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Be an E Grower with JuicyFields – Profit from Cannabis Crowdgrowing

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Be an E Grower with JuicyFields – Profit from Cannabis Crowdgrowing

Juicy Fields Erfahrungen - Top Rendite mit Cannabis Crowdgrowing

Let me introduce: Juicy Fields

The cannabis market is forecasted to grow 3000% faster than the alcohol and tobacco industry in the next few years. Investors have the difficulty of the choice in this market, as there are many medical cannabis investment opportunities, a lot of which are bad eggs and few are proven safe investments. I am introducing a promising company with headquarters in Berlin: Juicy Fields, which promises a return of 33-66% and where participation is possible from 50 euros. Juicy Fields uses a new concept, “crowd growing”, which enables extremely high returns and at the same time minimizes the company’s expenses.

As a leader in the cannabis e growing movement, JuicyFields provides a platform for breeders and e-growers ready to grow cannabis online. JuicyFields rewards both parties for the successful business that is 100% legal. (www.juicyfields.io)


Juicy Fields is based at Potsdamer Strasse 147 in 10783 Berlin and is entered in the German commercial register.



Be an E Grower with JuicyFields – Profit from Cannabis Crowdgrowing

My signup

Getting started at Juicy Fields is very easy. A friend’s link took me to the Juicy Fields homepage. After entering and confirming my email address, I was able to view my dashboard. This is designed very clearly and attractively. The menu is divided into shop – greenhouse – warehouse and calendar. In the shop you can see the different plants that can be bought as well as the frequency and amount of the expected returns. You can buy a plant for as little as 50 euros. According to the dashboard, the income per harvest is 68-83 euros after 108 days.

Plant purchase

The subsequent purchase is no more complicated than buying from any online retailer. The plant is added to the shopping cart and can then be purchased. The special thing about this is that the plant can be paid for with both euros and bitcoin. I bought my plants with Bitcoin myself, so it took less than 10 minutes for the plants to be credited to my dashboard. However, a transfer is also easily possible. The process then proceeds as follows:

  • Purchase of plants
  • The plant is planted on the Tuesday or Friday following receipt of payment
  • The plant is grown until it is ready for harvest
  • All plants of the respective harvest cycle are harvested and divided proportionally between the e-growers of this cycle.
  • The harvest profit can be paid out or reinvested.

Now I’m eagerly awaiting my first harvest of my Juicy Flash plant from Juicy Fields. According to the countdown that can be seen for each plant, this should take place on December 28th, 2020. At the moment I’m still in the “Flowering and Pre-Harvest” phase. The good thing is that by buying plants at different times, you can get returns year round without always waiting months for the next harvest. UPDATE: My first harvests have arrived. It all worked out smoothly and I am so far very satisfied by the results.

Which plants can you buy?

The Juicy Fields repertoire is balanced but clear. There is something for every portfolio and getting started is very easy. This is all the better because the “Juicy Flash” plants are already available for 50 euros. Here is the complete portfolio of Juicy Flash plants, taken from my dashboard:


Juicy FlashJuicy Fields Review

Growth phase                  108 days

Renewal of the plant     No

To harvest                          45-55g

Selling price                      € 1.50 / g

Income (per harvest)     € 68 – € 83

Price (for one plant)      € 50


Other plants in the range are: Juicy Mist, Juicy Kush and Juicy Haze. However, these cost an impressive 2000 euros. That sounds extremely expensive at first, of course. If you then look at the return periods and the income, the whole thing is put into perspective again. The terms here are 3, 4 and 5 years and the income should ensure that you have achieved your ROI (Return of Invest) after 1-2 years. Whether you want to start with such a sum is of course your own decision and depends on your personal strategy. My strategy here is as follows: I’ll start with a few small plants to get a regular payout. When enough money has been raised, I venture into the big plants. Of course, it takes a lot longer to generate significant income. However, everyone has their own risk tolerance. An interesting idea a friend of mine came up with, is to make your own person savings plan with Juicy Flash plants. You can buy one or two plants every month and thus ensure monthly returns after the first growth cycle.

