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GetNode Review | Invest Bitcoin or Fiat in the best Masternode Pool

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GetNode Review | Invest Bitcoin or Fiat in the best Masternode Pool


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Getnode Review Reputably invest Bitcoin cryptocurrency in best masternode pool

If you are interested in Getnode you have come to the right place. Anyone who knows me knows that I am always trying to create a broad and solid portfolio in the crypto market. My aim is to implement long-term and sustainable business models. Getnode fits perfectly into this concept and meets my requirements, and you don’t have to recruit partners to be profitable.

I am an active sponsor who is also involved in support. Here you get an insight into my experiences with the world’s largest masternode pool. Perfectly investing Bitcoins or Euros seriously in order to receive a passive income does not always have to end in a negative way. I’ll show you how you too can be successful in the Masternode Club!

Registration at: https://club.getnode.io

Also read the member reviews at the bottom of the page!

They speak for themselves and give you a neutral insight!

Up to date reviews:

My partners and I have been with Getnode for a few years now and so there are a large number of authentic testimonials here that are worth reading:

Posts here in the blog:

Experience after 14 months


GetNode Review to the best Masternode Pool

After I came across the Masternode Club by chance like many others, I was lucky from September 6th to 9th 2019. to get to know the CEO, the sales manager and the team in Malta. Some information was revealed here that made me trust the company even more, in this business model with the world’s largest pool. I have gained insight into sensitive data and concept information that make this masternode pool what it is. I want to keep the GetNode experience as transparent as possible here. After a good three years, Getnode is a company that has a considerable size and a total volume of well over 2000 Bitcoins distributed over various masternodes. Running your own masternode is one of the best ways to get a regular passive income with cryptocurrencies. For a long time I obtained information and opinions from neutral sources. Basically, when investing in masternode technology, it is better to spread your capital over different projects. Of course, this means a greater expenditure of time, since you have to keep several projects up to date. Above all, you should have basic knowledge of servers to be able to guarantee the security of the nodes. And that’s exactly what this club does for us, so that we can really talk about pure passive income.The club distances itself from MLM and network marketing through its unique affiliate system, which supports Getnode’s customers and does not affect their profits. For networkers, it is an advantage that the passive income does not break off when you are inactive. We are always involved in the profits of the downline for our activities through the affiliate bonus, which is paid from the fees of Getnode that the customer has to pay one way or another. Here the result and the quality of the company speak for themselves. No funds from the deposits will be used for commissions! The company takes 25% of the profit for itself, which covers all costs and also includes the affiliate commission.On February 24th, 2019 John McAfee, the founder of the antivirus program of the same name, announced on Twitter that he is part of this club and is in contact with the team!

Create Bitcoins reputably with the GetNode Club!

Mc Afee mentioned this club on Twitter!


GetNode Review – General Explanation of the best Masternode Pool

It’s actually very simple. You will probably know mining and know that you need special hardware for it. On the one hand, this is very expensive and, on the other hand, the profitability depends very much on the Bitcoin price. The fact that blockchain technology is now recognized by the industry is no longer worth mentioning. The biggest disadvantage, besides the acquisition costs, is the immense power consumption when mining.And this is exactly where the Masternodes technology comes in. It runs on normal, regular servers that require a fraction of the power. Such servers are available for around 30 euros a year and can provide blockchain technology using software. There is no question here which technology will prevail in the industry in the long term.Some projects have been on the market for over four years and are becoming increasingly important. However, these projects are usually very expensive to purchase. For example Dash, whose masternode requires 1000 Dash Coins and costs around 80,000 USD. The Dash Coin, like any other coin, fluctuates in value, and thus the value of the masternodes fluctuates. Nevertheless, the returns always remain the same. Unless the network operator changes the rewards, or a so-called halving takes place. We are paid by a masternode coin operator to increase the security of this network. Security is always increased when another masternode is connected to the network.Masternodes are similar to miners. They check whether, for example, you really have the 2 bitcoins on your wallet. If the 2 bitcoins are available, the masternode sends them from the assigned bitcoins from the wallet connected to the node. While you send your 2 Bitcoin to the masternode again. This process also significantly increases the speed of the transfers.

