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ICBC Berlin International Cannabis Conference – JuicyFields Title Sponsor

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ICBC Berlin International Cannabis Conference – JuicyFields Title Sponsor

ICBC Berlin International Cannabis Conference – JuicyFields Title Sponsor

ICBC Berlin International Cannabis Conference - JuicyFields TitlesponsorJuicyFields announced it in their last newspaper and now it has come to pass: JuicyFields is the title sponsor at the ICBC in Berlin. This conference will increase the awareness and acceptance of the company enormously and with it most likely accelerate the expansion of the crowdgrowing concept worldwide. In this post I am going to talk in detail about the ICBC in Berlin and explain its importance for the cannabis industry. I am also going to write about the current problems in the international market and make assumptions about how the innovative crowdgrowing concept of JuicyFields can benefit from the conference.

What is the ICBC Berlin?

The “International Cannabis Conference” in Berlin offers first-class networking opportunities for the industry and is the largest B2B specialist event in Europe. With executives, entrepreneurs and policy makers from well over 60 countries, the B2B conference is the premier meeting point for all major cannabis companies interested in doing business in Europe and beyond. At this conference, cannabis companies from all over the world meet to exchange ideas and present their concepts.

Why did JuicyFields become a sponsor?

Of course, I can only guess as to the exact reasons. The JuicyFields’ crowdgrowing strategy is a new concept, which the experts at the ICBC may not yet know. JuicyFields has the opportunity to make a name for itself, acquire new customers and initiate further partnerships in order to take the global export and sale of medical cannabis to a new level.

What does JuicyFields say about it? Taken from the JF Newsletter:

JuicyFields is going to be a Title Sponsor of a very prestigious and the largest European trade show in our industry – International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) with a dedicated Juicy zone solely for us.

This remarkable business event is changing perception and acceptance of cannabis in the world arena and will be held on 7-8-9 July, 2021. This is going to be the 4th edition of the event and it is expected to become a meeting point for over 150 exhibitors and sponsors as well as 1000 visitors. Previously this trade show succeeded to unite executives, entrepreneurs and policymakers from over 60 nations that are serious about doing business in the European sphere and beyond.

Impact on the cannabis industry

According to Dr. Raphael Mechoulam there are still many problems in Europe and worldwide that have to be solved around the topic of medical cannabis and CBD products. The ICBC provides an opportunity for exchange and dicussion for all entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry and the legal cannabis trade. Many logistical difficulties are currently still making imports into most European countries difficult, which leads to an undersupply of medical cannabis for pharmacies there. The legal situation for the cannabis market is also frequently endangered, because many countries, including the EU Commission, are still struggling with this issue. For example, according to the Taz[1], the EU Commission is still considering a classification of CBD as a narcotic, although the WHO sees it completely differently:

The assessment of the commission stands in stark contrast to the assessment of the WHO, which does not determine any potential for dependence, danger or abuse for CBD. (Taz)

Although the ICBC will not be able to change the opinion of the EU Commission and other critics directly, the discourse of the experts may ensure an even better presentation of the industry to the public, which in turn could also convince some of the critics. In addition, cooperation between concurring companies could potentially simplify import and export problems.

My thoughts on ICBC Berlin International Cannabis Conference – JuicyFields Title Sponsor

I am curious to see what results the conference in July will bring to light. One thing is for sure, it will make JuicyFields better known and new partners and e-growers will join the community. JF has already done a great job in winning new partners and e-growers these past few months and I am sure that as long as crowdgrowing remains successful, their expansion will continue. 

If you liked the article “ICBC Berlin International Cannabis Conference – JuicyFields Title Sponsor”, please leave a comment. If you are new to JuicyFields, you will find everything you need to know about the company in the following article. It’s worth reading!

[1] [1] https://taz.de/EU-erwaegt-CBD-Verbot/!5727052/ , visited on 24.02.21

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