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On this page you will find useful information about crypto currencies

, .. … and ways in order to become self-employed. Another part is how do you manage to build up others in network with. For this, I use my acquired knowledge and put this other free of charge. Only then work duplication.

It will also be the topic here is how the chart analysis
and conceded crypto market profits. I do not promise you that it just
will be. However, it is not too difficult if you look
seriously interested.

And if you like, you can visit and ask me questions directly to me on Youtube, telegram or Whats App!


Positive and Negative messages have that decisive influence on the course of Bitcoins and other Cryptos


Which companies worth it looked to be, and in my opinion have a future in the market.


Experience gathered with crypto currencies and how to use them for themselves.

Network Marketing

A powerful knowledge does what independent and brings an advantage over others.

How do other Florian Lauritis see?

Partners & Friends!

– JK Solution –

I Florian met through a project where he had gestalltet a website etztes year. My first thought was: What kind of a nerd! When I had then gradually more talk with him I quickly realized that I wanted to know about the people and its projects more.

Thus I am then came the first time with crypto currencies in contact. As an absolute novice in the field, he provided me with a lot of stamina and skills, an eye-opener for the crypto area for which I am grateful to him, very still. Of course, not everything went smoothly, but he has never left me alone with my problems and always had a competent solution ready.

Günther Konnerth, HPP Entrepreneur Community

On the way to better and better networks and sources of income for my “partner projects” Networker Community, me Florian was recommended as a connoisseur of the trading scene. Through its expertise and human radiance I quickly gained the knowledge that we have found a pearl in the sea of ​​mediocrity.

You have it almost slow down in its communication options and versatility – but have now found a way of collaboration form that will lead us to a win-win option.

– Jutta Kade –

I got to know Florian as information providers in the crypto-trading area, where he ..manchmal gives me a little too fast for ignorant starter .. very strong background information.

He encounters defying various failures in network marketing people knowledgeable and open to questions about a wealth of knowledge, which he has himself acquired over time-even in talks with management levels. In addition, he sits like supportive of his NM-partners who appreciate the same method of cooperative collaboration.

– Evelin Pöll –

I met Florian Lauritis in a chat where you could supposedly what make it. because it helped each of the answer. He presented his expert knowledge in the chat. We talked repeatedly about the project in question and found that we were currently at the wrong place. We quickly decided to remove from this project and arbeitetet hard on a program and innovative.

As an IT specialist, he put together landing page and other pages on the Internet within a short time. He made his hobby into a career, no vice-versa, he made his profession into a hobby. I did he learn the make Tern from the bottom up and I owe him a lot. Today, we are friends to help us still another.

Florian comes when it is needed, as in the comic book and I’m so grateful to him because I was able to deepen my knowledge of Internet marketing so that I alone can stand on my legs today.

– Peter O. Dubinin –

Many people do anything. Many people want to achieve something. Many people want to have more money, but few want to do something about it. I’m learning as “Leverage Marketing Networker” many people know and realize now very quickly who only talks about its possible success and dreams, or even willing to do something about it.

When I met Florian Lauritis, the analyst and doers, I already knew after 5 minutes of its potential and the will to succeed assess. Our partnership is DUAL – we complement and support us in two important areas. It is important to achieve a single goal. It is the “top position in our company.”

The road began that goal was unknown!

I began in 2003 with a classic craft, where I could see at the time already as automation reduced the jobs. I was aware when I may see it not to learn something that endures in the future, it will be hard to stay afloat. So I trained on to the IT systems engineer and set out in 2007 on their own.

I work in the areas of office networks, web design, graphic design and crypto currencies. My time is perceived as negative work-related accident proved, however, later as one of the things that affected my life in the most positive.

This restriction to equal revealed my greatest freedom. Many speak
only of what I have achieved and show results of
others in order to distinguish it. Surely I’m not
perfect or a geisiger flyer. But living proof that you,
if you really want, you can achieve anything you want. And
my 50 percent disability I am not the most agile or
can work all day. And quite honestly, that I did not
happen again!

First steps in the make money online!

I tried 2013-2016 different things. Amazon Affiliate or devil, to opinion polls and Foucets. Until I came across the so-called adpack.

Yes, at the time it made sense to me. I thought at the time
not think about it, but went out from the point, advertising is always

2017 I then invested companies in various investment and I deserved. Until I realized that the majority had not even dealt with the law. Later collided companies and Alexandre Virmont was publicly script error in the commission calculation were. From here, a tough learning process in network marketing and began chart analyzes.

Contacts always hurt the one who has not!

I learned to know each Alexandre and received impressions from the field of network marketing, which was not very nice. Not all companies a scam. However, many end up together by interfering with the regulators and false advertising claims.

The end of 2017, beginning of 2018 I then got a circulatory collapse. It had come to falter again a company that I had not a little advertised. I heard with everything on what investment firms concerned and went deep into me and set me fundamental rules that must be met that I would start again alone an investment. With the experience and my new principles, the tide turned dramatically. I finally met right Networker and it started to be fun again.

The passion rekindled and showed me even a page that I
had never considered. I follow with passion
crypto currencies and have entered the trading. About Forex Trading
it started and went on to the crypto Trading with a special
software. Taking a class ever in the Trading with a good coach.

What have I achieved?

For this career, what you see here today was born. Overall, I built six companies. Some of them, however, no longer exestieren. The vision and the feeling you could get there, are in my view an experience which is unfortunately only go back a few things. It is no easy way. But this knowledge and the resulting experience can take a none else.

Since I refer the money from the crypto market and I’m glad things. It is still not perfect and I still have to learn a lot, but I also make no losses more crush the one.

The Network Marketing I will probably never turn your back. Too much positive has revealed it to me and the possibilities seem limitless. Certainly there are here and there experiences that you would rather save. But these are the minority and it is growing restive with his duties!

What’s next, what I have to do?

For this all came to the conclusion that what you see here online. I am no means reached the end and there are still some obstacles to overcome. But one thing is already clear. The trip is worth it and knowing what you can gather them again and again require a restart if you like.

Part of the people I have met have become friends who will accompany probably a life long. And that’s more than you can earn money by ever!

A dream come true!

I have learned in recent years, not all companies that have to do with network needs to take when you have the right in the luggage.

Above all, it builds up a time eracht royal income and can come closer to his dreams every day. And do not come to hell as fast as possible to get out.

With GetNode one of my bigger dreams, I was satisfied. And every day I remember this one hot weekend in my life. And that gives me more than money can ever do.

I met this weekend people who think like me. And they have really fulfilled my my biggest dreams. A time on an island with palm trees. But more importantly, I find the aspect that they have reminds me turn what is actually LIFE.

To lie here to watch the waves, circle his thoughts and just nothing, just times two or three hours just joy and nice people. incite thoughts and point of view. I can not describe with words. Best reguards – Florian Lauritis

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