You can find more information about Masternodes and the advantages that Getnode can offer here in this post:

Masternode hosting – Making money together in a shared masternode pool

How does Masternode technology work?

For this example, let’s take the Key Coin, which stores personal data and related papers in a block, for identification and verification. This coin is not a masternode (Prof of Stake) coin and is operated through mining. Nevertheless, this coin offers significant benefits for companies. The cost/benefit factor through blockchain technology to save on operating costs. The greater the advantage of masternodes on normal servers.

If a company, such as Post-It, is no longer needed because of the key-coin. It is possible to verify yourself directly via this coin using the blockchain. The website operator would only have to integrate the technology into its website and will soon receive all important data and documents. The documents, ID cards and other documents are loaded into a block via a web page interface. This block would have to be matched once, for example electronically with the population registration office. The data is confirmed and marked as checked in the block. Now this block is transmitted to the masternodes and taken over by other masternodes. Because the individual blocks cannot be falsified by hackers, the identity is always unique and does not need to be re-examined. If someone were to change this block now, the other masternodes would indicate that the block is so invalid and will be removed from the network.

For Post-It, it would mean that many employees would become redundant. Yes, I also think it is rather unpleasant for many people to realise this situation, which makes jobs rationalised away. This is all the more important to observe the progress so that you don’t experience any surprises later. Even the office building complex is no longer needed for this. The company thus saves wages, operating costs, and, of course, electricity and job maintenance. I think you’ve understood what this technology enmits. Masternodes can also make this possible, just to a far lower power consumption!

And now ask yourself whether a company would reject this path or dodge blockchain technology. Entire production processes can be logged in this way, are immutable, and therefore always trustworthy, with the knowledge that no one can manipulate them afterwards.

Risk distribution of our Masternode Pool

Low Risk – Good Return | About. 45%

Medium Risk – High Return| About. 35%

High Risk – Extremely Good Return| About. 20%

Good profits but never at the expense of safety!

We want to make big profits for our members, but not at any price. We are therefore looking for sustainable coins and are oriented towards high trading volumes.

We monitor all our masternodes and their coins. If the risk of a coin changes, it is sold and the bitcoin of the members is transferred to other masternodes.

What are the benefits of GetNode?

As with mining, pools have long been a good way to reduce costs for individuals and increase yields. In the mining pool, several miners join forces to calculate the blocks faster and more efficiently to get the coveted 12.5 bitcoin for it. This is called POW(Prof of Work) by the way. It is therefore obvio us to apply this very simple method to Masternode.

In this Business, investors who cannot afford a masternode on their own or do not want to deal with the projects put together the money to raise the required amount of coins. The rewards from the Reward block are then split among all participants in the pool. If e.g. For example, the price of this cryptocurrency, then the operator changes the coins and the nodes.

At this point expensive and time consuming, the best Masternode Pool comes into play for us. Because we’re in a pool that can be seen as a stock fund that we can put it through here. This with the notoriously lower risk from a cryptofund. The masternodes generate the so-called rewards every hour, daily or even with a larger distance, depending on the project. What in turn are dividends in a stock fund. There are 412 different projects with masternodes, with GetNode ca. Has 70 projects in the pool, with a volume of over 1500 Bitcoins. They take care of us working with the servers, as well as selecting and maintaining the projects. In short, we just need to register and send an amount to our own internal wallet. 

The Masternode Pool Operator takes care that we receive a permanent passive income. More than a one-time deposit is not necessary for this, but brings us a passive income to our own wallet every 14 days. I think now you understand how my GetNode Review are thoroughly positive.


