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Juicy Fields Review – Your top profitable cannabis business from €50

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Juicy Fields Review – Your top profitable cannabis business from €50

Crowd Growing – Juicy Fields Review


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The Cannabis Industry is expanding rapidly, but so far only the big investors and pharmaceutical companies have been able to profit from the growing demand of medical cannabis. Discover the simple solution for the establishment of a profitable Cannabis business starting from 50 euro with a net yield promise of 36-66% + the return of your investment in only 108 days! Sounds unlikely? Maybe, if you are unfamiliar with the growing cannabis industry. Cannabis profit margins are still high enough to ensure both the company and the Crowdgrower can make significant gains. Juicy Fields is a newcomer in this area and has already revolutionized the industry with its innovative crowdgrowing concept.

Read on and find out how to enter the international legal cannabis industry without land, financing or start-up risks,

with a company from Germany – Berlin at the address: Potsdamer Straße 147 10783 Berlin. The company already has over 100 000 active users!

Alan Glanse manages the company for the actual managing director Viktor Bitner due to his partnerships in the cannabis sector. The company is founded as a limited liability company (GmbH) and the head office is in Berlin. Juicy Fields started by supporting others in the cultivation of cannabis and by providing various products for this purpose at JuicyGrow.eu.

Overview of a top profitable cannabis business

Starting a cannabis business requires a considerable investment of time and money. Cannabis stores have higher license fees, extreme taxes and difficulties in financing. In addition, cannabis stores operate in an opaque legal landscape. Despite all these challenges the cannabis industry is still the biggest opportunity of your life.

The demand for cannabis increases every year. According to one forecast, the global cannabis market will reach a value of 103.9 billion dollars (93.4 billion euros) by 2024, compared to 7.7 billion dollars (6.92 billion euros) in 2017. This exponential growth is driven by the booming global medical cannabis market. This is where JuicyFields steps in, by striving to close the huge gap between produced medical cannabis and the actual, much higher demand in many countries.

Where can the prospective cannabis entrepreneur win?

Juicy Fields ReviewAccording to Javier Hasse in the book Start Your Own Cannabis Business: Your Step by Step Guide to Growing Marijuana, “Efficiency is most important“. Maximizing resources and minimizing risks makes cannabis business more profitable. And becoming a successful cannabis business owner depends on making the kind of decisions that promote efficiency.

The first and probably most important decision a new cannabis entrepreneur makes is to determine the type of cannabis business that is appropriate for his resources. There are two types of cannabis stores to choose from: plant-touching stores and non-plant-touching stores.

Non-plant-touching businesses are based on cannabis and include services, technology, for production and distribution. They carry less risk, according to Hasse, but the success in non-touching plants is directly related to the overall growth of the industry. These businesses are still subject to changing laws and regulations and require an extraordinary amount of know-how and capital. The reality is that the cannabis business relies only on the companies that run the plants.

Plant-touching” offers a faster and less dependent path to success. According to cannabis business expert Tyler Strafford, actually taking the growing into your own hands can be the shortest way to make money and not stay in debt for a long time. At the top of the “plant-touching” business list is the cultivation and distribution of cannabis. The entire industry depends on the cultivation and distribution of cannabis. In contrast to “non-plant touching” companies, the size, strength and reach of a cultivation company depends on the wishes and abilities of the cannabis entrepreneur, not on the growth of the industry.

A new, more efficient way to enter the “plant-touching” business has come into the picture.

A cannabis business with:

  1. established networks of production and distribution,
  2. hired and managed employees,
  3. Working capital and real estate,
  4. Cultivation and extraction techniques,
  5. Abilities for expansion and profit.
  6. A cannabis business with reduced risks and income.

This article discusses how an innovative business model called “crowdgrowing” enables new cannabis entrepreneurs to enter the business with less risk and greater income control. Crowdgrowing” removes the usual barriers to entry such as licensing costs, cultivation and distribution experience, networking, real estate and significant capital financing. This business model offers entrepreneurs a lower-risk, efficient, plant-touching business from the outset.

How does Crowdgrowing make JF a top profitable cannabis business?

Significant risk reduction and increased reliability of regular income is one major advantage of the company. On the following pages we take a look at how crowdgrowing works; why it works; the limitations of crowdgrowing compared to non-crowdgrowing; the steps to be taken; and an example of how cannabis entrepreneurs benefit from it.

