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GetNode | Experiences, information and interesting facts about GetNode

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GetNode | Experiences, information and interesting facts about GetNode

GetNode - Malta Reise auf Segel Jacht

What insights did I get in GetNode?

Starting in January …

Unterhaltung… I asked the sales manager if I would have an insight into the master modes. I have seriously calculated with a no!

Not only based on past experience from 2016. No, also from the perspective that not a single company has allowed this. I thought seriously, inevitably, I would get a rebuff with some excuses why this would not work out. Sensitive data I would understand in this context and also the disclosure of a concept would certainly speak against me this insight into the  Masternode Pool from GetNode to obtain.

Es war Donnerstag und ich war auf das Schlimmste vorbereitet. Mit dieser Einstellung meine ich wirklich vorbereitet. Nämlich in keiner Weise, nicht einen Ansatz, da ich nicht wusste mit welchen Personen ich zu tun habe. Allesamt waren ungeschriebene Seiten eines gerade neu verfassten Buches mit dem Titel: GetNode – Masternode Pool Club

All the more surprising was the answer. I waited two minutes and the sales manager of GetNode answers Friday? When you have time?

I was literally overrun, told the Friday and extended the indication with a time of 19:00. The appointment was sealed.

Would you have thought that? Write me in the comment and your experience to such a request.

The contact got better and better

The March and April …

Kontakte pflegen

… After weeks, we started to understand each other better and better. The contact got better and better and the information flow was completely different than anything I was allowed to get to know. In the meantime, I received information that I can not reveal here even now. I would like to do it, but I do not like to make contact because of possible partners who would positively influence this statement. Money is not everything!

In the time I had not even noticed that I was already with the half team of  GetNode had maintained direct contact. I thought they were partners or customers I talk to. That’s why I was so much more astonished when I recently got to know who I wrote to in Malta. But later, a little more.

I was always able to ask questions in the 7 months GetNode Team and also got a timely response. Thursdays are always at 20 o’clock Webinar, which is held by the sales manager himself. It definitely pays off to come in and use the answer – question and answer session at the end. Everything about the Masternode pool is here to explain. It is also possible to get an appointment with the sales manager to discuss things in private.

The GetNode website was expanding

Anyone who knows the website from the beginning will agree with me, if I say, it is a website that contains the essentials and nothing more. Although I must confess that I thought at the beginning, ok, that’s not serious. I think you felt the same way. In the backoffice, on the other hand, things looked different again. All the data you need are available here. Suggestions for improvements were taken over by the community, as long as they brought benefits for all.

Meanwhile, the website has been expanded so far that you get all the necessary information. It includes a video gallery for clients, where you can look at details again and again, if you need a refresher of knowledge. Also became GetNodes – Masternode Pool

extended with a help system and support of external nature, where all common questions are listed.

Meanwhile, I also know how the system is structured when it comes to safety. The heart of the Masternode pool company is not connected to the public website, which promises maximum security in this area. The wallets are also double and triple hedged. It goes so far that two people have to confirm the release. With subsequent 2FA query using the well-known Google APP.

The Masternode Pool grows

When I started, the pool was barely 200 bitcoins in size and the altcoins were at their highest value this year. Admittedly, my start was not really the best. Now would be a really good time. The Altcoins have arrived on the ground and the first bullish signals (rising prices) are noticeable. I was admittedly a little annoyed, because I should have known, since Chart analysis is not foreign to me. However, I did not know what I know today.

Who participates in the Masternode pool of GetNode receives a pool share, which always remains. From this pool share, the profits of the rewards are calculated to the customers. Let’s say the Altcoin market is falling and its investment goes from zero to zero. Due to the pool share, you still get your rewards and do not go home empty-handed. At this point, I would like to say that a Masternode pool is not a short term investment, but a long term investment. It can be equated with dividends on stocks. Wherever we can say that a Masternode pool can be compared to a stock fund or even Investentfond if you like.

As the Altcoin market rises again, so does the investment. This can also be far above the paid amount. That’s exactly what makes GetNode so commendable. One remains in possession of its added value of bitcoins. If you decide to withdraw, you get back the current value of your Bitcoins, which are taken from the Altcoins, exchanged back into Bitcoin and then land on your own wallet.

Currently, the Masternode Pool includes 2500 bitcoins distributed over 1300 master nodes. And considering that nowhere is a bad article on GetNode, it’s more than commendable.

The stability is impressive

Aufgetürmte SteineDespite the unavoidable price loss of Altcoins, none of the investors has suffered a loss in relation to the initial investment. And that is more than praiseworthy in the market situation. It shows me that the team of GetNode doing the right thing and doing the right jump from the individual Mastersodes well. There have been some masternodes that have disappeared from the market in recent weeks but were not in the portfolio at the time. What I already call a considerable achievement.

Currently, we are at monthly profits at 4 to 6 percent with simultaneous loss of value of Altcoins of 100%. And all this without having to report a loss of your paid bitcoins to a customer.

