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Juicy Fields | Product catalog on the market was now published

Geld verdienen im Internet

Juicy Fields | Product catalog on the market was now published

Juicy Fields product catalog on the market

Hey, hey, e-growers,

Winter is almost here and we try to keep you warm and fresh with our Juicy-News as always!

This time we have some very special news to deliver, related to the launch of our exquisite range of high THC products under the new Juicy-High brand.

Congratulations to all MJ lovers, e-growers and crowdgrowing participants!

Juicy Fields product catalog on the market

We believe that we have all been waiting for this day to come when we can see the concrete results of our joint efforts in the form of an attractive product range made from merged Juicy-Fields clones!

We will keep the web address of the catalog secret for now to keep some intrigue a little longer, but we can promise you that it will be published very, very soon and you will see categories such as candy, oils and extracts that heal and strengthen the immune system, beauty and personal care that we know can work wonders. There will also be a Juicy Fields branded clothing section with the most popular items (hoodies, t-shirts, face masks, etc.).

Below are some of the Juicy High product concept elements from the Juicy Fields product catalog on the market.

Juicy Buds

Fresh buds from the Juicy-Fields greenhouses from your favorite Juicy strains called


Juicy High Vape Capsules

The beautiful aromas of Juicy-High-THC with enriched Vape capsules, terpenes like pine, citrus, mint and others will almost inspire and delight your senses.


This 10% THC rich Juicy High Tea will not only surprise you with a rich taste of your choice, but will also help your nervous system by filling your body with antioxidants.

It is also a great help with gastrointestinal disorders.


Juicy High chocolate bars are worth placing on the same shelf with famous Swiss chocolate. But thanks to a light pinch of cannabis they are much more delicious and appealing to try. So we are all the more pleased to bring Juicy Fields product catalog on the market.


Delicious Juicy High chewing gum, enriched with MJ, should improve your mood and make your everyday life a little sweeter.


Juicy High oils and extracts are highly concentrated with CBC, THC and CBD, which are made from a beautiful bouquet of four oils – starseed, olive, mixed cannabinoids and jojoba. This combination removes an unwanted oily appearance and provides a silky feel.

We will also have several categories with different uses.


The main advantage of Canna suppositories is a high absorption rate of up to 70%. This JuicyHigh solution metabolizes by avoiding the liver, thus protecting it. At the same time this product is very effective against migraine, back pain, muscle aches and other aches and pains.

These were just the highlights of a forthcoming catalog, and yet we can already see the power of cannabis.

With the Juicy Fields product catalog on the market, we can imagine that other suppliers will have to follow suit. What is the saying? Competition stimulates business. And I think the market could use that and I am curious about how Juicy Buds will be marketed in the EU.

Most of the product categories are aimed at retailers and wholesalers with appropriate trading licenses. We are working for a universal legalization of medical cannabis, but we can only work within the legal limits and without exceptions.

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