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Juicy Fields | Preliminary results to date

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Juicy Fields | Preliminary results to date

Hello, to all happy juicers!

We have decided,

some of Juicy Fields preliminary results

 to summarize briefly since we started the entire Juicy movement.

Juicy Fields preliminary results

Larger areas

The area has been increased from the original 1200 m² from 22 March 2020 to 5000 m² of floor space to date, 74% of which is actively used.

The most important growing partners we currently have are – Kannabyte in Colombia, 5-letters in Northern Macedonia and Sabores Púrpura in Portugal.

However, we are not planning to settle for what we have so far. Therefore another 32000 m² are almost ready to join the established Juicy Fields areas.

Facilities and the team of Kannabyte, Juicy Fields partner in Colombia


Juicy Fields-Partner in Northern Macedonia

Facilities of Sabores Púrpura in Portugal

Juicy Fields preliminary results of new business offerings

In addition to square meter growth, Juicy Fields also likes money growth and the creation of win-win projects for our e-breeders.

We have two equally unique opportunities for the biggest fans and business-oriented users who are willing to make serious investments starting at 50,000 Euros in Juicy Danish or Juicy Africa projects. For more information please contact Robin Silver (ask here for your sponsor) after you have provided him with your POF (Proof of Funds) documents so that we can identify a legitimate business interest.

Rich harvests, week after week

Many of our electric growers are curious about how things really work in Juicy plants, considering that this production is the soul and heart of our movement.

Here are the numbers from our regular records:

Juicy Flash – The smallest harvest was registered on September 10th and was 46 grams from one plant, while 54 grams is our largest harvest to date, harvested in July.

Juicy Mist – The record harvest brought us 157 grams on August 28th, while the most modest harvest was 153 grams on September 18th.

Juicy Kush – leads with 236 grams from one plant on September 19, while the smallest harvest on September 7 was 200 grams.

Juicy Fields preliminary results in horizontal growth

JuicyFields recognizes the importance of strategic office locations in different countries and continents to help us achieve our goals faster.

For this reason, JuicyFields management selects countries that are strategically important, have great potential and favorable legal conditions for our business.

The first coworking offices were opened in Berlin and Malta, followed by Portugal. And it is worth noting that the latter is the proud holder of export and import licenses for high THC products.

Figuratively speaking, we also hold the keys to the new office in Zug, Switzerland and are almost ready to open another one in Spain this year!

Juicy Fields Locations

Juicy Fields has another company in Berlin that works exclusively in the medical cannabis niche and has developed the brand new JuicyMed app we have all dreamed of! This application is a perfect platform that connects doctors and patients around the world.

Can you imagine an ideal application that responds almost instantly in our industry? This is exactly what JuicyFields is developing under the attentive guidance of

Philip J. Cenedella, which is a international consultant for business development and is a respected consultant of the project.

Philip J. Cenedella and Alan Glanse

Although 4 official hubs look pretty impressive in 9 months, we want to go one step further and create another secret club for our e-breeders, MJ lovers, real breeders and fans of the movement.

We can be curious what else will be offered here!

I wish you a nice week with this Juicy Fields preliminary results and have a good time!


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