It is true that crowdgrowing is not a cannabis business in the traditional sense, but by using established global cannabis production networks, crowdgrowing offers the advantages of a plant-touching business with much less risk.

cuttings at rootingFrom my experience for the Juicy Fields Review, what is the process for us as e-growers?

  1. E-grower buys a plant of his choice
  2. The cuttings are planted the following Tuesday or Friday after receipt of payment.
  3. The cutting is reared until it is ready for harvesting.
  4. All cuttings in the same harvest cycle are summed up and distributed fairly to all e-growers in the same cycle.
  5. The E-Grower can buy or pay out new plants after receiving his harvest profit.


JuicyFlash takes 90 days to grow, then 5 days to dry, 10 days to cut and 3 days to pack. This results in 108 days. In my experience the average return is about 50g, which at a selling price of 1,5 Euros, makes a Profit of 25 Euros after the deduction of the initial investment. That means you get a return of 50% after only 108 days.

The growth of a cutting that always contains the same genes will always take the same amount of time to reach full flowering if the growing process remains the same. The amount harvested also remains fairly stable.

The dashboard for the e-grower:

The dashboard has a simple structure and is easy to navigate. There is a store to buy the plants, the greenhouse where we can follow the process and the calendar where we can see details of the harvest and cannabis events. Everything is logically thought out and gives us exact data about the process. I will also create a video tutorial on each of the items which everyone in my structure is allowed to use. Also for your own structure as always.

Dashboard - Greenhouse

Dashboard – Greenhouse

Dashboard - Calendar

Dashboard – Calendar

The ordering process:

The ordering process is as simple as can be. Either you transfer by bank transfer or by Bitcoin. The usual bank transfer forms should be familiar.

How does the crowdgrowing system work?

“Crowdgrowing” or e-growing uses the power of partnerships to grow and distribute cannabis. Everyday people who are interested in becoming part of the cannabis growing industry enter into partnerships with cannabis growers.

A legally operating cannabis cultivation company must go through a process before the first plant is grown. This process includes:

   Purchase of licenses
   Search for suitable land or greenhouses
   Procurement of capital
   Recruitment of employees and management
   Training of employees and management
   Employment of service providers such as lawyers

Cuttings at rooting

When growing and distributing cannabis, the company must first obtain a license for cultivation. Licenses are expensive and, in addition to the legal requirements, restrict the cultivation and distribution channels. In the USA, a license to grow cannabis can cost between $1200 and $44,517 for small to medium-sized companies. These costs are unbearable for many who start a cultivation business. In addition to the licenses, the cannabis business must purchase capital and real estate to produce the plant in wholesale quantities.

In certain US states, proof of financing is required before a commercial license is granted. In Arizona, the required proof of funds is $250,000. In Nevada, proof of funding of $450,000 is required for a commercial license. In Pennsylvania, you are required to have at least $500,000 or greater in the bank and have total assets of $2 million. Despite these obstacles, demand for cannabis products remains high in North America and Europe.

The European cannabis companies have their own problems:

  1. Banks in Europe are reluctant to grant loans to companies in the cannabis industry.
  2. The bureaucracy within the European Union (EU) makes it difficult,
  3. to import cheaper Hungarian and Bulgarian grown cannabis.
  4. In some EU countries it is extremely difficult to obtain a cultivation license.
  • When you apply for a license to grow cannabis, you must demonstrate that you understand the requirements for staff safety, physical security, detailed accounting and strict quality assurance protocols. Yes, the license application must describe these and other mandatory requirements in detail. To give a very simple example: A licensed cultivation company in Limpopo, South Africa, grows medical grade cannabis for export to Germany, an EU country with pro-medical marijuana legislation and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards for the sale of medical grade cannabis. E-breeders conclude an agreement with the cannabis producer in Limpopo. An entrepreneur enters the business by selecting a plant species on the platform and buying the “plant”. The “plant” represents a predetermined business income for the e-breeder. The crowdgrowing platform uses the funds from the purchase of the plant to expand the greenhouse at the Limpopo plant, thereby increasing the production capacity and the continuous income of the “e-grower” from the original purchase.


  • Over 20% of applications are either rejected or withdrawn by the applicants because obvious requirements have not been met. Nearly 45% of the applications are returned as incomplete. Only one third of the applications received are even examined at this stage, so that two thirds have already failed


  • The license application fee for a cannabis business can be prohibitively expensive for small and medium-sized enterprises. businesses. The European costs for a license to grow cannabis can be up to 55 000 €.

