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Juicy Fields | Newsletter Achieve goals – Sabores Purpura, Kannabyte, CiloCybin 

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Juicy Fields | Newsletter Achieve goals – Sabores Purpura, Kannabyte, CiloCybin 

Juicy Fields – Achieve goals

Hello, our dear e-grower,

We hope today’s newsletter puts you in high spirits as it tells you about our ambitious plans, our facilities will expand up to 20,000 square meters in the first half of 2021 and there will be up to 10,000 kg of fresh cannabis to harvest by May 2021!

This may sound like a Mission Impossible at first, until you know exactly what to do. Sure, there are so many unforeseen circumstances that can occur at any time, causing delays and creating obstacles. That’s why Juicy Fields is proactively acting in different directions to multiply its facilities and expand with plan changers in mind.

Moreover, the planned 10 tons of harvest that we want to reach in May will be achievable thanks to our current partners, of which you can see a brief overview below.

Sabores Purpura in Portugal will expand its cultivation area by another 5000 sqm starting in February. There will also be a joint 13500 sqm production complex in Portugal, for which the first steps have been officially approved by both parties.

In addition, a joint 9000 sqm facility in Northern Macedonia, together with Juicy Fields’ acquisition of a stake in the local company, will significantly increase our production volumes and capacity.

The same number of square meters will be added by our Colombian Kannabyte partner due to the signing of a LOI (Letter of Intent) with Juicy Fields and the receipt of a legal quota for the cultivation of THC-enriched products.

At the same time, we have entered the final round of negotiations with the company CiloCybin in South Africa, which will lead to an increase in the size of the facilities for our crowdgrowing movement.

We told you that we are working hard on our contingency and growth plans, so we expect to expand our footprint up to 80,000 meters thanks to our new partners from South Africa, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Therefore, Costa Rica is the next country Thomas Walker is going to on behalf of Juicy Management, because that’s exactly where we plan to harvest 0.5 kg of fresh MJ from 1 square meter.

As we indicated in our January 11 newsletter, Costa Rica is moving towards the legalization of medical cannabis and this motivates Juicy Fields to move to Costa Rica to take advantage of the opportunities and establish Juicy Fields there in advance.



A farm with 37,986 square meters and 4 zones of greenhouses divided by levels is available for cultivation and is number one for our visit, considering that the owner of the farm wants to develop and make his lands available for medical cannabis cultivation.

Previously, the farm specialized in the organic cultivation of the medicinal plant Raicilla (Psychotria Ipecucuanha). This is plant material used for the extraction of alkaloids, which are in high demand at the moment as botanical medicinal agents for the phytopharmaceutical industry. And now the property owner has decided to take a big step forward and open the doors to cannabis.

The logic behind the landlord’s decision is quite simple – Raicilla produces 1 crop in 3 years as opposed to cannabis, which delivers 3 crops per 1 year.

Today, we have commissioned the development of two custom greenhouses from the Netherlands, specifically designed for tropical areas. The design features 60mm tubes, permanent roof ventilation with optional side ventilation, and optional cover with various solar EVA films. This type of greenhouse will be 5.5 meters high and up to 8 meters wide. The final project design has yet to be approved by Thomas Walker.





Sabores Purpura

It is absolutely clear that when the economy of many countries is very shaky, it creates great opportunities to start a new business that already has a demand for its products and not enough supply or choice in the market. Many governments understand this and are adjusting their legislation in favor of medical cannabis. Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado, who is on the same page, will support the bill that refers to the cultivation, production, industrialization and commercialization of medical cannabis and its products or derivatives.

The bottom line is that with the help of Juicy Fields you can switch from cultivating certain types of plants to others. We will take care of everything to create the ideal conditions for growing baby cannabis clones. If any of our newsletter readers know of farmers interested in making their lands available.

The long-awaited changes are just around the corner, creating new opportunities for all parties – farmers, landowners, medical research and development companies, and distributors alike.

Juicy Fields is striving to achieve the big goals that will lead to some fancy rewards and win-win outcomes for all involved.

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