Be an E Grower with JuicyFields – Profit from Cannabis:

A Simple Solution for a Complex Industry

The main argument for investing in Juicy Fields is crowd growing. But what are the advantages and what is it anyway? I intend to explain this in the following section:

It takes a tremendous amount of time and resources to become a cannabis producer. Cannabis companies have higher license costs, taxes and it is especially difficult to get the necessary investments. This applies to all countries, but particularly to Europe. According to the Juicy Fields Greenpaper:

1) The banks in Europe are very reluctant to grant loans to the cannabis industry

2) The bureaucracy in the European Union makes it difficult to find cheaper (but equivalent) cannabis from e.g. Hungary or Bulgaria to use.

3) Is it extremely difficult to get a cultivation license in some EU countries.

With appropriate funding, problems 2 and 3 can be solved over time, but how is that supposed to work without the support of the banks? The answer to this is cannabis crowd growing. Because the company is built as a crowd investment platform, Juicy Fields can largely do without bank loans. This also has other advantages. Instead of the inevitably high interest payments for the banks, Juicy Fields pays the returns to the investors. They are happy about the high profits and continue to invest in the project. A win-win situation arises. But it goes on. Satisfied investors also bring free advertising for the company. Due to the large number of investors, this has an exponential effect on advertising success. Companies that only have a handful of large investors in the game will have to spend more money on advertising campaigns than Juicy Fields with its host of small investors.

Basically, one must first differentiate between a crowd grower and a classic investor. While the return on an investment depends on numerous factors, such as company management, financial situation of the company, conditions in the industry, large investors, etc., the value of the share is purely speculative and accordingly uncertain in a new industry, the crowdgrowing income does not depend on the financial markets or general sentiment. The expected income of each e-crowdgrower is shown on the day of harvest.

Why medical cannabis?

Be an E Grower with JuicyFields - Profit from Cannabis CrowdgrowingWorld trade in medical cannabis is currently booming. A large number of studies show the positive effects of medically prescribed cannabis consumption almost weekly. In the fight against cancer, cannabis has been used successfully for years to relieve chemotherapy symptoms. But little by little, more and more possible applications emerge. To give an example: According to a study from October 15, 2020 in the “Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine” [1], cannabidiols (CBD) can also help acute breathing difficulties and apparently protect the lungs from serious damage, such as those caused by Covid19 can occur. The researchers suggest that CBD can improve the affected lung structure and possibly also have anti-inflammatory effects. How is that supposed to work? According to the study, the CBD increases levels of the natural peptide apelin. Apelin in turn reduces inflammation in the body. Due to the cytokine storm occasionally caused by Covid19, the Apelin values ​​drop drastically and inflammation spreads in the body. CBD can counteract this.

The more positive effects of medical cannabis become known, the more difficult it becomes for states and influential companies to oppose its legalization. What stopping us from buying relatively cheap cannabis instead of more expensive and possibly even less effective pharmaceuticals on medical advice? The global cannabis market will grow inexorably, the only question is who will be able to secure a piece of the pie? According to Juicy Fields’ Green Paper, the European cannabis market will be worth 123 billion euros by 2021. According to the Washington Post, the cannabis market alone could create a million jobs in the US, bringing a tax income of 132 billion US dollars into the state coffers.[2] In such a rapidly growing market, both initiative and rethinking are required. This is where e- growing comes in. It is able to cope better with the institutional hurdles and keep antiquarian beings away from itself. A modern world requires modern methods.

