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Juicy Fields GmbH | Northern Macedonia opens its heart to Juicy Fields

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Juicy Fields GmbH | Northern Macedonia opens its heart to Juicy Fields

Hello to our dear followers, e-breeders and cannabis lovers,

Today we focus on the Central European country …

… recently visited by Alan Glanse, the captain of Juicy Fields (Juicy Fields GmbH).


First of all there is a wonderful reason to celebrate Northern Macedonia, where new opportunities are open for cannabis entrepreneurs and all parties interested in the development of the medical cannabis industry in the Central European country.

For this reason Alan had planned to visit Northern Macedonia, where he had a business meeting with “5-letters“- company and started negotiations in early 2021 to obtain the first crop – just when the export of medical cannabis will be legally possible.

The growing conditions of the 5-letter facilities are perfectly suited for the cultivation of the 2 out of 4 Juicy (Juicy Fields GmbH) categories:


Juicy Flash Category – Chocolate Chunk

THC 17 – 22% / CBD 0.01 – 0.05%

With the legendary Chocolate Chunk, every trip to the adult room feels like you’ve found the golden ticket.  With a definite kush base, this pure Indica melts in your mouth and sticks to your hands.  Chocolate Chunk is a thick, deep green leaf with fat, dense buds. Due to its fast flowering and “single cola” growth pattern it is quite easy to grow. Grow this out and you will feel like Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. *

Juicy Mist Category – MOB

THC 19 – 24% / CBD 1%

MOB ™ aka mother of berries.  An east coast legend, which was brought to Amsterdam via the Boston seed bank where she originated.  MOB ™ is an incredibly fast, short and fat plant.  It looks different than you are used to, a little purple and crazy pink and it is full of terpenes.  This 100% Indica gives a unique taste like nothing you have ever smelled or tasted before.  The first entry from MOB ™ was at the prestigious Expo Grow Cannabis Cup in Irún 2015 – it won 2nd place in the Indica category. *

* Source: an official presentation of the 5-letter company

In general, 5-Letters is an expert company for the production of safe and effective cannabis in the form of food, concentrates, oils and other extracts that are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Such a strong partner for our (Juicy Fields GmbH) in the middle of Europe is definitely a good move for the whole crowdgrowing movement.

Secondly, Northern Macedonia was the meeting point for Alan with an outstanding international consultant in the field of medicinal cannabis – Shlomo Booklin.

Shlomo is a true expert in horticulture, floriculture and ornamental plants as well as greenhouse management, operation and sustainable gardening practices according to the high standards of GACP and EU-GMP.

An impressive 35 years of experience around the world includes a prestigious position as Master Grower for Tilray in Canada and MedReleaf in Canada, followed by European cannabis companies in Portugal, Greece, Northern Macedonia and other countries, such as international projects in Barbados, Colombia, South Africa, Germany, Australia (3.5 years) and Portugal (10 years in a large production facility).

This makes Shlomo overall a dream consultant in the field of medical cannabis.  To open a curtain, we can say that you can expect some news about a new role for Shlomo in Juicy Fields – Juicy Fields GmbH.

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