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Juicy Fields | Southern move to Africa

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Juicy Fields | Southern move to Africa

Southern move to Africa

Juicy Fields Southern move to Africa

Today we have some new African news from Lesotho – the Kingdom of Medical Cannabis, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Let us clarify the legal status regarding the medical cannabis business in these three countries. South Africa is the happiest country among all that has privately decriminalized cannabis for personal use by adults, followed by Lesotho and Zimbabwe that only use legalized medical cannabis. However, a law recently passed in October 2020 allows the cultivation, processing and supply of hemp by farmers in Zimbabwe for industrial purposes.

Medical Cannabis Legalization Card & Market Forecast

Medical Cannabis Legalization Card & Market Forecast

The 2019 African Cannabis Report ™ predicts that the legal cannabis industry in Africa will be worth $7.1 billion annually by 2023, when legislation is introduced in a number of the continent’s major markets. Please note that this forecast is based on potential and discussions between the relevant authorities, although medical cannabis may be illegal in certain countries highlighted on the map.

Nevertheless, the African market has an enormous growth potential right now, with new legal aspects and framework conditions in Europe.

European borders continue to open

European borders continue to open

We have some great news regarding the sale of pharmaceuticals throughout the European Union. Cannabis can be harvested in any facility without EU GMP certification, processed at an EU GMP compliant site in Europe and then sold in some countries.

In other words, those partners that have not obtained the required GMP certification but only have GACP can continue to grow cannabis and work with the European market. Here is a real case of this business model: the crop can be imported from Lesotho to Portugal, passed through the EU GMP certified facility and distributed in Germany.

And now, in this glow, we would like to announce a new business opportunity for large e-breeders that is not so easy to manage and is looking for more.

Juicy Africa Project

Juicy Africa Project

We introduce you to a Juicy Africa project.

We talk about the development of greenhouses in Lesotho, Zimbabwe and South Africa with valid licenses to grow THC products.

Characteristics of potential greenhouses:

  • Conformity: GACP / GMP

  • Recordings: 3000 – 5000 m²

  • construction costs: 6 million Euro

  • Intelligent lighting control system (including blackout and secondary lighting)

  • Sophisticated design: Microclimate control (cooling / heating / UV and primary air cleaning at the inlet / carbon cleaning at the outlet / CO2 generators)

  • Irrigation control with a high-quality water supply system

  • Operating systems and utility systems (including general and backup systems)

  • Well organized infrastructure of the plant

  • Extended security system.



  • Management and operation of the project: The project is managed by an experienced JuicyFields team together with African partners.

  • Potential profit over the five-year period: 300%

  • Construction period: Q3 / 2021

  • Projected start date of the project: Q4 / 2021

  • The projected first profits: Q2-Q3 / 2022.

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