In a “crowd growing” system, the distribution networks, processing systems, licenses, employees and cultivation know-how are already available through the partnerships and subsidiaries of the “crowd growing” platform. The partners and subsidiaries have full licenses to grow and/or process cannabis with high THC content, which they export to markets in countries with pro-marijuana laws.



Saftige Feld ErnteHow do the partners and subsidiaries benefit from this?

Partnership and co-producers of cannabis receive a direct profit from crowdgrowing – they receive funds for faster expansion and lower costs. The combined effect makes e-breeders competitive in the cannabis export market.

To give a very simple example: A licensed cultivation company in Limpopo, South Africa, grows medical grade cannabis for export to Germany, an EU country with pro-medical marijuana legislation and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards for the sale of medical grade cannabis. E-breeders conclude an agreement with the cannabis producer in Limpopo. An entrepreneur enters the business by selecting a plant species on the platform and buying the “plant”. The “plant” represents a predetermined business income for the e-breeder. The crowdgrowing platform uses the funds from the purchase of the plant to expand the greenhouse at the Limpopo plant, thereby increasing the production capacity and the continuous income of the “e-grower” from the original purchase.

Does the e-breeder contribute according to my Juicy Fields GmbH experience?

Yes, the “e-growers” buy a plant. This plant represents the amount of income at harvest.

Crowdgrowing takes advantage of global emerging markets for the cultivation and distribution of medicinal cannabis. Funds from the purchase of plants are distributed to a cannabis business partner for the expansion of cultivation areas, project development, marketing, testing and other necessary expenses. While the e-breeder watches the plant grow and waits for the harvest, the growers expand the operation to make the final product more affordable, higher quality and more desirable as an export product. It is a gain for the consumer of the cannabis, a gain for the producers and a gain for the e-breeder.

The e-breeder achieves the first harvest
already 108 days after the
Purchase of the plant

While the e-grower earns his income from the harvest, the producers and distributors use legal international distribution networks to export the product to marijuana-friendly export and domestic markets.

Crowdgrowing takes advantage of emerging global markets to grow and distribute medicinal cannabis.


In 2015, a report of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) stated that drug use, if it does not harm others, should not be illegal in the EU. While there are 37 million people in Canada and 327 million in the United States, there are almost 743 million in the European Union.

Weltweite Legalität - Top profitables Cannabis Geschaeft



Europe is an important part of the crowdgrowing model and is expected to lead the cannabis market by 2024. This exponential growth is due to the legalization of cannabis for medical use in most member states of the European Union (EU).

DHowever, the worldwide trade in legal cannabis is expanding, with some experts predicting that the market could be worth $31.6 billion by 2021. Source: washingtonpost.com

By 2028 the European cannabis market will be worth 123 billion euros.

It is expected that Germany will be the leading market for medical cannabis in Europe. In 2018, 60,000 German patients were taking cannabis products as medicines. In the next ten years the number of patients is expected to increase further.

There are discussions about a favorable EU legislation for recreational cannabis. If this happens, we can expect a growth explosion in the entire industry.

Now the demand for high quality cannabis in Europe is high. In order to satisfy the demand, a few European countries must have developed export markets for medical marijuana.

The United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands already have legal systems for medical cannabis, and France and Spain are currently reviewing important legislative reforms to adapt to international practices.

In our example the exported cannabis goes to a medical marijuana facility in Germany. Although Germany represents a significant part of the international cannabis market, according to the Cannabis Industry Journal online, the German market is “the third largest cannabis market (in terms of size) behind the USA and Canada”. But U.S. legislation and Canada’s international treaties prohibit the movement of cannabis across international borders, leaving a large European market open to other ways of accessing medical cannabis.

While the laws are catching up with the driving medical need for growing and distributing cannabis, an EU Council supports the World Health Organization in its classification of cannabis as criminal to useful for medical purposes, according to cannabisdispensaymag.com.

To meet the growing demand, exports of medical cannabis grown in licensed, secure facilities to a few European countries with existing import laws are welcomed.

Europe becomes known as the new frontier for medical cannabis and wellness cannabis.


The Brightfield Group forecasts a 400% increase in the European market for non-psycoactive cannabis (including Vaping Liquid) from USD 318 million in 2018 to USD 1.7 billion by 2023. There is also an expansion of applications for non-psycoactive cannabis-based pet products.