What are the advantages of a masternode over mining:

  • no special high-tech hardware is required
  • The setup is much easier
  • the “reputably investment” is made in the form of the required coins
  • the coins are on a wallet and are only locked
  • Masternode do not have an expiration date
  • can be changed at any time
  • require a fraction of electricity
  • maintenance-friendly through server backups
  • no special cooling

Masternode are much more pleasant and since the altcoins are all very cheap at the moment, I have a better feeling with it. Ethereum, for example, also becomes a POS (Proof of Stake) Coin, i.e. also a MasterNode network. Unfortunately, Masternodes are not cheap to purchase and so are not accessible to the general public. Which is probably an obstacle for many and is a thing of the past with the GetNode Club in the future. Because with this Full Managed Masternode Pool, this is definitely part of history. Everything is taken care of and the Americans say: Shoot and forget! (Shoot and forget) Which means nothing else than that you don’t have to worry about anything after the setup. And that’s really a prerequisite, considering that this company is not a bogus company (Ponzi). But down-to-earth people who have already achieved their own goals. Whether by selling a company listed on the stock exchange or by running a family business.

GetNode Information – best masternode pool

The Masternode Pool Provider offers you active management of your masternodes with pool participation for risk diversification. The company was founded in February 2018 and the way the pool exists today was implemented in December 2018. As you have read above, they have become the world’s largest masternode pool. Other companies are coming to the market and investing in coins that Getnode has in their pool portfolio. This means for us for a long time that competition will not only enliven the business, but will also be beneficial for us. 

The special thing about the GetNode Club is that the company keeps spreading new cryptocurrencies and nodes in the pool, which can achieve high returns in a very short time. At the same time, however, investments are being made in a solid foundation to generate a stable income. Thus, a profit of about 1 to 2 percent. Profits of 11% per month have also occurred!


GetNode Limited is headquartered in Malta (CRN: C87214) and the team currently consists of two managing directors: Jirka Lissewski and Patryk Labus, who reputably invest capital them selves, three programmers, a sales manager and two other employees.

  • The term of your deposit is 180 days, after which the deposit amount can be freely allocated. Note that you have to notify Getnode of your intention to withdraw before the 180 days expire, otherwise it will be locked for another 180 days.
  • The payment of your income takes place 14 days a day
  • Every private Masternode user receives the link to the explorer of his personal masternode
  • Through the back office, each member has detailed insight into their individual bookings, income, settlements, etc.
  • No fees for deposits or withdrawals
  • GetNode earns from profits, so it’s best to work in self-interest
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) for stability and seriousness.


The club is already financially very healthy and safe to face with the regulators. The Masternode Pool is the first of several innovative products that drive growth in the portfolio of club members. We can look forward to further developments.

Official kick off

This was on 19.1.2019 in Nuremberg and since then the club has grown to considerable size with numerous satisfied members from all over the world.


The back office of – MasterNode Pool


GetNode Experiences - Masternode Pool - Backoffice


Getnode Billing Masternode Pool

This snippet is from a GetNode Club Managed Pool Account with a Bitcoin reputably Investmen!

This snippet is from a GetNode Club Masternode Pool Account with a Bitcoin investment



Starting now is worth it in my opinion!

The entire crypto market has fallen so low that a clear bottom in the charts can be analyzed. So it may well be that the Masternode capital invested today is worth twice as much in a year. That of course also applies to the profits.

The start is only via recommendation

Registration in the club is only possible by recommendation.

For this purpose, there are 8% of the revenues from the direct customers,
4% from the 2nd Level and
2% from the 3rd Level

The affiliate commissions are tied to the first investment!

It is very important to understand that here the paid-in capital does NOT pay commissions, but only from the income. This also ensures stability and durability.

If the market rises in general and the coins in value, the yields and commissions will also increase, and these will come as long as your partners’ masternode is running.

Participation in the best masternode pool is possible in two ways:

The first option available to us is from 0.2 BTC or 1,000 euros available on this website.

The second option starts at 0.015 BTC and should allow everyone to benefit with the GetNode Club under this website.

The websites are completely in German or English. Support can be reached by e-mail at any time and the responses are usually within 24 hours.

Getnode Review – The customer’s desire to reinvest and still be successful?

