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Juicy Fields information – JuicyFields farms around the world

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Juicy Fields information – JuicyFields farms around the world

Juicy Fields Informationen - Den Cannabis Sorten weltweit auf der Spur Beitragsbild

Tracking JuicyFields

Whoever trusts others too little is afraid in every corner; whoever builds too much on others wakes up with horror. They are only separated by a light fence, the two causes of concern: Too much and too little trust, they are kin (Wilhelm Busch)

Juicy Fields Information - JuicyFields Farms around the World

One of my biggest shortcomings is my quick enthusiasm when it comes to new investments, hobbies and other areas of interest. I find it very difficult to control myself at first and it is hard for me not to jump onto every train that passes. On the other hand, I have friends who are too hesitant and who lose many opportunities and experiences in life as a result. Because I know that, I have now created a repertoire of actions that is tailored to me and which I (mostly) stick to. Even with my investment in JuicyFields. I have been investing in JF since the end of last year and hadn’t given much thought to it at first because I got in with small amounts. At first it was only important to me that JF is registered in the German commercial register and that JF has at first glance the necessary licenses to legally sell medical cannabis. Most of us know JuicyFields, as I did at first, as a pure medical cannabis investment, if at all. And that is enough for many. With growing interest and increasing investments, this was not enough for me personally in the long run, which is why I set out to examine the background of the company “JuicyFields” a little more closely. Those of us who have signed up on the website know that there are four different plants to choose from: Juicy Flash, Juicy Mist, Juicy Kush and Juicy Haze, and that you get a substantial return on selling your crop. But how exactly does it work and where are these plants planted? Is there even enough space to grow to cope with the rapid increase in orders or is the whole thing just a scam? I will devote myself to these and other questions in this article and try to answer them as best I can. In particular, I will go into detail about the cultivation locations.

The Juicy Fields Partner and Subsidiary System

JuicyFields is a platform that connects people with medical cannabis companies looking for funding. Our platform gives you the opportunity to make money by helping small businesses in the cannabis industry expand and improve. The aim of our project is to create a global brand for the manufacture of medical cannabis products (vapes and oils). (https://juicyfields.io/faq translated from German)

Juicy Fields Information - JuicyFields Farms around the World

This quote is the answer to the first question in the FAQ on the JuicyFields homepage. The text, which is kept quite short, roughly reflects what, in my opinion, is the core of the JuicyFields business concept. The company is actively investing in small, possibly as-yet-unknown companies that are on the verge of or have already made the leap into the cannabis industry. On the one hand, they benefit from the yields of the plants, both their own and that of the CrowdGrower. On the other hand, a constant influx of investments enables the company to expand globally. But why is global expansion an advantage? Wouldn’t it be easier to just focus on one location? What are the advantages of direct participation in partner companies? After reading the JuicyFields Greenpaper several times, I came to several conclusions.

  1. By actively investing in companies, you can at the same time actively intervene in the company’s development process and initiate changes where it is deemed necessary, which in turn can be profitable for both, because …
  2. … both sides benefit from the cooperation; the plantation gets more orders and becomes more competitive and JF has a reliable partner who puts his interests first.
  3. The investment improves the product, which leads to more demand and better returns.
  4. By investing in multiple subcontractors, JuicyFields can minimize the risk of failure. Because even if, according to JF, the plants are all insured, in my opinion most insurances do not offer any protection against failure due to political changes and legislation, which is why it is obvious …
  5. …not to limit production capacities to one location or country. Legislative changes rarely affect several countries at once.

In total, in my opinion, it is the above-described interdependence between JuicyFields and the partner companies that gives JF the competitive advantage over its competition that is described in the green paper. The cannabis market is still highly profitable and those who secure competitive advantages today will be able to assert themselves against the competition even in bad times.

In the following, I will describe the partner companies and go into things such as cultivation area, licenses and qualifications, but I make no claim to have all the information there is.

Juicy Fields Erfahrungen – Top Rendite mit Cannabis Crowdgrowing

Ich stelle vor: Juicy Fields Das Wachstum im Cannabismarkt wird von einigen Analysten in den nächsten Jahren

The partners – Juicy Fields information

Sabores purpura

The “Sabores Purpura” farm is located in the south of Portugal, more precisely in the Faro district.

Juicy Fields information -  JuicyFields farms around the worldThe CEO of the company is Miguel Silva, who became aware of the cultivation of cannabis plants through personal experience with diseases. What once began as a strawberry farm developed into a multilateral, diversified agricultural operation in 2019 with the receipt of the Portuguese license to grow medicinal cannabis. According to the MMJDAILY, Portugal is moving more and more into the focus of the cannabis industry due to the favorable and tolerant laws for cannabis cultivation on the one hand and the optimal climatic conditions on the other. In Portugal it is possible to grow high quality medical grade cannabis strains while maintaining a low carbon footprint.

