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Juicy Fields Review – Extreme Profits Possible?

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Juicy Fields Review – Extreme Profits Possible?

juicy fields erfahrungen 100 Prozent rendite, Juicy Fields Review Extreme Profits Possible

Juicy Fields Review – A new plant

Oops I did it again. Recently, at a spontaneous moment, I decided not to follow my original plan. My plan had been to wait for my first harvest at the end of December and then buy more if all went well. I didn’t stick to that and over the weekend gave myself a second helping of plants. (As a reminder, one plant only costs 50 Euros so its not a big deal) I do not think I’ll regret this decision; I’ll get to my reasons in a moment. In short, I’m hoping for a return of at least 36% in 108 days! 

How did the purchase go about?

Juicy Fields Review - Extreme Profits PossibleAs with my first plant, I logged into my dashboard and went to the shop. There I clicked on “buy plant”. A window with possible payment options then appeared. The plant had already appeared in the main menu, with the note that I had four days to pay.

Attention – helpful tips for Bitcoin transfer:

I decided to pay for the plant with Bitcoin again. However, there was a problem here with the transfer. Due to a rounding error in the amount, 0.14 euros were missing in the end. I then had to make another Bitcoin transfer to balance this amount. The transaction costs (about 1.2 euros) were money wasted in this case. I recommend that you transfer one or two satoshi more than having to do a completely new transfer at the end because of 10c. Especially since excess money would theoretically have to be credited to your account. I have not yet checked whether this works.

Juicy Fields Review - Extreme Profits Possible

After the successful transfer, the plant has now taken its place in my dashboard. The cycle started today, December 1st, and the harvest time of my new plant is now March 1st.

Juicy Fields Review – Reasons why I bought another plant

The big advantage of Juicy Fields is the ability to buy plants from as little as 50 euros. It is much easier for you than to transfer 1000 euros directly to a company for which you do not yet have enough experience. That’s why it’s easy for me to just buy another plant in the hope that I can reap my returns at smaller intervals. If the harvest goes well at the end of December, I will also buy more in January.

Update: First harvest on Youtube

Juicy Fields Review – Extreme Profits Possible?

Idea: Pure investment in Juicy Flash plants?

Juicy Fields has several plants for sale in its shop. The larger plants from 2000 euros of course attract with high, long-term returns. But what is possible if you only buy Juicy Flash plants from 50 euros? If the figures given are correctly, which I hope very much and can check at the end of December, then you get a return of at least 18 euros on a Juicy Flash plant. That would be 36 percent after 108 days. Let’s say I buy ten plants for a value of 500 euros, then after 6 months I get 680 euros. I can then buy plants again, 13 to be precise. 30 euros remain in my account. After another 108 days, I get 884 euros, plus the 30 euros is 914 euros after 216 days. Then you can do the whole thing again to get the year full. The pessimistic calculation then turns the original 500 euros into 1238 euros. After a year. That means a return of almost 150 percent for the year, and for the calculation I have used the smallest stated returns. I am by nature rather skeptical, so I wrote to the support about this and asked whether 36% for 1/3 year is actually realistic. As soon as an answer comes, I will post it here:

Super return possible?

Juicy Fields Review - Medical Cannabis Investment OpportunitiesOver 100 percent a year…. Sounds almost too good to be true. Now there will be many people again who, because of this, doubt the credibility of Juicy Fields. But I wouldn’t write the whole thing off as a scam just because the yields sound out of this world. They are not as uncommon as one might think. Nor is it said that the returns at high levels will really prevail. Maybe they will be lowered after a while or at some point they will settle down to a lower level, in which case the early bird will just catch the worm. However, there are also examples of a return of over 100 percent! Take, for example, some stocks that have doubled, some even tripled, this year.

Or my investment in Getnode last year, where I got extreme profits: My investments there also doubled in 2019. Many people warned me that Getnode might be a scam! They are proven wrong! Now come the smart ones who ask why I don’t just invest everything in Getnode … The answer is a bit complicated, in short, a further doubling this year is unlikely there due to the development of the Bitcoin and Masternode coin courses. I expect a return of around 25% there for 2020, still an impressive sum. However, I try to diversify my portfolio in case something should go wrong. Because you must never forget, there is NEVER such a return without risk, there is even the risk of a total loss! However, this is extremely unlikely with Getnode in my opinion.

Who says that the crowdgrowing concept is not a new groundbreaking idea that enables participants to generate high returns? And even if the returns fall over time, you can still take profits with a conservative investment strategy. That’s why I start with small amounts and only increase very carefully. After the first harvest, at the end of December, I will know more and, if necessary, increase my investment. Although I have to say that I do not make my investments arbitrarily, I try to put savings into different investment areas evenly and stacked according to risk. I’ve already poured some money into stocks and cryptocurrencies this year, so it may now be time to devote a little more to investments like Juicy Fields, because the concept sounds very promising. I will keep you up to date on any developments. Did you like my article “Juicy Fields Review – Extreme Profits Possible?” Then check out the rest of my work on this website. If I made you curious about the company, you can register for free by using the following ref link:

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My opinion on all investments (crypto, stocks, cannabis, etc):

The following applies to all investments: Only invest money that you are prepared to lose!

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