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Juicy Fields | settles in Portugal with the Juicy Box

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Juicy Fields | settles in Portugal with the Juicy Box

Juicy Fields settles in Portugal with the Juicy Box

Juicy Fields settles in Portugal with the Juicy Box

The installation of the first box in Sabores Púrpura, Portugal, was so successful that Miguel and his team made intensive preparations to plant baby clones in their new home.  Once we are finished and planted, we expect a video report or a live session!

Juicy Box

In fact, just about any inspired grower would love to experience our new Juicy Box, considering that it is equipped with the latest technology that allows you to set the environmental controls so that when combined with a good grower, possible yields are achieved and these containers are lifted, a commercial scale installation.  Since you can have several Juicy boxes, the sky really is the limit!

This gives everyone the freedom to start with just one box of and grow the business over time.

The following pictures show an impressive performance that an optimized Juicy box can deliver.

Profitability with the Juicy Fields container

Attachment device Yields per morning per year Number of cycles per year
Agriculture 0.5 – 2 Tons* 1-3 Cycles*
Greenhouse 6.5 – 8.5 Tons 3-4 Cycles
Juicy Box 8.5 – 9.5 Tons** 4 – 6 Cycles**

* – depending on geographical location
** – Depending on the cultivation method, the production flow and the number of levels built

Once sufficient data has been collected, the growers can define the parameters for cultivation based on their written records, the data received from sensors, and the videos and images generated by the CCTV cameras installed in the containers.  With this facility, imaginative SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) can be created that can be shared with others for study and further improvement.

The other competitive advantages of the Juicy Box from Juicy-Fields are mobility and flexibility.  The containers can easily be installed vertically (one above the other), horizontally (up to 4 rows), saving square meters of farmland.  This feature is very advantageous for countries where there are restrictions on the number of square meters of land used for cultivation, but not on the number of levels of greenhouses.

And as if all this were not enough, it is even possible to build another level within a single container, and this possibility alone can increase your yields by 80%!

Mobility in terms of ease of transport is another feature of Juicy Boxes, which allows the container to be moved at any time when changes occur in this unstable world. Where we at Juicy-Fields are really proud to achieve this!

Juicy Fields - Was bringt die Zukunft für die Juicy Box?

What the future holds for the Juicy Box from Juicy Fields?

The plans for integrating artificial intelligence into Box are already in place.

 In this way, data received from sensors can be processed and a sophisticated database created for further research.  In addition, thanks to AI, the cultivation process can be monitored at every stage, making the lives of growers much easier.  However, their involvement is still required for manual operations that cannot be automated and for experience in dealing with nature.

Future Juicy Box models may also develop custom layouts and designs depending on the purpose, environment and other local conditions.



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