Where will Europe get high quality cannabisWhere will Europe get high quality cannabis to meet the demand?

Colombia and South Africa are two nations responding to the call to increase cannabis production. In both places the region has the right conditions for growing cannabis – the soil is rich in nutrients and the weather is suitable for growing.

While these environmental conditions have always existed, the legal landscape is catching up to meet the export conditions in European countries that accept cannabis from foreign soil.

Colombia, a country with a past rooted in the notoriety of the illegal drug trade, is seizing the opportunity to use its nutrient-rich soil and land to operate legitimately on an international playing field. According to the Washington Post “. . . Colombia] passed a groundbreaking law that legalizes medical marijuana for both domestic and export use, laying the foundation for the new industry. Licensed Colombian cannabis producers follow strict standards to ensure that the marijuana they produce and export complies with export market regulations. The standards are a step towards Colombia’s mission to become the number one cannabis grower and exporter in the world.

In Africa, a few countries have the right climate and legal landscape to provide strong competition for Colombian producers and exporters. South Africa is one such country that has approved medicinal cannabis for growth and export. As in Colombia, the cost of labor and the right climate facilitate the low-cost production of high-quality cannabis for wholesale.

Although the United States still closes its export market for cannabis, “Germany, Italy and Peru are considered to be rapidly developing export markets. As more and more countries approve medical marijuana, growing farms in Colombia, South Africa and other countries where production is legal will have to increase their production to meet the global demand for medical cannabis and recreational cannabis.


Why mass growth and investment are different?

When an investor buys a share of a company or a fund, the investor hopes that the price of the share will rise. The valuation is based on several factors including: corporate governance, general financial conditions, industry conditions, financial analyst reports, other investors and more. The value of the share price is based on future valuations. In a new industry where the rules of the game are changing, price fluctuations change rapidly due to the general uncertainty in the industry. 

Income growth does not depend on the general conditions of the industry or the general financial markets. The expected income from the harvest of each e-breeder is reported at the time of sale.


Ausländische Regierungen davon zu überzeugen, Importe zuzulassen, wird wahrscheinlich die größte Herausforderung für ZüchtConvincing foreign governments to allow imports will probably be the biggest challenge for breeders,er”,

said Bethany Gomez, research director of the Chicago-based market research firm Brightfield Group.

Allocation of funds

All funds raised by JuicyFields will benefit our partners:




CannabispflanzeThe advantages of crowdgrowing according to my Juicy Fields experience

When selecting the crowdgrowing platform, the following criteria are recommended:

  1. Legally established company in a country with pro-marijuana legislation
  2. subsidiaries and partnership agreements with operations in countries with pro-marijuana laws
  3. Operations in areas that are favorable for high quality/medical cannabis production
  4. Strong potential for operational growth and output A platform with a visible income model for participants

JuicyFields offers you the opportunity to join the cannabis industry with a few simple clicks.

You don’t have to file a petition with the local authorities to get a cannabis license, and you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars at once unless you really want to.

A completely legal, top profitable cannabis business – no hassle. No paperwork.

Every cannabis production and distribution is associated with risks. However, “e-breeders” benefit from participation in the following ways

  An efficient business model for growing and distributing cannabis
  High quality medical cannabis products manufactured to meet the growing demand in export markets
  A profit with every harvest, and multiple harvests are guaranteed every year An existing network of licensed cultivation partnerships and subsidiaries
   No raising of capital
  Reduced costs

Reducing your risks and thereby maximizing efficiency is the safest and easiest way to generate income from a business.

The costs are competitive for buyers and form the core of your top profitable cannabis business


$/g dry weight of cannabis

$/g cannabis


Canopy Growth 0.8 6.3
Aurora 1.3 5.9
Cronos Group 1.2 4.6
Tilray 2.8 6.5
Invictus MD 1.9 NA
Juicy Fields GmbH Producers 0.2 – 0.3 NA

Costs are falling as the expansion of the grower groups to 10-15 projects leads to further cost synergies.

Source: Information about the company

How much is produced in total?

Q2 2020 — Start of oil production Q4 2020 — 25,000kg dried flowers
Q3 2020 — Start of oil production Q4 2020 — 75,000kg dried flowers
Q3 2020 — Installing the Juicy Box  
Crowdgrowing lowers the risk and increases the chances of becoming profitable faster than growing cannabis without the expertise and resources needed.

top profitable cannabis businessHow does it work?

