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Freebitcoin | All you need to know about the bonus program

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Freebitcoin | All you need to know about the bonus program


Viele mögen mich für ein Träumer halten, aber eins Träume ich nicht. Die Auszahlungen auf mein PayPal sind Realität. Auch wenn ich es manch mal selber nicht glauben mag. Durch eine Tätigkeit die dermaßen lächerlich ist. Worum es sich handelt? Um einen Klick auf ein Knopf zum rollen der Zahlen. Auch hier ist der Grund der Webseite sich Werbung an zu schauen. Das Witzige ist das der Werbebanner seit Woche nicht belegt ist. Die Webseite refinanziert sich selber aus irgend welchen Einnahmen oder bereits getätigten Zahlungen würde ich tippen. Für uns sind aber nur Fakten wichtig. Also fangen wir direkt an!

Many may think I am a dreamer, but there is one thing I do not dream. The payouts on my Wallet are reality. Although I may not believe it myself at times. Through an activity that is so ridiculous. What is it about? About a click on a button to roll the numbers. Also here is the reason of the website to look at advertising. The funny thing is that the banner hasn’t been used for a week. The website refinances itself from any income or payments already made I would guess. But for us only facts are important. So we start directly.

Referer Link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb

Freebitco.in– Withdrawls

From 0.0000300000 BitCoins it is possible to be paid out on its BitCoin address. Yes, only BitCoin as currency is possible | But in the year 2017 BitCoin is accepted as currency, I would say. And if you always wanted to try out something with BitCoins you have your chance to do so without wasting your own money. I reached the payout limit yesterday on 2.1.20017 but I have to wait until Sunday because I don’t feel like paying the transfer fees. Important TIP: Read exactly what you can find under How do I increase my income RIGHT!

Referer Link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb

Here are the three different methods of payment

freebitcoin.io auszahlungen auto2016 12 31 234602

Important for those who do not have much experience with Bitcois. It is only possible to make a deposit to this (deposit address) BitCoin address. Imagine that the money can only flow in one direction with one address.

Referer Link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb

freebitcoin.io auszahlungen manual2016 12 31 234653

freebitcoin.io auszahlungen auto2016 12 31 234602

There are no fees for an automatic payout, and it is done on Sundays. The manual payout on the other hand costs 0.00000916 BitCoin and the immediate payout costs 0.00068715 BitCoin. Which is then nevertheless already quite a lot for our transfers is. Did you know that nowadays many sales are actually made with microtransactions. Even Coke can be bought in restaurants | Not in many but the future is closer than you might think!

Referer Link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb

Is it really worth it?

Ich habe diese Website auf meinem Mobiltelefon mit APP als Startbildschirm eingerichtet. Und ja, es lohnt sich für mich. Denn ich benutze das Mobiltelefon recht selten. Aber es gibt immer etwas zu entdecken, wie bei jeder Website. Ich habe mir die Mühe gemacht und -freebitco.in etwas Näherem. Ich habe einen Weg gefunden, den Ertrag zu steigern. Ich benutze es schon seit einiger Zeit, aber ich konnte nur bestätigen, dass Sie die ersten Seiten der Website lesen sollten, um herauszufinden, wie Sie das machen. Wie man schnell eine Auszahlung erhält, ist mit etwas logischem Denken und der Kenntnis der gesamten Website möglich.

Referer Link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb

How do I increase my income?

Here I have chosen a project which is completely clear and you don’t have so much information or functions to understand it and go to the profile of our accounts to prepare a better start. First of all I want to say that the key is the Reward Points and how you can use them in combination with other bonuses to a better income or pocket angels | pocket money describe. So pay attention and read on!

Referer Link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb

The Profile:

 freebitcoin.io profil2017 01 01 004950

If you really want to earn something here constantly, instead of with the possible raffles, go to the profile and disable the lottery tickets. For that you will get two Reward Points for every spin. This way you can get the maximum number of Reward Points per day. Plus the BitCoins and later the Bitcoin Bonis. But let’s be honest, shooting 24 times a day is rare, if not unlikely for some people. But that is not so bad. We turn 152 Reward Points and let the website work for us.