Therefore, the Portuguese private company has its sights set on the manufacture of high-quality, safe cannabis products for the medical industry. The path to success has already been paved, as the company completed standardization in 2019 and is already producing on a large scale.

According to my information, the Juicy Flash plants of Juicy Fields are mostly grown in Sabores Purpura at the moment. As far as I know, the Juicy Flash plant is the best-selling plant in the range, so this location should be of general interest. Sabores Purpura builds on many years of experience with the cultivation of useful plants in greenhouses. Outwardly, however, strawberries and cannabis are both very strictly regulated and require meticulous work. Both plants are grown in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) -compliant greenhouses, whereby glass panes had to be converted for cannabis cultivation. The success in the production of high quality strawberries is now carried over to the cultivation of cannabis plants and so Sabores Purpura was able to handle the transition well.

sabores pupuraFrom February 2021, the cultivation area will be expanded by a further 5000 sqm. In addition, a joint 13500 sqm production complex will be built in Portugal, for which the first steps have been officially approved by both parties. Of course, not all aspects of growth are created equal. Some studies have been carried out on lighting, humidity and temperature to ensure an optimal harvest. As with all plants, the more precise the work, the more efficient the cultivation and thus the yield. Because the cannabis industry is still in its infancy, many processes are permanently optimized. But there are also opportunities in this. If companies like Sabores Purpura operate efficiently and well thought-out, they can create market advantages that have long been impossible in other agricultural sectors.


KannabyteThe Colombia-based Kannabyte impresses with its modern and professional web presence. The support is also very good, and I received an answer after a few days. There are currently more than 15,000 m² available for growing cannabis plants and, according to the company, the production capacity is far from being fully utilized. The website shows the advantages of a cannabis plantation in Colombia. The favorable climatic conditions combined with low labor costs allow efficient and profitable cultivation. I suspect that obtaining import licenses from Colombia is the bigger obstacle here, but as far as I know, Juicy Fields has already succeeded.

Furthermore, Kannabyte advertises that all plants produced there are traceable. This will be made possible by a blockchain app by registering every plant on the blockchain. A very interesting concept that I will definitely deal with in more detail. In addition to the cultivation license, Kannabyte also has licenses for oil extraction and for the production of processed products. In addition to JuicyFields, Kannabyte also mentions another major client on the website, “Live Alive”. They offer CBD products for medical treatment on their website.

5 letters – Macedonia 

5 letters Juicy Fields Information

*UPDATE* Juicy Fields is currently not working with 5 letters anymore as far as we know.

The agricultural company 5 Letters is located in the southern part of North Macedonia on the R1306 southeast of Krusevo. Surrounded by fields on one side and a wooden area on the other, high-quality cannabis plants are grown here in a large greenhouse. A joint 9,000 square meter plant in North Macedonia is being planned and, together with the acquisition of a share in the company, which currently has around 56,000 square meters available, will significantly increase production volumes and capacities. According to its own information, 5 Letters’ medical cannabis facility complies with EU GMP standards. 5 Letters is committed to creating safe and effective cannabis that is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. They too strive to be the world’s leading provider of legal cannabis. The team of experts has many years of experience in the cannabis industry. In combination with the capacities for growth, processing and export available at 5 Letters, the company sees itself in a position to always supply its customers with medical cannabis of the highest quality.

Dutch Pharmaceutical solutions

Die Dutch Pharmaceutical solutions (DPS) Unternehmen mit einer 37.986 Quadratmeter großen Farm im Kanton San Carlos, gelegen in der Provinz Alajuela in Costa Rica, wird nun mit dem Anbau unserer beliebtesten JuicyFlash-Kategorie beginnen.

Am Rande sei erwähnt, dass der CEO von DPS – Peter Kruissen – sich uns bei der AMA-Sitzung vorstellte und uns in einem Live-Call schnell die Anlagen zeigte.

Generell kann das Team von DPS auf eine lange Geschichte erfolgreicher Arbeit in der Landwirtschaft, Agroforstwirtschaft und Pharmaindustrie in den Niederlanden, Costa Rica und Nicaragua zurückblicken.