Simply select the cannabis strain you want to grow, choose how many plants you want to have, and JF’s partners’ growers will grow the plants in their greenhouses. You can start making a profit after only 90 days.

In the menu “Clone Shop” you have many options to choose which kind of cannabis you want to grow. We offer you your 4 cannabis strains called JuicyFlash, JuicyMist, JuicyKush and JuicyHaze, which will give you different profits depending on the size and amount of harvests. Thanks to the experience of our partners and thanks to the favorable climatic conditions, your plants will be harvested 2-4 times a year, depending on the variety.

The Juicy varieties that offered for online cultivation are truly certified varieties that our local partner has the right to grow.

These are only licensed varieties with high THC.

Short about 4 Juicy varieties

Juicy Flash

Price (for one plant) – €50 If you are in doubt or want a quick result, we suggest to start with this variety.

Growth phase
108 Days
Renewal of the plant no
Sales price
Income (per harvest)
68 – €83
Price (for one plant)

The growing period is now 108 days. Profitability is the total amount returned minus the costs. In this case we have to deduct the costs of 50 Euros from this total amount, so that the profitability figures are between 17.50 and 32.50.


The other 3 varieties have a fixed price (for a plant clone) of €2,000 regardless of its variety

Juicy Fields Erfahrungen mit Juicy-FlashJuicy Mist

4 harvests per year, up to 1.600€ every 12 months You can expect to earn about 3600-4800€ of the total profit in 3 years by buying a JuicyMist clone.

Harvest per year
Renewal of the plant
3 years
Sales price
Income (per harvest)
300 – €400
Price (for one plant)

These are approximate figures, as harvests can vary. If you want to have your winnings paid out every 3 months, this is a plan for you. JuicyMist is the variety with the fastest flowering time we have. Harvests are slightly smaller compared to JuicyKush or JuicyHaze, but more frequent.


Juicy Kush

3 harvests per year, up to 2.250€ every 12 months You can assume that by buying a JuicyKush clone you will earn about 6.000-9.000€ of the total profit in 4 years.

Harvest per year
Renewal of the plant
4 years
Sales price
Income (per harvest)
500 – €750
Price (for one plant)

For maximum profits there is a very special strain with amazing yields. Only two harvests per year, but look at the numbers.


Juicy Haze

2 harvests per year, up to 2 400 every 12 months. But the contract has a duration of 5 years, which gives a total profit of 9.000-12.000 €.

Harvest per year
Renewal of the plant
5 years
Sales price
Income (per harvest)
900 – €1,200
Price (for one plant)

Each plant has information about the life cycle of the harvest, the renewal of the plant, the amount harvested per gram, the selling price Euro per gram and the expected profitability. Via the menu Greenhouse and Storage in the personal grower account you can observe and monitor your plants and their growth. Once your plant is ripe, the partner’s experts will harvest, process and sell the cannabis flower. The profit from the sale goes to your internal Grower’s account.




This Green Paper gives an overview of the benefits of cannabis crowdgrowing.

Crowdgrowing attracts entrepreneurs who want to get into cannabis growing with ease. Making the decision to become a cannabis business owner is the first step.

The capital expenditures associated with license fees, financing, networking, and acquiring expertise can be avoided with a simplified business model. This is precisely why crowdgrowing is an efficient way to start an international cannabis production business from scratch with no experience.

The demand is huge and growing all the time. Global cannabis sales will grow 853% from late 2019 to 2024. Now is the right time to get started with cannabis production on an international level. Bulk cultivation represents an easier, risky, and profitable business alternative to mass producing and exporting cannabis.

Your risks are covered to 99%, we reserve 1% for force majeure, namely natural disasters and military actions. In all other cases we guarantee that your plant will produce a harvest that we can successfully sell.


About Juicy Fields GmbH

Juicy-Fields is a legally incorporated company based in Berlin, Germany, with partnerships and subsidiaries in Colombia, Northern Macedonia, South Africa, Lesotho and Germany, countries with laws that favor the production and export of marijuana.

The list of partners and subsidiaries contains:

Sabores Púrpura, Portugal

A GMP-licensed EU producer from Portugal, focusing on the luxury segment of medical products.

The aim of the company is to deliver a truly high quality product and to keep the production process at the highest level with brand new equipment, strong technologies and profound expertise.