The system not only supports companies and the private e grower. The subcontractors, often from third world countries, also benefit from this system. Partners and subcontractors benefit from cannabis crowdgrowing because they receive financial support to drive their growth and reduce costs. The resulting effect makes them more competitive to withstand the global market while ensuring Juicy Fields predictable returns and reliable partners at the same time. In a world in which the exploitation of poorer countries and their people is only on the agenda for the sake of money, e growing is a social alternative and at the same time functions as development aid.

The above is also one of the reasons why Juicy Fields advocates the possibility of paying with cryptocurrencies. The basic idea of ​​Bitcoin is to create a barrier-free payment option that can do without the individual, country-specific authorities and financial systems. It is very easy to get into Juicy Fields with Bitcoin and it takes less than ten minutes.

Frequently asked Questions

Is it legal?

According to Juicy Fields FAQ:

Yes it is completely legal. All of our cultivation and processing partners have a full license to grow and process medicinal cannabis in their countries (source: https://juicyfields.io/de/faq)

We’re talking about medicinal cannabis here. This helps many people to cope with unbearable pain and terrible illnesses.

What does Juicy Fields do?

There are two answers to this question, according to the Juicy Fields homepage. A simple and a more complicated answer.

The simple answer is that it is a platform that connects people with legal medical cannabis companies looking for funding. They manage projects in the medical cannabis industry and manufacture and sell their own products under a JuicyFields brand.

The more complex answer is that they are trying to make medical cannabis available to everyone. The cannabis industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the world, but it’s an industry that only the rich can thrive in.

They want to change that by making cannabis available to everyone around the world. The platform helps you grow legal medical cannabis without applying for expensive cannabis licenses or spending hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time.

How it all started:

Juicy Fields originally started in Spain, but after a while there began to face major difficulties. Then, in 2019, they wanted to develop a platform for like-minded people. People who want to grow medical cannabis but are not millionaires. People who want to profit passively from the booming cannabis market.

A lot of research has been done. The idea existed, but the company had to learn a lot about cannabis, marketing, legal issues, international trade deals, etc. before they could build a platform to help people grow legal cannabis.

Now they can fulfill their dreams and ours and solve the problems of many cannabis producers and aspiring breeders around the world – thanks to the partners. Are you also thinking of becoming a Juicy Fields partner? If you like the idea, then register for free at the following link:

Not convinced yet?

7 reasons to take a closer look at Juicy Fields:Juicy Fields Review - Medical Cannabis Investment Opportunities

  1. Invest early in a prosperous and rapidly growing market.
  2. Fiat currencies are not a safe investment in times of social destabilization. Diversify your portfolio!
  3. You can use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to join Juicy Fields directly and of course to cash out your winnings!
  4. Medical cannabis helps many people around the world to cope with their illness and the pain that it brings.
  5. Juicy Fields is committed to promoting and supporting companies in 3rd world countries.
  6. Participate in the cannabis production without having to invest a lot of your own money.
  7. Secure returns of up to 66% per year and build up a passive income.


I hope you liked the article “Be an E Grower with JuicyFields – Profit from Cannabis Crowdgrowing”. Please note that all contents of this article are my personal opinion. They should not be taken directly as facts. Everyone who invests should do their own research. This article is only intended to help you find good options. I’m neither employed nor do I have particularly close contact with Juicy Fields. I only write about companies that I myself think are profitable and reputable. I’m always happy about feedback. You can write to me via Telegram or send me a mail. If you liked the article please leave me a comment.

Youtube Video – 1. Harvest Profits

Sources used in “Juicy Fields Review – Medical Cannabis Investment Opportunities”

[1] Évila Lopes Salles, Hesam Khodadadi, Abbas Jarrahi, Meenakshi Ahluwalia, Valdemar Antonio Paffaro Jr et al.: Cannabidiol (CBD) modulation of apelin in acute respiratory distress syndrome, in Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (released on 15.10.2020)

[2] https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/2018/01/10/study-legal-marijuana-could-generate-more-than-132-billion-in-federal-tax-revenue-and-1-million-jobs/ (visited on 15.11.2020)

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