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Juicy Fields | CANNABIS VEXPO & Industry Overview

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Juicy Fields | CANNABIS VEXPO & Industry Overview

CANNABIS VEXPO & Industry Overview

Juicy Fields CANNABIS VEXPO & Industry Overview

Cannabis Virtual EXPO is the largest and most comprehensive international exhibition from beautiful South Africa, attended by experts from the health and agricultural sectors.

It took place from 26th to 28th November and Juicy Fields would certainly not have allowed himself the luxury of missing such a big event with some great speakers. Whether Cannergrow or BioMindX present, I cannot say.

The topics of the program ranged from cannabis processing and cultivation techniques, legal aspects in different countries, common challenges, to undoubtedly healing miracles that cannabis is capable of.

We thought you might like some first-hand insights from the participants of the CANNABIS VEXPO & Industry Overview preserved.
In general, all major companies agree that the market is about to lift off, as many countries are gradually recognizing amazing benefits (and profits) from medical cannabis and are reducing their restrictions.

SWOT-Analysis of the cannabis industry

In this sense, it was gratifying to see that companies in the cannabis industry continue to develop intelligent technologies and focus on quality assurance aspects.

If we summarize the views of the key speakers at the VEXPO in a SWOT analysis, it looks something like this:


  1. Health benefits
  2. Consumer-oriented and motivated
  3. New for many countries


  1. Strict regulations
  2. Unequal legal environment for
  3. different countries
  4. Negative perceptions and scars
  5. Lack of adequate training in
  6. Reference to the application for
  7. medical and / or leisure properties


  1. New business horizons and huge market
  2. Large field for innovation
  3. Large industry to create a small or medium sized company


  1. Overregulation and extreme
  2. Government attention
  3. Accessibility due to some
  4. legal changes
  5. Lack of adequate cooperation
  6. Product Integrity

In other words, another mission of Juicy Fields as a responsible corporate citizen and leader is to educate people. In addition, we are also the ones who are responsible for the product we use our brand for. Given that demand drives supply, there is a possibility that some companies will sacrifice quality for quantity. This can lead to very undesirable results and cast a shadow on the entire medical cannabis industry.

European progress from the Israeli perspective

One of the most imaginative presentations was given by Roei Zerahia, co-founder of the first experienced cannabis company in Israel and former CEO of Canndoc’s company that became the first and largest publicly licensed Israeli manufacturer (INCR.TA) in 2018. Roei proved once again he supports other speakers that the future development of the cannabis industry will increase, with Europe leading the way.

The main focus here was certainly on the rapid progress of the industry in Israel, when in 2008 everything started to treat Roei as a drug dealer, although he had all the official licenses and went public, recognition and conclusion through changes in the regulations that now allow cannabis on a prescription system.

One of the biggest highlights in 2020 was the first official import and export of cannabis flowers, paving the way for a lucrative industry.

Juicy moves with the flow

As this turbulent year comes to an end, it is safe to say that the only certainty is uncertainty, isn’t it?

Perhaps not, as we have seen from the CANNABIS VEXPO & Industry Overview many economies are opening up to the medical marijuana industry, as seen here in South Africa and Israel.

Juicy’s adventure officially began earlier this year. The ubiquitous surprise is that crypto and cannabis are not only survivors, but also contenders.
While economies and traditional investments tremble, cannabis remains strong, legislation and legalization continue to drive the strengthening of a high-profile industry, and Juicy Fields continues to forge collaborations and partnerships that are part and parcel of this.

For the positive among us, we would say that 2020 was the beginning of the Green Revolution. Amazing growth to 30,000 members with a high percentage of e-growers, enabling us to create better business partnerships for our community.

But 2021 looks even better. With new and stronger relationships on the way, allowing for a stronger presence for the Juicy range. From humble Juicy Flash to the king of cultivators with Cannabis Asset Management Services and more, don’t miss Juicy Rush.

South African market overview

Juicy Fields-Master Grower und Berater aus Südafrika – Thomas Walker hat noch mehr Einblicke in den Markt und die Branche gewonnen und eines der schnell wachsenden und vielversprechenden Unternehmen hervorgehoben – Cilo Cybin – the leading company in the bio-pharmaceutical sector with a focus on holistic delivery for healthcare solutions. One of the SA-based divisions not only has production and extraction facilities, but is also licensed to produce medical grade cannabis with an approximate yield of 100 kg – 120 kg of dried cut flower per month!

The replanting of cannabis in South Africa

On May 22, 2020, cannabis as a whole as well as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) were moved. This allows constitutionally private use and personal care. The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) has now officially changed the planning of cannabis and certain cannabinoids to reflect the 2018 Constitutional Court ruling that sections of the 1965 Medicines and Related Substances Act were unconstitutional under certain circumstances.


CBD is now a Schedule 4 drug, unless the package sizes are less than 600 mg and the single doses are less than 20 mg. Products below these thresholds are classified in Annex 0 as complementary medicinal products which “are included with certain provisions as part of complementary medicine (category D) or as part of it”. These changes in planning will force CBD manufacturers to register their businesses as drug manufacturers. They must also register their products with SAHPRA.

Ricky Stone, a legal expert on the cannabis industry, said: “They will clearly hit CBD hard. It is very dangerous for players in the CBD area. “

THC and Hemp

The psychoactive cannabinoid THC has been moved to Annex 6 to allow the commercial cultivation, export and local sale of a cannabis-derived drug. The removal of cannabis from Schedule 7 is very good news for potential commercial cannabis growers.

The previous classification placed psychoactive cannabis and hemp in the same category for which a license was required to produce drugs for cannabis cultivation.

South African License Holders

By November 29, 2020 SAHPRA has issued more than 20 licenses for cannabis production. Combine this with the low labor costs, abundant sunshine, excellent climate and the expertise of a first-class South African producer, and you have the recipe for success.


This brings us to the end in the insight of CANNABIS VEXPO & Industry Overview


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