Thanks to its experience in the market, Sabores Púrpura carefully preserves all the nutrients and aromas of the plants to guarantee the highest quality of the final product.

Read more about it undermore about it at: https://www.algarve-entdecker.com

Mission and Team

JuicyFields was not founded as a company. It all began as a mission.

That is what we give to the people who can benefit from it. First the few and then the many. The core of the team is small but strong.

Alan Glanse:CEOI don’t smoke cannabis – I’m cannabisThe JuicyFields project is my dream to break the powerful cannabis monopoly, remove boundaries and make all the benefits of cannabis available to everyone.

Alan Glanse

Chief Executive

Alan Glanse:

Managing Director of Juicy Fields GmbH

I don’t smoke cannabis – I’m cannabis

The JuicyFields project is my dream to break the powerful cannabis monopoly, remove barriers and make all the benefits of cannabis available to everyone.


Daniel Gauci

Development Officer

Daniel Gauci:

Assigned head of corporate development

Daniel has dedicated much of his life to the wonders of marijuana, both medically and creatively. He applies this with his love for the written word and other forms of media.

With his experience in growing and extracting in different cultures, Daniel has created some of the “not so famous”

read more

visited cultures that Europe has to offer. Curiosity knows no bounds, and a genuine interest in the personal stories and struggles of growers, extractors, distributors, caregivers and patients gives him the insight, drive and empathy he needs to advance the industry in every way.

Marijuana is not just another business for Daniel, it is a lifestyle and very personal to him and his family who have young children suffering from autism and cancer, both of which are treated with cannabis derivatives. Daniel testifies that this gives him the passion, drive and integrity to be an evangelist in all aspects within the cannabis space.

Daniel currently lives in Malta with his wife and two great kids. You can connect with him at daniel.gauci@juicyfields.io and on LinkedIn.


Robin Silver

Business Development Officer


Robin Silver:

Representative for corporate development

Robin is definitely a big fan of the cannabis plant and all its properties.

It is a long lasting relationship that he has developed for these plants. He strongly believes that we can take the world a lot further if we do more research, especially in the medical field, where this beautiful

read more

flower has left its mark lately.

He is also an agricultural enthusiast who believes in regenerative farming practices and wide green fields.

Robin will now embark on a journey into lush green fields with Juicy Fields GmbH.


David Wave

Creative Art Director


David Wave:

Creative Art Director

Designed in Colombia, assembled in Argentina. I have been working in the advertising industry for more than 4 years.

In my career I have worked in agencies like Young And Rubicam and also McCann Erickson. After two years, I took my first step outside the advertising world and started working in a more artistic environment as a regional art director for the Spanish magazine PlayGround.

read more

I worked there for a year until I realized that I needed more inspiration, so I started travelling and working as a freelancer. I traveled through many countries in Europe and South America. I understood the different cultures and found new ideas and colors to combine my artistic skills and knowledge.

Now I am in Malta, but the journey still rolls mis amigos.


Marco Malatrasi

Chief Cannabis Agronomist


Marco Malatrasi:

Chef-Agronom für Cannabis

Marco is a certified agronomist specializing in the development and operation of pharmaceutical cannabis production systems. Over the last 11 years he has developed commercial horticultural projects with a focus on productivity, profitability and sustainability.

His work has taken him around the world, with successful projects in North and Central America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Central and South Asia,

read more

where he has implemented a variety of systems for organic cultivation in hydroponic greenhouses and field crops. An avid proponent of permaculture design, Marco specializes in providing ecologically responsible solutions for every project he is involved in, and promotes the dual ethic of “responsibility for the earth and people”.


Thomas Walker

Master Grower


Thomas Walker:

Master Grower

Thomas Walker is the founder and senior consultant of Walker Cultivation, a consulting firm specializing in commercial cannabis start-ups and cannabis cultivation. Thomas Walker has 15 years of experience in commercial cannabis cultivation and over 200 growing cycles that have enabled him to achieve Master/Headgrower status as an expert in outdoor and controlled environment agriculture.

read more

Since becoming a commercial cannabis consultant, Thomas has advised over 40 unique clients, from investors to licensees in various counties including Lesotho, Rwanda, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Malta.

He has also advised various companies in South Africa and Lesotho on regulatory compliance. This has allowed him to gain experience in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GACP (Good Agriculture And Collection Practices) production methods, making Thomas one of the most sought after commercial cannabis consultants in Africa.