What is advisable or should you pay attention

Many people pay in euros and can also pay in euros. This is certainly not wrong with the current market movements. This will get you to the ROI faster. If you want to pay more later, for example, when you have your money back in your account, Bitcoin can do that. However, it should not be said that from this point on, the Bitcoin payout can be changed back to Euro. This prohibits the money laundering law in Europe.

Nevertheless, that me GetNode I think it is very positive that we are investing in a very volatile market. I do not like to praise anyone here or powder the ass. I just want to share my experiences to avoid mistakes that I have made in the past. Because in euros, you can quickly return to your invested sum back to the bank account.

My results started to fall over

I wrote down my first experiences with GetNode in February and every opportunity and information I could use publicly made the article what it is today. Also upcoming changes I will continue to record there. I get almost regular positive feedback from visitors like you are. Also requests how to create such a website.

Through this website in connection with mine  Youtube Kanal i was able to persuade many people to at least deal with masternodes and cryptocurrencies. The turnover overturned each month around the threefold and long made statements I had to revise. I’m not really ashamed to change or correct my statements. If you are honest with such an affiliate system, you will not be able to imagine really profitable income. It certainly does not make me rich, but it certainly compensates for my time investing.

Month by month my results tripled and I could not really believe it. So I searched in vain for the so-called hook and have not been there for more than 2 months on the wallet to see if everything is there, where it should be. I trust GetNode to 100% and will certainly go my way further.

The invitation to meet the GetNode team

Inter Continental Hotel Eingang

Not only that, the Masternode pool, or the information that was given to me, was positive. I was invited to come to Malta and get to know the whole team in person. At first I did not quite know what to think of it, even if I got high-altitude flights directly. It was my first big trip and then right across the globe. I was literally overrun by this action.

One of my biggest wishes was made possible for me, in a moment when I did not even think about it in my dream. This does not affect my opinion on GetNode. Believe me or not. I force nobody or try to change your mind.

I’m in Malta, fly for the first time and then directly 2 times in a day. I was paid the flight and that from Paderborn to Frankfurt and from there to Malta. I was beaten for three days. But in a positive way. Although I could not really talk longer, because the whole impressions literally gave me an overstrain of the perception.

Still, I was able to get information that you would not otherwise have received. Maybe you thought, as I really like absent with open mouth around the area and eyes as big as a small child to Disneyland was allowed to walk around.


Das GetNode Team auf Malta - Segeljacht Trip

It was talking to pure investors who could have capital, which I could not capture without paper. The Networker or top sales people gave me views that I would never have achieved. But what stunned me almost the most was the statement that none of those present as Networker saw. Not even as an influencer or something like that.

In spite of the fact that every one of them has an income beyond that, ok, admittedly, it’s not all that far apart when I take today’s viewpoint. But yes, you have to reach these numbers first. We are talking about people who call their own 400,000 Euro investment within the Masternode Pool. Of people who have all backed their existence without GetNode.

I soon realized that everyone did not differentiate widely from the characteristics. On the contrary, I thawed half the time and started looking for the conversation. None of those present was a high-flyer. Nobody thought he was better. But above all, which I noticed very positively that everyone had talked to everyone at eye level and I could understand everything with my bad vocabulary.

My conclusion to GetNode and the world’s largest Masternode pool

Not only that there are people working here who do not need money anymore, to be honest. If you have a team here, which can record its own, but also common successes. I remember the sentence: Drink, eat and have fun! A little later, the following words: But you are frugal. Which shows me that there were people who enjoy the luxury themselves, but are not so far off and lead an excessive party life. They are successful people who know how to set up, run and above all do not just think about their own pockets. Clearly, they also want to earn and lead their children into a secure life. But they do not go over dead bodies. They are down-to-earth, kind-hearted and show competence!


To GetNode itself I stand more positive than ever!

For the Masternode Pool has shown over time that it is profitable even in a huge downtrend. Also, I now know to 100% who perceives which function in GetNode and what conditions this brings with it. And there you can really say that this competence, intelligence and a lot of know-how goes hand in hand.

Admittedly, the yields looked better at the beginning. But no one, as everyone confirms, can influence the market. Or in the case of GetNode, let’s say, we do not want to influence the market. The capital would be available to carry this out, without question. But this would be a double-edged sword and in the end even more losses than you might think. Because if GetNode a coin would rise, the question remains how many investors in this coin would get their deposit out.

GetNode and the team really showed a very positive side to me. And I am someone who was very good contradictions and is triggered by this. What I have not experienced once in the Masternode pool of GetNode.

I’m looking forward to the coming years with GetNode. Yes, I assume that GetNode and a long time is preserved. This statement I make of information and data that I could kindly see. Nevertheless, I advise again not to use capital which is needed to use current bills or other positions that are open. Although I am invested in GetNode with all my working capital. However, I just have to justify this to myself.

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