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Juicy Fields | We strengthen our position in Colombia

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Juicy Fields | We strengthen our position in Colombia

Juicy Fields | We strengthen our position in Colombia

There was a reason why we have talked about Colombia so often in the last few days, and even organised the AMA meeting dedicated to this country.

Marco Malatrasi, Chief Agronomist of Juicy-Fields, has been analysing the Colombian industry to identify the most potential and outgoing partners.

After research and analysis we are ready to publish our hottest news and announce a new Colombian partner of Juicy Fields!

Please welcome Kannabyte, we expect them to open new doors and expand opportunities in the country with what they do.  The agreement has already been signed, which means there is only one way forward.

Although all legal aspects of the deal have already been settled with the Colombian authorities, we expect only an official number of plants to be allowed to be grown.  As soon as the quota is announced, we will start growing the long-term Juicy categories – Juicy Mist, Kush and Haze – which we offer to our dear e-breeders and wholesale buyers for 3-4-5 year contracts.

Juicy Fields | We strengthen our position in Colombia

Juicy Fields | We strengthen our position in Colombia

One of Juicy-Fields Partner’s strictest requirements is THC content, which without exception must be legally above 12% (verified in a certified laboratory).  Attention, we are not talking about CBD, which is a completely different story, and that is why we are waiting for an official quota for THC-rich plants.

Juicy Fields Partner

A little about our Kannabyte partner:

The company owns 3.5 hectares of cultivated land. In general, Kannabyte has an organised business process for the production of cannabis and oil for medicinal purposes and a distribution process.

Furthermore, we will not only be satisfied with the quota allocated to Kannabyte by the officials, but we have ambitious plans to prove the quality and efficiency of our production in order to slowly but surely increase the number of plants approved for cultivation.

Juicy Fields | We strengthen our position in Colombia


We are also proud to announce that the GMP extraction will take place in a specialised laboratory – Empiria Lab, one of the most renowned ISO-17025 accredited and experienced high-resolution mass spectrometry test facilities in Colombia and Latin America.

This is truly a world-class laboratory, equipped with all the necessary instruments.  Such a partner on board can practically guarantee the sustainability of the strictest GMP standards – and that’s exactly what we strive for!

Juicy Fields | We strengthen our position in Colombia

The European tour continues!

Alan and the Malta team are travelling to Valencia for two nights on 15 October to meet our Spanish friends and potential future partners and collaborators!

If you are in the area at this time and would like to meet the team to discuss the future of JuicyFields and suggest something new and interesting, please email us at  robin@juicyfields.io, for further information.

Juicy Fields | We strengthen our position in Colombia

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