Since 26.02.2019, reinvestment has been introduced at the request of the customer and is available with 10 – 20 – 25 – 30… percent available. The reinvest does NOT extend the current 180 days holding period. If new deposits are made from an external wallet or bank account, the 180 days will start for this amount alone. The reinvestment is again linked to the original investment. New customers from 1.4.2019 onwards have the same regulation, except for the reinvest. Here, each reinvest receives its own 180 days. The reason for this is that reinvestments are added to the pool like a normal investment and for example for a period of 4 weeks it is not worth the effort. This is quite understandable with a growing number of members.

Old customers are excluded from this. Whereby one must note that none of these with acquaintance members intend to withdraw the investment.


Video Tutorial – Step by Step 


Bitcoin or Euro for one and withdrawal


Turorial Getnode – The essential guide to diversify your crypto portfolio

Getnode Review – Finally, the best!

I was allowed to view the masternodes and its wallets!
I was allowed to record the meeting, but I am not allowed to make it public. So just contact me once you’re registered for free and I’ll send it to you!

Recently, we were allowed to view a fraction of the masternodes, and with the condition that sensitive data is unrecognizable, we are allowed to publish it. On 1.10.2019 the pool consisted of more than 1300 masternodes and since then it has kept growing…

Exemplary company

This provider is extremely beginner friendly. Who has not yet dealt with Bitcoin and Co, can easily get in contact with the whole topic. So one can begin with a euro deposit and afterwards get the yields in Bitcoin disbursed. But one can then set up a Bitcoin Wallet and see how well the whole thing works. One can recommend here without considering blockchain.info or the Electrum Wallet. The returns are real! They fluctuate and are sometimes higher, sometimes lower. Which is not likely to happen with so many others and you can either assume that the numbers are embellished, or you even put a large part into your own cash box. At Getnode you can, if you are somewhat compliant to read charts, the payouts can be traced on masternodes.online. And this is one of the reasons why I trust Getnode so much. They can explain to you why there is sometimes more or less. And even the CEO says his concerns are 100% reinvested. Where others just say, "Go for it. Here you get a clear explanation of the risk that can come with a 100% reinvest! Totally passive! We only have to change the wallet address or IBAN after registration if we want to use a different account. The rest... automatically! A german company where you get everything explained if you ask nicely. But also really everything! A weekly webinar directly from the sales manager where you can keep up to date or send interested parties. Every two weeks the profits are paid out automatically. Here you don't want to keep the money at the company at any place. ReInvest was only added later on customer request. I don't think it could be more transparent. From time to time you get an insight into the portfolio. Not into the whole, which is probably self-evident. But you can get a partial insight. I was able to look at the wallets and without this insight I would never have started at Getnode. Getnode can be recommended with a clear conscience! I have been active in this field for a while now and have found very little comparable. Actually only two other companies until today. The support is fast and in the company channel there is always someone to answer your questions. This even on weekends and holidays. There many can copy something and I would describe it as exemplary. It arrives and arrives before a ticket takes a little longer. Which is more likely to happen if there are misunderstandings in correspondence. Which in turn will be resolved in a reasonable time. best reguards
- Josef H.

Very positively impressed !

I have been in the private banking business for 20 years and I must say that GetNode impresses me very positively. I came across the GetNode Club because of its extremely professional appearance and started a trial. To my delight, the professionalism extended throughout the entire, uncomplicated registration process. Although I cannot yet report anything about the performance, I have the highest confidence in the very well thought-out overall concept, in the functionality and in the performance. I also like the asset management flexibility through the freely selectable features in the dashboard when logged in and logged in. Also the GetNode community is very nice, helpful and is personally supported by the GetNode team. I don't know of anything comparable so far and I wish that GetNode will continue to move in the desired direction and that you can rely on the planned long-term orientation. For those who are dependent on a German speaking service: At GetNode, even a layman is clearly informed and supported without any frills and without much technical jargon. Therefore, even without medium-term performance proof, I give full stars with a clear conscience because the voices of those who have already experienced the performance for several months speak for themselves in a positive sense.
- Frank

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