if you want to enter single links or several links with single statistics or a whole domain.

Mostly you want to set single links and enter a unique name under Name which shows you what this entry is for. As an example let’s say you want to enter the page called Home or also called Start Page. Then we create the name with domain name and the extension Home. In the address comes the name of the domain without http:// . Choose below that the page complies with the above rules and go on.

Referer Link:https://goo.gl/ULwWVk

The event of the website:

Here it is now asked what is available on the website. From PopUps to cookies and sound output. You don’t have to specify cookies and some don’t want them and because of that we generally turn them off.

A frame breaker is simply a script that blocks the surfbar and opens the website by itself. You should not include this script in your website. The Referer can only be set to an empty string if you have bought a premium account. Which then suppresses the origin of the visitors.

Referrer Link:https://goo.gl/ULwWVk

Add new page:


Here it is very important to check if the page is displayed correctly and especially the URL is the one that should be advertised. A new window will appear where we see the following options.

If it is the page you want to advertise we click on: The website of my advertising campaign . Then the next button will be highlighted green and the text will change to enter page.

The following settings are described very well HERE in the eBesucher own Wiki.

Referer Link:https://goo.gl/ULwWVk


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