Früher hat sich das Unternehmen auf den Anbau der Raicilla-Pflanze spezialisiert, die ein hochwirksames Mittel gegen Krebs ist, und jetzt hat sich der Schwerpunkt der weiteren Entwicklung aus vielen Gründen in Richtung medizinisches Cannabis verschoben. Der wichtigste Grund dafür ist das beschleunigte Wachstum der Industrie, die höheren staatlichen Zuschüsse und die wirtschaftlichen Perspektiven, wenn man bedenkt, dass Raicilla eine Ernte in drei Jahren produziert, während Cannabis drei Ernten pro Jahr liefert.

Ab heute sind die Hauptgebäude und Gewächshäuser bereits errichtet und erlauben uns, 100 Klone von JuicyFlash pro Woche zu pflanzen, die mit der Zeit auf bis zu 1000 Klone pro Woche anwachsen werden.

Während das oben skizzierte Design bereits ausgeführt wurde, ist der nächste Schritt der Bau der zusätzlichen brandneuen Gewächshäuser mit vollautomatischen Systemen, Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum sowie einem Labor.

Basierend auf der Analyse von Thomas Walker – JuicyFields Chef-Cannabis-Agronom – sind diese Einrichtungen vollständig konform für die wichtigsten Vorgänge, wie Ernte, Trimmen, Eintopfen, Umpflanzen und Lagerung, die alle auf einem hohen Qualitätsniveau durchgeführt werden können.

Thomas: “Die Kombination aus biologischen Kontrollen und organischen Pestiziden, die zusammen mit 1000-Watt-HPS-Lampen eingesetzt werden, sorgt für hervorragende Ergebnisse”.

Future plans – cannabis plants in South Africa, Mexico and Costa Rica

Latest JuicyFields Information: According to its newsletter, JF has entered the final round of negotiations with CiloCybin in South Africa that will expand facilities for the crowdgrowing movement.

Juicy Fields information -  JuicyFields farms around the worldHard work is being done on contingency and growth plans and it is expected that the area available will be expanded to up to 80,000 square meters thanks to the new partners from South Africa, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Therefore, Costa Rica is the next country Thomas Walker is going to on behalf of Juicy Management because, as indicated in the January 11th newsletter, Costa Rica is moving towards the legalization of medicinal cannabis strains and that motivates JF to come to Costa Rica to take advantage of the opportunities and establish JuicyFields there in advance.

A farm with 37,986 square meters and 4 zones of greenhouses, which are divided by levels, is available for cultivation and is the first stop of the visit. The owner of the farm wants to develop and make his land available for medicinal cannabis cultivation. The farm used to specialize in the organic cultivation of the medicinal plant Raicilla (Psychotria Ipecucuanha). This is plant material that is used for the extraction of alkaloids, which are currently in great demand as botanical medicinal agents for the phytopharmaceutical industry. And now the property owner has decided to take a big step forward and open the doors to cannabis. The logic behind the landlord’s decision is quite simple – Raicilla produces 1 crop in 3 years as opposed to cannabis which produces 3 crops in 1 year.

In mid-January, the development of two bespoken greenhouses from the Netherlands was commissioned, which were specially designed for tropical areas. The construction has 60 mm pipes, permanent roof ventilation with optional side ventilation and an optional cover with various solar EVA films. This type of greenhouse will be 5.5 meters high and up to 8 meters wide. The final project draft has yet to be approved by Thomas Walker. I will keep you posted on more Juicy Fields information!

Buyer / sales partners

Little is known about the buyers or sales partners. It will soon be announced that JuicyFields is entering into a cooperation with LC Medical from Berlin. So far there has been very little information on this on the official channels, the whole thing will be published in a newsletter shortly.

According to some JF Insiders, the other partners to whom JuicyFields sells medicinal cannabis plants do not yet want to be named. Since there are currently major shortages in the cannabis market and since the competition is always on the move, this is understandable. However, I hope that this will become a little more transparent in the foreseeable future.

CONCLUSION: Juicy Fields information – JuicyFields farms around the world

The result of my hours of research and email writing is less than I had hoped for and yet reassuring. I was confirmed that the plantations named by JuicyFields exist, that they work with JF and that they have sufficient capacity to support the growth in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, JuicyFields is constantly developing new businesses and converting them for cannabis production. There is no end in sight to the expansion of cooperation in the future either. New partners in South Africa, Mexico and Costa Rica are almost ready. The buyers prefer to remain in the dark; but if that is their wish, I must accept it that way. In this respect, the upcoming cooperation with LC Medical is possibly a start towards more transparency in the cannabis market. I am still curious to see how JuicyFields will turn the cannabis industry upside down in the years to come and I will definitely stay tuned in. Did you like my article “Juicy Fields information – JuicyFields farms around the world”? Then leave me a comment or take a look at my JuicyFields investment article: https://www.special4you.marketing/en/juicy-fields-review-medical-cannabis-investment-opportunities/


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