Thomas has 15 years of experience in 3D design and implementation, enabling him to create plant and equipment designs that provide valuable insight into production methods and equipment requirements. At the same time, his experience in implementation allows him to validate environmental controls and help startups get to production faster.

Throughout his cultivation journey Thomas has researched and operated all available equipment, nutrient formulations, integrated pest and pathogen regimens, substrates and cultivation methods. Typically, investors, applicants and operators use Thomas’ experience and integrity for the following purposes: obtaining a license to grow cannabis, setting up and “dialing in” and operating cultivation facilities, and training and reviewing personnel.


Joel Duarte

LATAM Supervisor


Joel Duarte:

LATAM Supervisor

Mr. Joel Duarte is a high-sighted Colombian businessman with 5 years of experience in the cannabis industry, he is studying business administration at the University of Javeriana and is building an export company for the trade of raw materials. His experience with cannabis and commodity trading gives Juicy Fields GmbH the opportunity to establish the Colombian operation led by Mr. Duarte.


Paulina Zlotovicz

Community Management Specialist


Paulina Zlotovicz:

Community Management Specialist

Made all the way from the Czech Republic to Berlin to make the impossible possible with JuicyFields. A young, open-minded lady, ready for new achievements, full of energy to move forward and change the world!

For me, the cannabis industry is not just about a plant, but about the fight against injustice.


Carlos Samuel Juicy Fields GmbH

Support division


Carlos Samuel:

Support division

Carlos is an expert in international politics and studies and a polyglot!

His experience and language skills have taken him around the globe to work with international companies, making him a first point of reference for users from around the world. As a result, he has experience with different types of research methods, community management and translation processes.



Andre Philip Schneider

Cannabis Chef


Andre Philip Schneider:

Cannabis Chef

Andre is the genius of Сannabis High Kitchen. Co-Author at Hanf Magazin He designs and writes recipes and menus for cannabis infused meals. Author, creator of the “Recipe of Weed Week” for JuicyFields. Who knows, maybe we will open High Canna cuisine restaurants with Andre Chef? Stay tuned and follow us everywhere to be the first!


Michael Spring

Webmaster Support Specialist


Michael Spring:

Webmaster Support Specialist

After working as head of the electronics department in Austria and gaining more than 8 years of experience in the IT industry, Michael decided to continue his career in a very special area for him – the cannabis industry. Michael started as a specialist for webmaster support at Juicy Fields GmbH.

Our esteemed partners and potvisers


Khalid Salim



Khalid Salim:


A fully licensed and clinically trained doctor from Germany.

He enjoys the challenges of repositioning companies and optimizing opportunities to achieve organic growth,

read more

To accelerate business development and prepare for M&A events. Khalid is actively acquiring companies in the healthcare sector. He is also co-founder of a medical group operating in the UK, North America and Europe. He has the ability to transform companies by combining his medical expertise with optimizing business strategies and achieving business growth through innovation.



Wayne Thomas (Adams)



Wayne Thomas (Adams):


Founder and manager of Angel Heart Farms, Angel Heart Cannabis Company, F_W Cannabis Associates.

Experienced farmer of the earth, aspiring cultivator of the human spirit, very experienced

read more

Car salesman, Custom Motorcycle Builder, with a proven history of working in the agricultural industry. Qualified in research, management, customer service, agribusiness and sales


Jesse Heller



Jesse Heller:


As President of Dymic Digital, I am proud to deliver measurable results on the Internet. We have a 5-star rating and work with both multi-million dollar tent brands and emerging small businesses.



Mirishin Shutte



Mirishin Shutte:


Cannabis practitioner, farmer; CEO & healer for indigenous peoples at Abis Inc.

activist. Fighter for the truth.

We started in 2014 as a Recreational Dispensary (RAU) and were the first walk in a hospital ward in the country.

Since then we have been arrested several times, and about 3 years ago

read more

we obtain our license as THP (Traditional Health Practitioners) in South Africa and can issue it to our patients.



Mirishin Shutte



Tlali Moleko


Der Prinz des legalen Cannabis.

Founder & owner of the ultra-premium cannabis company GREEN GOLD AFRICA

Cannabis entrepreneur in Africa with a legal company for medical cannabis. GMP facilities in the EU under construction and all kinds of technologies related to automated cultivation. License holder for African cannabis cultivation. 


