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Hellocoins exchange now online – Trade BWI, Bitcoin, Ether and many others

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Hellocoins exchange now online – Trade BWI, Bitcoin, Ether and many others

Hellocoins Krypto Börse - Bitwin24 Exchange von deutschen Unternehmern

Hellocoins exchange now online – Trade BWI, Bitcoin, Ether and many others

Hellocoins exchange now online - Trade BWI, Bitcoin, Ether and many others

This week the release of a new crypto exchange was officially announced. Like many other community members, I signed up with great anticipation, after all many of us can’t wait to start trading our BWI, and I was not disappointed. The exchange presents itself as a professional and well-organized crypto exchange. It was launched by the makers of Bitwin24 and currently covers the most important crypto currencies as well as the Bitwin24 token. The name of this exchange is Hellocoins and the logo is a cat with a crescent-shaped tail, which also represents the letter C in coins.

The following coins will soon be tradable on the Exchange:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH)

Tether (USDT)


Because the exchange is only starting this week, the trading pair BTC-BWI will first be activated. The other coins will follow shortly. The team has also announced that many other popular coins will be tradable on the exchange in the near future.



Hellocoins exchange now online - Trade BWI, Bitcoin, Ether and many othersSigning up with Hellocoins is very easy. All you need to do is an email address, which must then be confirmed. The password is freely selectable and should have the usual security features. Honey89 is not recommended … But, comedy aside, security is becoming more and more important on the internet today, so it is vital to never use the same passwords, to choose sufficiently long and encrypted passwords and above all not to reveal the passwords to anyone.

If you would like to register on the Exchange for free right away, you can do so via this link:

Register HERE for free



Hellocoins exchange now online - Trade BWI, Bitcoin, Ether and many othersThe dashboard looks very modern. You can switch between a dark and a light view, depending on your preference. The four categories “Trade”, “Blog”, “Wallets” and “User” are located in the top bar.

The structure of Hellocoins is similar to the dashboards of the large exchanges and also has all the usual indicators and trading tools in the spot trade window. Similar to Binance, the “pending”, “filled order” and “history” sections are located below the trade statistics. To the right of this you can see the current offers and inquiries. Due to the similarity and the clear structure, the use is intuitive and easy.

The “Blog”

section contains the latest news from the HelloCoins Exchange, as well as crypto-related news. Personally, I find this very helpful, because you can always keep yourself up to date with the BWI development, but also with the remaining tradable currencies.


Hellocoins walletsThe “Wallets” category contains, as the name suggests, the digital wallets of all tradable currencies. At the moment only the “Withdraw” and “Trade” buttons are available, but the “Deposit” function will be activated at the end of the week and then trading can begin.

The last section, the user account, contains the settings including security settings, the trade history and the “Referral Program”.

Referral Program

As with most exchanges, you can generate additional income on the exchange by recruiting new users. On most exchanges, you get a certain share of the trading fees, which of course are due for every trade. These are minimal, but for users who carry out a lot of trades, this can add up. So recommending the Exchange to others is worth it.

Advantages of the Exchange

Hellocoins is the only exchange worldwide where the BWI coin / token can be traded. Anyone who is familiar with the Bitwin24 Lottery system knows that BWI gives players an enormous advantage over “normal” Euro players because they can play two tips for the price of one.

Register HERE for free

What is Bitwin24

Bitwin24 Lotterie beginnt – Erste Ziehung am WochenendeDue to the fact that the BWI plays an essential role on the exchange, a brief explanation of Bitwin24 is appropriate in my opinion, even though “Hellocoins exchange now online – Trade BWI, Bitcoin, Ether and many others” is about the exchange and not the lottery:

BITWIN24 is the world’s first blockchain-based lottery with a referral system. The lottery is forgery-proof and the winning code is drawn on the Bitcoin blockchain. The jackpot is automatically paid out to the participating winners via smart contract. The innovation is that there is not just a winner, but a winning chain “WinChain”. Here, too, there are advantages through recommendation because you earn money from the lottery winnings of the recruited players.

Participation in the lottery is possible with national and crypto currencies. The use of the cryptocurrency (BWI) is rewarded with a price advantage for each ticket. The BWI Coins can be acquired either by mining with Masternodes, staking or by buying them from the exchange.

The possibility to participate with crypto currencies makes the lottery playable worldwide. There are no barriers caused by local currencies. The potential for a steadily growing community of players and correspondingly high jackpots is enormous.

Why was the Hellocoins Exchange started?

As already mentioned, the focus of the Exchange is currently on trading Bitwin24 tokens. These are not absolutely necessary for participation in the Bitwin24 lottery with its multi-million dollar jackpots, but give the player the advantage that he can play two tips for the same money. Bitwin24 could of course have listed the coin on numerous other exchanges, but there were a few arguments in favor of the decision to set up its own exchange:

Bitwin24’s main argument in favor of its own exchange was the desire to initially retain a little more control over their coin in order to protect the company and investors from a possible coin dump. The operators of BitWin24 have years of experience with masternodes and it can be assumed that this step was well contemplated and strategically sensible. On an external exchange, all control over the coin is lost and you quickly find yourself at the merci of speculators, which in turn can easily dump the coin. Of course, this would also affect Bitwin24’s gaming operations and create some problems there.

For the time being, there are no plans to list the BWI Coin on another exchange. Therefore, Hellocoins is the only way to buy BWI and to sell the BWI winnings of the lottery.

Ideas for the future

Because the Exchange will has not officially launched yet, it is of course difficult to make predictions about future developments. Conversations with the developers have shown that if there is a corresponding demand, the BWI will go a long way. However, The exchange is made to function independently, meaning it can also survive without BWI. It is envisaged that the Exchange will become an independent pillar of the entire company, possibly even with its own coin in the future, as many well-known Exchanges already have. I could imagine that the BWI could possibly also receive another use case as a result and become that token, but no information has yet been given on this. As soon as I get any news I will update this page, so make sure to come back to “Hellocoins exchange now online – Trade BWI, Bitcoin, Ether and many others” once in a while.

My thoughts on the Exchange

Like many Bitwin24 investors, I am happy to find a professional trading platform that enables trading with BWI and other coins on the exchange. The further developments in the BWI ecosystem as well as the future plans of the company around the Exchange mean that I can look forward to the coming months with joyful anticipation. Do you also want to become a member of the community? Then register today:

Register HERE for free



This article “Hellocoins exchange now online – Trade BWI, Bitcoin, Ether and many others” is for entertainment, education and information purposes only and is not intended to encourage gambling or investing. Gambling can be addictive, please make sure you are thoroughly informed, before participating, investing or gambling. Did you like this article?  Then feel free to leave a comment.

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