Referer Link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb

The Reward Points

freebitcoin.io rewards22017 01 01 002949

There are Rewards | Rewards in the Most Adopted Forms. We have the Electronics | Hardware /Wallets are electronic wallets for BitCoins) | Gift Certificates(will I get out anytime soon) | Free BTC Bonus | Lottery Ticket Bonus and the Reward Points Bonus. The latter is where we start with us. For 120 Reward Points we get 10 Reward Points for the one spin each extra. There we are at 1200 Reward Points a day. Where you spin 10 times but you get all the money you invested back into Reward Points. We do this to get 100 Reward Points per spin from the Reward Points for 1200 RP. That is 2400 RP per day. How to do it this way is self-explanatory. And that’s the way we go over to the Bitcoin Reward Points

Referer Link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb

BTC Reward Point Bonus

rewardbtcbonus2017 01 01 010953

There are the same bonuses as for the Reward Points also for the Free BTC, but there you have to enter the percentage. At the beginning you should not use them yet, because otherwise you can’t unlock the other bonuses fast enough. If you have enough RP(Reward Points) for the RP bonus, the BTC bonuses become more difficult and the speed of the Bitcoin farm is also increased. So you get with the biggest BTC bonus 0.00000227 BTC times 1000 = 0.00227 BTC and are at a pretty hefty sum for one click an hour a day. 0.015 Bitcoin, equivalent to the time, knap 15 Euro for the hourly mobile phone user.

Reward und BTC Bonus

Referer Link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb

Lottery Bonus

freebitcoin.io rewardslottery32017 01 01 003511

We already know this from the survey portals and if you have not deactivated it, it is automatically included in the lottery. In such a lottery my wife recently won an iPad for 700 Euros. If you want to play the lottery you can buy the bonuses here. But I think it is rather unwise to gamble away your points or to sink them there. With a 47% chance of winning you are not automatically on the winning side.

Referer Link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb

Hardware Rewards

freebitcoin.io rewardshardware2017 01 01 003048

So I will most likely not redeem my points there. The Ledger Nano, for example, is a USB stick wallet for the time just under 13 euros and the Trezor White for the time 139 euros. KeepKey is also an electronic wallet and with 97 Euro it is probably not as expensive as it used to be. I have linked the wallets with Amazone because you came to see what I mean. These products help you to save your BitCoin Wallet ID and password etc. In my eyes a good investment if you use Bitcoins.

Referer Link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb

Elektronik Rewards

 freebitcoin.io rewardselectroniks2017 01 01 003023

Here you can buy an IPhone 7 or Kindle Paperwhite Reader and tell us that the website should still be up to date.

Referer Link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb

Gifts Certificate Rewards

freebitcoin.io rewardsgiftcards2017 01 01 003118

Here I go from digital gift cards that you can distribute as you wish. But that’s just a hunch.

Then there is the usual page with Referer Link | Publisher ad media. Where you also have a BTC Share Option to let your Referer Bitcoins come automatically. I personally find this good again, because you can bring your downline further | or at least faster to success. I would like to try it out. But this possibility is only allowed to direct partners (Referer Link invitation).

Referer Link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb

freebitco.inreferer2017 01 01 014836

freebitco.inreferer22017 01 01 014836

And that was it with this project again and I hope there are still many interesting projects to discover. If one considers that of web pages the value is formed by its content | article. If one asks oneself again and again how others have to make it so colorful or make it look dubious. shows us that it can be done differently. I am still a little bit on the wheel now and as always, if you like to support me or you like the project or this website, please use my referer link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb to support this website here.

My reports of the payout:


I chose the automatic payout for me, because I was not sure if this website would hold what it offered. But she does it as described. I had my payout done on -Vir-Wox- and it can happen that you have to wait 24 hours from -freebitcoin.io-. But for that the payout is free. At the same time you can change Bitcoins in VirWox to for example: SLL or Euro and make payments via PayPal. You can finde Details from Payout her: https://www.special4you.marketing/de/network-monitor/

Referer Link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb


Referer Link

At this point I say again happy new and I hope you are as good as I was. You were short in 2016?
Have the guts to help me help you!

Payouts are still going on!

Referer Link https://goo.gl/ddF6bb

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