JuicyFields is a platform for interested individuals to connect with and fund a global cannabis cultivation and distribution company. All financing provided by JuicyFields is for-profit and is directed towards the expansion of the acreage, project development, marketing and necessary expenses such as legal advice to the partnership and its affiliates.

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My conclusion – Juicy Fields Review

My personal impression and what the facts tell us is: This company is competitive. Since they do not advertise a marketing plan and therefore do not have to pay out huge amounts of money, they have more space and freedom than other competitors. The way they grow their crops allows for a smooth, everlasting cash flow. With the investment of 100 million euros by several investors, a solid foundation was created.. Sure, I am also a pro Cannergrow, which does however not refer to THC but only to CBD. CBD itself is only partially suitable for medical purposes. With medical cannabis, Juicy Fields GmbH clearly has the advantage. Also the cultivation process is different. There are two halls, one for the vegetative phase and one for the flowering phase as shown in the picture above. It is grown in cycles and the plants are assigned to the appropriate customers. If not all the plants are sold in a cycle, the company itself makes more profit and is able to do even better business.  Clearly they also benefit from lower ancillary costs in Spain and Portugal. Whereby the headquarters itself are in Germany and taxes are also paid here. 

What I especially like about this company is the possibility for everyone to participate. Even if you don’t have the means to start with a big load of cash, here you can begin with as little as 50 Euros and use the ample profits to increase your investment over time. I hope I can help you with my Juicy Fields Review and see you on the other side to rock that company! 

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Great news: The Juicy Shop / Juicy Store is open for business: https://juicyshop.io


JuicyFields Africa Pty Ltd. has been founded in Southafrica


JuicyFields has a new partner in Colombia: Terra Cann Columbia. You also have the opportunity to get cheaper tickets for the ICBC Berlin via JuicyFields!


This newsletter was all about the plantation in Portugal – Sabores Purpura. It talks about the production capacities and variety.


JuicyFields offers a competition for all investors who own at least three plants, with the exception of JuicyFlash. The winners can travel to the ICBC in Berlin with a VIP ticket, where JuicyFields is the main sponsor!

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Einfach erstaunlich!

Ich habe als erster hier gestartet und beglückwünsche dich das du der gute Blog bist der dieses aufnimmt. Wie bin ich auf den Anbieter aufmerksam geworden? Durch ein Jahre langen Geschäftsfreund der auch vor Ort war und mir ausführlich erklärt hat wie dieses Geschäft funktioniert. Er hat mir Videos und Bilder gezeigt welche vielversprechend wahren und ich konnte an stelle der versprochenen 132%, sage und schreibe 162% in 108 Tagen erwirtschaften. RESPEKT! Welche Erwartungen hatte ich an den Anbieter und wurden diese erfüllt? Da dieser Anbieter schon seit 2012 im Cannabis Geschäft ist, sind meine Erwartungen eher hoch angesiedelt. Was mit meiner ersten Ernte auch bewiesen wurde. Die 100 Millionen die hier Investiert wurden werden sich meiner Meinung nach sicherlich lohnen. Was hat mir besonders gut gefallen? Das dieses Unternehmen insgesamt nur 15% des Umsätzes für seine Kosten nimmt und nach kauf die Pflanzen nach maximal zwei Wochen schon anfangen für mich zu wachsen. Was könnte der Anbieter noch besser machen? Im Bestell-Prozess mit Bitcoin sind leider die Überweisungsgebühren nicht mit inbegriffen und müssen manuell hinzugefügt werden. Alles was zu viel ist, wird auf die Konto-Balance übermittelt und geht zwar nicht verloren, allerdings kann es dazu kommen das man erst am nächsten Tag merkt das der Bestellprozess noch nicht abgeschlossen ist. Würde ich den Anbieter einem Freund empfehlen? Wenn Ja / Nein, warum? Ja! Und das mache ich auch. Es ist ein lukratives Geschäft mit kalkulierbaren Risiko. Fazit: Würde ich den Anbieter nochmal nutzen? Wenn Ja / Nein, warum? Sicherlich! Und ich habe auch meine Investition weiter aufgestockt. Dennoch sollte man das Risiko einer Investition nicht aus den Augen verlieren. PS: Ich liebe dein Blog und die Art wie du Unternehmen vorstellst und noch besser das du selektierst und nicht alles online stellst was die Angeboten wird.
- Johannes L.

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